by Lee Duigon

Sometimes my fellow Christians—if that’s what they really are—say and do things that are incomprehensible to me.

Recently a group of “pro-life evangelicals, some of them noted biblical scholars” (according to the Christian Post) endorsed abortion-happy Joe Biden for president. We are not given their names, nor told who has “noted” them as, ahem, “biblical scholars.” But we do know that Biden has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood: seems like funny company for “biblical scholars” to be keeping.

If these people actually exist… are they mad? What Bible have they been studying?

The Democrat candidate for president is on record suggesting that the government compile a “national register”—sort of like a terrorist watch list, he explained in 2019—of those naughty Christian churches who are a bit slow to hop aboard Organized Sodomy’s bandwagon. Because, he said, such churches are “like terrorists.”

But the nameless scholars say they support Biden because Trump cut funds for AIDS research (never mind that he persuaded other countries to pay more), and also he’s a racist. Do not mention the tens of millions of black babies who have been aborted. After all, the scholars never mention it. Trump is also a bad guy for wanting to repeal Obamacare, and the scholars are all for Obamacare. Somehow they found government ownership of health care in the Bible.

And of course they’re against him because of Climate Change. Gotta Save The Planet, and we can’t do that with a Climate Change Denier in the White House.

In what outre sense are any of these nameless nimrods “pro-life”? How are they okay with killing babies? What Bible did they find that in?

But we know what motivates them, don’t we? They crave the approval of the secular, anti-Christian power structure in a fallen world. And once Democrats start tossing Christians into prison for Climate Change Denial, misgendering, refusing to go along with same-sex pseudomarriage, showing insufficient submission to Black Lives Matter, and any other new crimes a Biden regime might think of—well, the scholars expect the Democrats will jail them last. They throw everybody else into the pool of alligators in hopes that they’ll be eaten last.

They have no king but Caesar.

They have a passion to grow the government, a firm conviction that government has all the answers. They would agree with the 2012 slogan of the Democrat National Convention: “Government is the only thing we all belong to.”

They aspire to be chattels of the government.

Meanwhile liberal denominations—Presbyterian Church USA, United Church of Christ, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Episcopals, etc., etc.—are bleeding out. Members are fleeing. Some of these denominations won’t be here to greet the next century. Christians will find church homes elsewhere. They don’t want to sit in the pews listening to some transgender preacher rattle on about how he/she/whatever looks to Beyonce as a source for hymns.

Are we expected to be gung-ho for abortion, are we go to “Ridin’ with Biden,” because some self-anointed “scholars” do?

When was the last time you saw a “biblical scholar” who actually believed in the Bible? A United Methodist bigwig once bragged to me that the very first thing he learned in seminary was that the Bible is not—repeat, not—the Word of God. Well, false prophets are nothing new. And if these “pro-life evangelicals” who support abortion are not false prophets, what else could they be?

The late D. James Kennedy used to say the church in America was the greatest unserved mission field in all the world.

And he was right.

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