The earth’s about to be destroyed, and you’ve got a spaceship that can carry people to another planet. The problem is, you can only take eight passengers and you’ve got a list of twelve. Four will have to be left behind to die. Which eight do you take?

This inane scenario was recently a classroom “lesson” at a middle school in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Somehow it’s supposed to “educate” children and prepare them for adult life.

Meanwhile, down in Atlanta, the principal of a charter school decided the Pledge of Allegiance ought to be dropped, and replaced by some kind of “oath” to the “global society”, whatever the devil that is.

Your school tax dollars at work!

We take it for granted that “education” is essential, almost on a par with food or shelter: and then for “education” we’re served up crapola. But let’s take a closer look at the examples.

In the “who lives, who dies” exercise, you have twelve candidates for eight seats on the spaceship. Nine of the twelve are clearly members of aggrieved Minorities—which makes the choice oh, so hard! I mean, you’re going to start a new civilization on another planet—how do you pass up a black activist college student? But if you take him, you’ll have to pass over some other Oppressed Minority.

Two of the twelve are not identified racially—a disabled accountant and a pregnant woman—which makes them iffy. And No. 12 is “an armed racist police officer who has been accused of using excessive force.” He must also be notably slow on the uptake, if he has a gun and is not bashful about using force to get his way. You’d think he’d wind up making the choices, at gunpoint. But that has not occurred to the “educators” who designed this so-called lesson.

What, pray tell, is this supposed to teach? How is this not a total waste of time and money, with somewhat sinister overtones?

And then we’ve got the blathering principal in Atlanta, who wants to train up good little citizens of the world at the American taxpayers’ expense. Her project went belly-up when parents found out about it, raised holy hell, and prodded their elected representatives into action. Ms. Inclusive had to abort her plan before the new “oath” could be written.

How much are we paying idiots like this to mess with our children’s minds? Over the course of the last three or four decades, “educators” have done serious damage to America that won’t be easily repaired—if it can be repaired at all.

If I had to keep public education, but otherwise could do anything I pleased to fix it, I would break the teachers’ unions, nests of Far Left social saboteurs that they are, abolish the federal Department of Education, and return 100 percent control of the schools to the communities which they’re supposed to serve, whose people pay for them. Better would be to scrap the system altogether and replace it with homeschools and Christian schools: but after some 150 years of public schooling, the American people may not be ready to go so far, so fast.

But they’re going to have to go somewhere, and soon. Our country’s future depends on it.

Public education must die—before it finishes its number on America.

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