Democratic catharsis over Trump’s connection to the Russians, predicated on the unproven assertion that the Russians aided Trump in winning the election, is no doubt confirmation in Putin’s mind that Russian efforts to interfere with domestic American politics are bearing fruit.  The aim of that meddling is to create dissension within the nation by causing Americans to lose faith in Democracy and in their elected officials.  With enough dissension and disunity, Americans can then be politically hamstrung, distracted from acts of global aggression by America’s enemies and unable to protect fully American interests around the world.

One of the greatest ironies of our time is that the very individuals who complain loudly of a fictive Trump-Russian connection (supposedly in defense of American interests against the Russians) and build national campaigns to that effect are themselves the primary servants of Putin’s objective of creating a dysfunctional America.  While indeed Russia is the enemy (and Putin is among the greatest enemies of freedom on earth), political protest to disable Trump fueled by the “resist” movement and embraced by the Democratic Party is doing much to confuse the public and fulfill Putin’s objectives.

President Trump has acted swiftly and decisively to alert the world to the fact that his Administration is building a resurgent America that utterly rejects the appeasement of the Obama years and will not stand by as Russia, China, Iran, Syria, and North Korea reduce America’s economic and political influence and challenge America’s defenses.  The success of those efforts depends on political cohesion and support for President Trump and his administration, a cohesion and support that the Trump-Russian connection and “resist” Trump crowd aims to prevent.

There is among those who disapprove of the President a significant number who don’t simply disagree with him, but who hate him.  For them negative facts about Trump are appreciated but are unnecessary, because they resort to conclusory assertions (like Putin aided Trump in winning the election) without any proof to support their position whatsoever.  They have latched on to this equally unsupported concept that somehow Trump fired Comey because Comey was amassing evidence which showed Trump complicit with the Russians.

In so doing, these individuals are furthering Putin’s cause.  They are creating significant dissension, confusion, and dysfunction.  They have made Trump the enemy rather than Putin.  They stand in the way of all things Trump, even when it is Trump taking action to thwart the advance of Russia, China, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and radical Islamic terrorists against the United States.

There actions engender a further irony.  While lambasting Trump for Russian complicity and sewing the seeds of dissent to all things Trump, they are enabling the enemies of the nation to take advantage of the political rifts and expand their hegemony at the expense of the United States.  They are increasing the likelihood that those enemies will test America’s mettle in various ways, to see if the nation has the ability to unite and defend itself.

There will come challenges in the not so distant future, some of them likely major, where the United States will be faced with an imminent threat requiring decisive action and sustained American support for that action.  Those who so hate Donald Trump as to make every innocuous fact into an impeachable offense are not only confounding the President’s domestic agenda, they are diverting attention away from the true enemies of the nation and increasing the risk that the President will lack the political cohesion and support he needs to defend the nation.

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