The GOP elite have already chosen their GOP Presidential nominee and it is House Speaker Paul Ryan. They just have to figure out how to make it happen!

This past Sunday on Fox News Sunday, Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus predicted that one of the three candidates remaining in the race will be the ultimate GOP nominee, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or John Kasich. Not exactly a clairvoyant Nostradamus moment, since generally speaking, the only people who could win the nomination are those in the race…

But during the same interview, Priebus also hinted that it was possible someone not in the race at all might become the party nominee, contradicting his own prediction…

In many statements over the past few weeks, Priebus has floated the idea that the Republican Convention in Cleveland is likely to be an “open convention,” which until the last week or so, was always referred to as a “contested” of “brokered” convention.

I suppose the term “open” sounds much less offensive to GOP voters who thought they were choosing the GOP nominee in the voting booth.

Although Ted Cruz supporters are frustrated by John Kasich remaining in the race, having won only his home state of Ohio and in their minds, playing spoiler for the Cruz Campaign, they were quite supportive of the idea that the GOP elites were going to wrangle delegates from Trump and deny him the nomination… until they figured out that the GOP elites intend to deny Cruz the nomination as well.

Cruz supporters are right when they say GOP establishment elites hate Ted, they do… But not because Ted isn’t one of them. They hate Ted because since becoming a freshman Senator, Ted has been nothing but a do-nothing grandstanding thorn in their side, often pretending to filibuster for the camera while otherwise accomplishing nothing.

But Trump is someone the establishment is truly scared of… not because he is the wild-eyed ego-maniac they claim, but because he is truly an establishment outsider who threatens the status quo in the Republican Party and Washington DC. They can’t control him… and they don’t like anyone they can’t control.

Democratic Party strategist Pat Caddell who gained fame all the way back in the Jimmy Carter upset of the DNC establishment has stated he believes the GOP Establishment is “using Cruz as a cats-paw.”

“Look, you don’t really think that Jeb Bush, and Lindsay Graham, and some of those who have endorsed Sen. Marco Rubio … you don’t really think they want Ted Cruz, do you?” Caddell asked. “They’re using him to stop Trump.”
No one is worried about John Kasich. He has only won his home state and even if he did win, he is a long-time GOP RINO insider no different than Jeb Bush or Paul Ryan. No one is worried about Canadian Ted Cruz either, easily taken down by releasing proof that he is not even a legal US citizen, much less a natural born Citizen eligible for the Oval office.

The threat is Donald Trump… a self-made billionaire political outsider capturing the imagination and anger of millions of conservative GOP voters, but also independents and even many pro-American blue dog democrats. Unlike Cruz and Kasich, both of whom are career taxpayer employees, Trump is a total wild card… He is somewhat predictable, but totally uncontrollable.

Priebus isn’t alone… the Fox News group is clearly pro-Cruz, despite his obvious lack of constitutional eligibility, or his habitual lying. As reported CDJ News, “The Fix is in” as far as the GOP elite are concerned. Kasich knows he is playing spoiler to Trump and Cruz, but Cruz still actually thinks the GOP elites will allow him to become the nominee after they destroy Trump.

Libertarian Wayne Allen Root explains exactly why everyone in DC fears Trump in this short video… which is why GOP establishment shill publication Newsmax is predicting House Speaker will be the GOP nominee, even though no one in America will have voted for Paul Ryan.

According to some reports, “Since March 22nd, there hasn’t been any GOP primaries, but because both the Republican and Democrat establishments have teamed up with the mainstream news media to attack Donald Trump 24/7 – futures market odds of Trump becoming the Republican nominee have crashed from 71% down to 43% vs. odds of a brokered GOP convention soaring from 40% up to 71%.”

Most “experts” on FOX News and CNN are saying that “if Trump loses the Wisconsin primary today, he will have no chance of securing the 1,237 delegates necessary to secure the Republican nomination on the first ballot.” But the truth is, Trump doesn’t need to win Wisconsin to secure the 1,237 majority of delegates needed to win the nomination outright…

For decades, voters ignored primaries and then complained about their choices in the general elections. This time, the people are setting their own course in the primaries and the party elites do not like it. Now the people can see that the primaries are far more important than the general election!

If Trump happens to lose Wisconsin today, there are no more primaries for two weeks, which will allow the mainstream media to report endlessly that Trump’s supporters have abandoned him with his Wisconsin loss marking the beginning of the end for Trump, several reports have claimed.

After Wisconsin, the next GOP primary on April 19th will be in New York, where 95 delegates are up for grabs. New York has a “backdoor Winner Take All” threshold of 50%. If Trump receives over 50% of the popular vote in his home state of NY, he will receive all 95 NY state delegates making it all but impossible for anyone else to become the GOP nominee no matter what happens in Wisconsin!

However, in the end, it might be Michigan ultra conservative rocker Ted Nugent who says it best though, in this radio interview leading up to the Wisconsin primaries… No matter who the GOP elites want as a nominee, millions of rightfully angry conservative voters have already made their choice. The GOP is going to have to live with it, or lose their party altogether.

At this point, either outcome will be better than where we are today.

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