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Part 1: A rational and reasonable voice with common-sense solutions

Right now, in America—Our U.S. Congress, Federal judges, Military Industrial Complex, Big Pharmaceuticals, American Cancer Society, American Medical Association—work against the American people.  Those huge entities cover-up, lie and obfuscate all their shenanigans that hurt the American people.

Those 535 Congressional critters continue to bicker, whine and complain about all the wrongs in America—but they don’t get together to hammer out solutions.

President Trump tweets his way into infamy, and gives very divisive speeches blaming  the democrats.  They, in turn, ran a two-year campaign to unseat him, when in fact, they knew within six months, no collusion and no laws broken.  Now, they push for impeachment over a phone call that the leader of Ukraine verified no pressure against him or his country.

In other words, the American people continue be smashed in the face with stress, anxiety and drama 24/7.  One week of CNN, FOX and the rest of them could well drive a person into chronic depression.

Along the way, Trump proves himself an egotistical if not maniacal blowhard.  He ramps up audiences to make sure everyone remains on different  and divisive pages.

Democrats and Republicans swore on the Bible to serve us.  Instead, they fill the military coffers with two 18 yearlong  ‘forever’ wars.  They’ve sacrificed over 6,000 young kids to nasty deaths, thousands more to amputated limbs, and countless more to PTSD.  According to the “Wounded Warriors Project”, 22 active and retired military personnel commit suicide 24/7.

And yet, the Military Industrial Complex, made up of enormous money and political powers—keep those futile and meaningless wars going as if they mean something.  Like Vietnam, those wars kill, but don’t accomplish anything.

Except for the stockholders, bankers and support companies in textiles, boots, weapons and war planes.

We stand eye-ball deep in $22 trillion debt, a fractured political system and the rich crush any chance of stopping those wars.  All the while, the democratic candidates offer blustery speeches with no content, because all of them belong to Congress as corrupt, career politicians, which remains the problem.

Hence, I have listened extensively to an amazing candidate named Marianne Williamson.  She receives little fanfare because the media actually ‘pick’ the top candidates with polling, but they don’t allow compelling platforms like Williamson’s and/or Tulsi Gabbard.

Fact: Americans face a “Titanic Boatload” of challenges that threaten us from under the surface, but the majority of reps in Congress, SO corrupt and SO unethical, refuse to work together in order to solve anything.  Thus, we keep paying while our country keeps sinking.

While I possess other political persuasions, Marianne Williamson presents some of the best solutions to our problems that I have heard in the past twenty years. She shoots straight. She offers brilliant strategies.  She talks common sense.  By the length of a football field, she stands out in front of Sanders, Warren, Harris, Mayor Pete and Booker.

Visit, for her platform of erudite solutions.  Witness  her on YouTube for some of the most reasonable choices with a non-combative and measured, as well as, intelligent demeanor.

Instead of waging two $6 trillion wars for 18 years in Afghanistan and Iraq, why not bring all our troops back home?  Let the Muslims fight amongst themselves like they have for 1,400 years.  Let them live and fight their way of life.

Instead, Williamson expects to create a cabinet post: U.S. Department of Peace.   Because, the fact remains:  our Department of Defense stands for war.  And, the Military Industrial Complex creates wars like Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan and Iraq.  The MIC provokes  wars and our soldiers kill endless innocent people in foreign lands, including our own kids while stockholders cash their checks to live in big homes and drive fancy cars.

How about a president who creates:  U.S. Department of Children and Youth.  Right now, 1 of 6 children faces hunger in the USA. That’s correct!  Here in the USA, 13 million children live in poverty.  Here in America, the richest country in the world;  we face 42 million Americans who cannot read or write, i.e., functionally illiterate.  Any wonder that they turn to drugs and addiction in their desperation?  Any wonder that 60,000 homeless wallow in the streets of Los Angeles along with another one million around America?

Williamson said, “If a child cannot read by age eight, that child’s chances for jail multiply as their illiteracy increases.”

This well-versed woman states that the USA encompasses two political universes, “The first is huge money and power versus the American people.  Power is not in your hands if not in your head.  Our amoral economic system has us by the throat.  One percent of Americans own more wealth than the bottom 90 percent. I will stop government subsidies to big corporations.”

Some of her detractors opine that she’s not a veteran politician. She responds with the fact that ‘veteran’ politicians got us into the nightmares we now must overcome.  She’s intelligent enough to hire the finest minds in this country to solve basic American needs.  The depth of her integrity has not been seen in politics that I’ve watched in the past 30 years.

Forty percent of Americans live in permanent anxiety about their next paycheck.  Our citizens offer 200 food banks and 60,000 food pantries for people who cannot find work.  What is the U.S. government doing? Answer: spending $6 trillion on 18 year-long wars while our citizens rot in the gutters across this nation.

She said, “The new aristocracy is insurance companies, defense contractors, multinational corporations, Big Pharma and the Military Industrial Complex.”

Williamson states that today, by not funding our schools in the inner cities, and by using property taxes for education of our children, we force poor areas to remain poor, and that constitutes passive repression.

As a former ghetto teacher, I attest that we’ve educationally become worse not better in the past 50 years. That’s why 7 out of 10 Black kids grow up on welfare with a single mother.  If you’re uneducated, and fatherless, you cannot help but become a replica of your parents.

Williamson expects to solve that, and you know something, I agree that she will solve it.  She manifests incredible resolve.

She voices that all great social changes came from the American people.  The government didn’t just one day say that it would give women the vote.  The Suffragettes marched, wrote and demonstrated to force it into being.  Equal rights for Blacks didn’t just pop up from Congress; people marched and demonstrated in the 1960’s.  I joined them, because it was the right thing to do.

If we keep electing the same old, entrenched and corrupt politicians, we face monumental continued malfeasance in a government that refuses to solve our country’s myriad problems and move forward.  We MUST change course.  Marianne Williamson offers a new path, with a new reckoning, and the same power that drove Susan B. Anthony to give women the vote.  How compelling to see such an extraordinary candidate in our midst.  Let’s hear more from her in order to offer all of us a more intelligent choice for President of the United States.

Part 2: More of Williamson’s brilliant ideas that need to be incorporated into US policy.

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