by Lee Duigon

June 2, 2022

What are our public “educators” trying to do to us; and why are we letting them do it?

Parents have been protesting crazy school board policies all throughout the country, but as yet that doesn’t seem to have slowed the bandwagon. They’re angry, but maybe they’re not angry enough.

Let’s say it up front: the only protest the educators will understand is the removal, by their parents, of millions of children from the public schools. The system is broken, powerful teachers’ unions will not allow reform, teachers’ colleges are totally committed to these insane policies, and the local school boards no longer represent the defenseless taxpayers who elected them. Other than that, it’s just fine.

Two more public schooling outrages have made the news this week.

In Fairfax County, Virginia, parents have protested their school board’s new “transgender” policies strenuously enough for the policies to be tabled until mid-June. Why mid-June? That’s when most of the kids will be out of school, many families will be on vacation, and maybe the board thinks that if they wait till then, they’ll get away with it. Maybe a lot of people won’t notice until the new policies have been put in place.

The board wants to come down hard on children who are guilty of “misgendering” or “dead-naming” (calling a tranny by his or her real name instead of any “new name” he or she– that’s the only “genders” that actually exist–might have chosen). An assortment of “disciplinary actions” will be made available—including “possible referral to law enforcement.”

Did you get that? They want to call the cops on children. Like police in Fairfax County don’t have enough to do. Must be nice, living in a county where the police have nothing better to do than arrest children for not playing the transgender game.

Moving on to Chicago, we have high school “officials” planning to implement a new “race-based grading system… to account for skin color or ethnicity of its students”. That’s because “the traditional grading practices perpetuate inequities,” dontcha know.

Non-white students will also get a free pass for cutting class, misbehaving in school, and failing to turn in assignments. This is because black students in these suburban high schools have a 77 percent failure rate. But of course this can easily be fixed just by drastically lowering the standards. It’s going to be called “Transformative Education Professional Development and Grading.” Hot dog.

How do you fix failure? Just call it success! Problem solved!

Gee, anyone would think that school officials believe black students just can’t make the grade.

Where does our next Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, or Ben Carson come from? Honk if your answer is “from the public schools.”

Yeahbut, yeahbut! We’ve got to wipe out racism—with more racism! Racism preached and practiced by “progressives” is so much nicer than any other kind.

These are only two of the countless public school outrages that populate our headlines. By the time you read this, more will have surfaced. We haven’t even mentioned “Critical Race Theory” today. Now they’re all denying that they teach it, but you know how educators lie. All they’ve done is give it new names. “Social and Emotional Learning (SEL),” for one. Hey, it’s “transformative”!

What if we don’t want to be “transformed”? We pay for all this “education,” but we don’t own it. That’s something that very badly needs to be changed.

But the only thing that’ll change it is if we, personally, take responsibility for our children’s education and take it away from Far Left Crazy public schools.

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