Last week President Trump signed another Executive Order that has stinking socialists and communists in Congress, as well as those who profit from unconstitutional spending, throwing fits of stupidity with predictions of monstrous consequences for all Americans. One of the loudest voices, as usual, is Sen. Chuckie Schumer, whose mouth is located between his butt cheeks.

Trump To Scrap Crucial Obamacare Insurer Subsidy’

“Late Thursday, the administration said it would immediately stop paying what are known as cost-sharing reduction subsidies. The payments go to health insurers in the Affordable Care Act to help lower-income people with co-pays and other cost sharing. Without them, insurers have said they’ll dramatically raise premiums or pull out of the law’s state-based markets.

“According to Bloomberg, the White House said the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services both concluded that there is no appropriation for cost-sharing reduction payments to insurance companies under Obamacare. “The bailout of insurance companies through these unlawful payments is yet another example of how the previous administration abused taxpayer dollars and skirted the law to prop up a broken system,” the White House said in the statement.

“The payments will stop immediately, with no transition period, Acting HHS Secretary Eric Hargan and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Administrator Seema Verma said in a statement. They next payments were due next week.

“Congress has not appropriated money for CSRs, and we will discontinue these payments immediately,” the department said.

“Just hours after signing an executive order that implicitly begins unwinding ObamaCare, Politco reports, citing two people familiar with the matter, that President Trump plans to cut off critical subsidy payments to insurers selling Obamacare coverage. The decision, which critics call deliberate attempts to sabotage the law, come just weeks before Americans will be able to start signing up for coverage for 2018. They follow other steps the Trump administration has taken, such as slashing advertising and outreach budgets meant to get people to sign up, as well as planning outages of the website where people can enroll.”

Unlawful being the key word above. Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it authorize Congress to steal from you, your children and grandchildren to pay any form of subsidies or bail outs to insurance companies, banks or auto makers. How do people think the national debt – created by incumbents in both parties because every penny is borrowed – got to be now over $20 TRILLION dollars?

Trump eases ObamaCare rules with executive order

“Trump’s order seeks to expand the ability of small businesses and other groups to band together to buy health insurance through what are known as association health plans (AHPs). It also lifts limits on short-term health insurance plans.

“Because both of these types of plans do not have to follow the same ObamaCare rules, such as minimum benefits standards, experts warn that healthier people could join these cheaper plans and leave only sicker people in ObamaCare plans. That could lead to a spike in premiums for ObamaCare plans or insurers simply dropping out of the market.

“The move is a victory for Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), who has long pushed for expanding association health plans, saying they give people choices for lower-cost coverage. He joined Trump at the White House on Thursday, calling the move the “biggest free market reform of health care in a generation.”

See those words above: “…healthier people could join cheaper plans…” Yes, free will instead of young healthy Americans being forced to pay a penalty tax to the Gestapo IRS for not enrolling in insurance plans they can’t afford and 70- year old ladies long past child bearing years forced to pay massive premiums for maternity coverage.

As for those with chronic health problems being forced into Obamacare plans – Congress never had the authority to force healthy or sick Americans into ANY health care plan. Let the free market correct this disaster. Give it some time.

When Obamacare was passed by a Democratic/Communist Party USA majority in Congress without a single Republican vote under the illegitimate Obama reign of terror, it was unconstitutional and it’s still in violation of the supreme law of the land. President Trump is doing what he can through EOs to tear it apart.

Insurance companies forced to participate under Obamacare have lost HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars over the last 8 years simply because that monstrosity was designed to fail with the ultimate goal being a single payer system – another sure, proven disaster.

Yes, millions and millions of Americans have been hurt by Obamacare, it’s killing the middle class and all the lies about dead Americans littering the streets because they can’t get health care has blown up big time.

The U.S. government has NEVER had any authority to meddle in health care, dictate to doctors what they can and cannot do and forcing companies to do what government dictates against their will: Fascism. Something useful fools who belong to the domestic terrorist organization called ANTIFA don’t seem to understand. Communist ANTIFA Promotes Extreme Violence

What President Trump is doing needed to be done by the gutless Republicans in Congress years ago – especially the whores in the Senate. Think career crook, John McCain.

And don’t act surprised because this is a given: Trump halts ‘massive’ Obamacare subsidies in surprise late-night announcement – ‘Piece by piece we will now begin process of giving America the great HealthCare it deserves!’

WASHINGTON – “Thwarted over and over in his effort to repeal and replace Obamacare by a unified Democratic Party and a handful of Republicans, President Trump is using his executive power to at least partially fulfill his major campaign promise. Trump plans to halt payments to insurers under the Affordable Care Act “immediately,” in a major blow to Obamacare that is likely to draw a legal challenge.”

Trump: I’m ‘very proud of my executive order’ on health care: “Trump’s decision has also already spawned legal action, with 18 states and Washington, D.C., announcing Friday that they would sue Trump to stop him from ending the payments.”

More wasted borrowed money to fight lawsuits that are a result of socialists/Marxists in the U.S. Congress who passed Obamacare and the fake ‘president’, Obama/Soetoro, who signed it into “law”.

You can’t solve a problem unless you know when and how it was created. Please take the time to read this piece: Blame Congress for HMOs

One video you MUST watch. Bookmark it and watch one evening or next weekend, but watch it. It is one of the finest, most accurate films on what’s been shoved down our throats. What has and is destroying this country and solutions: Cultural Marxism – The Corruption of America

Off the subject but I just have to bring it up: The horrific fires in my home state of California. The destruction is almost beyond words just like after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Horrific photos here.

My little sister lives 10 miles from the Napa Valley area. It’s been very difficult for her to breathe outdoors this past week. Lisa said it’s just been black smoke and choking on soot.

She told me there is some talk out there that the initial fire in that area and around Santa Rosa which has damn near burnt to the ground was caused by downed PG & E lines. There will be investigations, believe me. Likely some will be arson as has happened in states like Arizona. People just need to be patient on that for now.

I know all those areas well as I was born and grew up in Northern California. Santa Rosa, Napa Valley, Sonoma, Calistoga. Used to fish all over No. California, the Delta, rivers, lakes, you name it. Because of the winds, in some areas a week ago yesterday when it started clocked in at 70 mph, the fire spread so fast and simply became out of control in literally a heartbeat. No time for people to get out – especially the first night as it started during the night.

40 dead so far; average age of those burned to death, 79.  I’ve been watching and listening to live coverage on my computer all week. One man on standby evacuation said the fire was getting closer and all he could hear was dogs crying out and some screaming as they burned to death. He looked like was going to cry. I put the rest of my lunch sandwich in the refrigerator.

Jesus, God, I do not understand this. I don’t care if you have to throw your favorite whatever out of the car you don’t just leave your dog(s) or cats behind to burn to death. I know there wasn’t much time unlike the warnings people had in Texas and Florida but how can people be so damn cruel?

God bless all the first responders. All the fire fighters who for the past seven days have been on 12 and 24-hour shifts while their own homes burnt to the ground. To all those around the burning areas for helping strangers, their fellow Americans, in a time of dire need. One lady who owned a four-horse trailer made trip after trip to one area near Santa Rosa and was able to get 48 horses out to safety at a fair ground.

Homeowners evacuating leaving all the outside sprinklers on hoping the fire would skip over their house. Just heart breaking. Just like Texas and Florida. Some people drove a couple of hours to hand out gift cards for grocery stores to those being evacuated. School alumni hastily put together a donation drive that has been a huge success in getting people simple things like a pillow. God bless you.

Not everyone who lives in the burning areas are well off, believe me. Yes, Napa Valley is some of the most prime real estate in the world; several wineries have been wiped out. If you’re going to buy wine in the near future, read the label and buy from one in the Napa Valley area to help their economy and keep folks employed.

One tea shop nestled in one large neighborhood in Santa Rosa is gone. 70 people now without paychecks. $90,000 a month in payroll, some of which gets spent by those employees around town now gone.

Devastating hurricanes, tornadoes and fires all have a huge negative effect on local economies. The hundreds of thousands from Harvey, Irma and now the California fires without jobs, missed work because businesses destroyed or badly damaged, injuries. Re-building means they have little to nothing to contribute to the economy except buying food and absolute necessities. Things like dining out and other leisurely activities won’t be happening for a long time.

Hopefully, more people have insurance than don’t. Estimated damage right now nearing $9 billion. Some insurance companies are going to be stretched to the limit.

So far, a whopping five thousand seven hundred homes and business have burnt to the ground. Because of how rapid the fires spread all fire fighters could do was concentrate on getting people out and let neighborhoods and businesses burn. A very tough, awful choice that had to be made simply because the winds turned one fire into a massive inferno and not enough firefighters could get there in time.

There are also a couple of fires in the So Cal area that are also devastating. Not getting as much national press but we shouldn’t forget about those folks suffering. Photos of that devastation.

Please pray for rain. While Thursday is a life time away, it’s supposed to rain Thursday and possibly into Friday throughout parts of Northern California; perhaps God will make it happen today or tomorrow. Please pray for everyone affected. Like our fellow Americans in Texas and Florida, they didn’t ask for this and many can use our help – even if it’s just $5 bux.

The Animal Rescue Site is my go to this time because, as always, 100% of every penny donated goes to organizations helping both animals and humans. Their networks are huge. BTW: They also pay any credit card transaction fees so every penny of your donation goes where it will help.

You’ve got a five dollar bill to give, don’t you?

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