The national media seems to be constantly attacking President Trump, most recently about not doing enough to stop school shootings. However, the media are hypocrites for not blaming themselves. On May 21, I emailed Michael Strahan, co-host of ABC’s Good Morning America and warned him that all of the publicity they were giving the Santa Fe, Texas shooter could result in a copycat, because there are a lot of teens who feel they are outcasts and crave attention.  Unfortunately, I was proven right just 4 days later with the May 25 Indiana school shooting.
In the past, I was a problem-solver for President Reagan, and I also have a background in predicting terrorist activities (see the first page of my NewsWithViews column for April 29, 2013).  In addition to telling NBC’s Andrea Mitchell how the attacks of 9/11 could have been easily prevented (she responded, “Oh my, thank you for calling, thank you!), I emailed ABC’s national news anchor David Muir and George Stephanopoulos about the same time I emailed Michael Strahan and warned them about future drone attacks. I told them I had advised the Secret Service (protecting President Trump) to develop preventive contingency plans against attacks by drones, which could be launched from far away at night packing explosives, fly low and almost silently at over 100 mph up Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House.
There could even be multiple drones launched simultaneously (remember the 1218 computer programmed drones at the opening ceremony of the recent Korean Olympics?).  Similar attacks could be made against packed sport stadiums, open air concerts, or schools.   In any future wars around the world, drones will increasingly take the place of soldiers. There are even tiny drones which can fly right up to a person and fire a single bullet into the person’s head like Booth did to Lincoln. Don’t be surprised if in the near future you see a Ron Howard directed movie called “Drone Wars” instead of “Star Wars.”
The media have also criticized the wealthy, including President Trump, for not doing more to help those in need.   However, I have an idea which can result in President Trump being hailed around the world as the champion of the poor, and it all involves the simple concept of the power of just $1 !   For example, let’s take President Trump’s friend, Dr. Jeffress of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas, which has 13,000 members.  Let’s say that the church annually budgets $500,000 for the poor of Dallas.  If Dr. Jeffress announced that beginning this Sunday, they would take up a second collection of just $1, that would result in $676,000 each year in new money for the poor of Dallas, and the church could save the original $500,000 for other purposes!
If President Trump then challenged all the churches of the nation and the world to do likewise, that could result in the 2.2 billion professed Christians around the world donating $110 billion annually in new money for those in need.   The Nobel Prize Committee may even have to come up with a new category, the Nobel Prize for Helping Humanity, to award President Trump, and the national news media would have to recognize it !
(Note: Speaking of those in need, because a hospital gave my mother the wrong medicine, she can no longer use her legs.  This costs us $30,000 a year (in addition to doctor’s bills, medicines, etc.) just to have a Certified Nursing Assistant 3 times a day clean her, change her diapers, feed her, etc.   Our entire life’s savings will run out before long, and I may have to go to a Salvation Army cot or homeless shelter, so any help anyone can give will be greatly appreciated.   Without the help of a wife, brothers, sisters, daughters or sons, I have taken care of my mother for 14 years at 1027 St. Mary’s St., Raleigh, NC   27605.)
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