By Lex Greene

March 19, 2022

Before I discuss Putin’s current offer for peace to Ukraine, you need to know that I am not at all interested in convincing you that Putin is a “good guy.” I have no interest in convincing you that the Ukraine government is any better than the Russian government either, because they may in fact be worse. As far as I’m concerned, there are plenty of people to blame for the conflict in Ukraine, beginning with the Biden administration, Obama, the Clintons, Klaus Schwab, the WEF, IMF, NATO, and the UN.

I’m only interested in showing you the facts and letting you decide what to make of those facts on your own.

It’s being reported by numerous foreign news outlets that peace talks between Russia and Ukraine have taken place a few times now. It has also been reported that Putin has put four conditions for peace on the table with Ukraine in those sessions. Here they are…

Condition #1 – Russia will cease fire and lay down their weapons if Ukraine will cease fire and lay down their weapons at the same time. This is a common condition for peace in every effort to end hostilities between nations…a perfectly reasonable and appropriate condition for peace.

Condition #2–Russia took over Crimea during the Obama-Biden administration in February and March of 2014, and it barely made any headlines at all at the time. Crimea voted to rejoin Russia and Russia annexed Crimea as part of Russia in 2014. A condition for peace with Ukraine is that Crimea will remain part of Russian, and Ukraine must formally recognize Crimea as part of Russia.

Condition #3–Ukraine must amend its Constitution to guarantee its independent statehood and global neutrality as an independent nation. This confirms that Putin and Russia are not attempting to take over Ukraine and annex it as part of Russia, or rebuild the Soviet Empire, in stark contrast to what Americans have been continuously told by the Biden Administration and the U.S. news media 24/7 every day. The point to this condition for Russia, is preventing Ukraine from being annexed into the World Economic Forum “Global Communist Reset” which would put NATO on the border of Russia.

Condition #4–Ukraine must allow the two pro-Russian breakaway republics in eastern Ukraine (Donetsk and Luhanskto) to obtain independent statehood and formally recognize them as such. These two breakaway republics have been trying to establish independence from Ukraine since the fall of the Soviet Union in December 1991. Russia is not demanding the two become part of Russia. Instead, Russia is simply supporting the two republics desire for independence from Ukraine.

In the third peace talks with Ukraine on March 7th, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said unequivocally that if the Ukraine government would agree to these four conditions, hostilities between the two countries would end and “Ukraine will remain an independent state that will live as it wants.” This again publicly commits Russia to allowing Ukraine to remain an independent sovereign state.

Now, of the four conditions put on the table by Putin and Russia, three of the four are somewhat easy for the Ukraine government to agree to in their stated desire to end the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Incidentally, these are the same four conditions Russia has demanded for at least fifteen years in their effort to avoid the need for hostilities between the two countries.

Only one of the four demands is very difficult for the Ukraine government to agree to…Condition #3.

Although it is Putin and Russia who stands accused of attempting to conquer territory in Ukraine, it’s actually someone else who has been conquering territory all over Europe for years now. This is what forced Putin into a corner, making Putin believe that he had no choice but to confront NATO Partners in Ukraine before Ukraine became an enemy touching the Russian border.

The history behind current circumstances in Ukraine are pretty well documented.

NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and a private global trade group, was originally formed in 1949 after WWII with the stated purpose and intent of rebuilding European countries torn apart literally and economically during the war. Their secondary purpose was to provide a common defense of the European countries against the Soviet Union, which fell in December 1991.

Of the thirty NATO countries today, twenty-eight are European countries, with only the USA and Canada as member states from the west.

Since then, the USA, UN, NATO and now the WEF, has been conquering territories all around the globe. They had totally conquered all of Europe and were moving east to the border of Russia in Ukraine. It isn’t Putin or Russia who has been conquering territory over the past few decades, it’s the GREAT GLOBAL RESET countries, financed by international WEF corporations, that have been very busy conquering nations.

Putin isn’t at war with the people of Ukraine, many of whom are Russian. He is at conflict with corrupt neo-Nazis in western Ukraine and the Obama-Biden puppet regime installed in Kyiv in 2014. The process of turning Ukraine into the 5th most corrupt country in the world started all the way back in 2005, when a new U.S. Senator from Illinois infiltrated the Ukraine government and started to take control of the country. His name is Barack Obama.

In reality, Putin has been fighting this problem in his neighboring country ever since.

As a result, the one condition tough for Ukraine to agree to is Condition #3. Ukraine is trapped in a classic turf war between NATO countries and the WEF Global Reset in control of Europe on their western border, and Putin’s Russia on their eastern border.

The WEF Global Reset is designed to end all sovereignty and security for every nation on earth and mold them all into a global commune governed by Klaus Schwab and his global partner network embedded in governments and corporations all over the globe.

Like Donald Trump, Putin is a nationalist. It’s the only thing the two had in common, the love and protection of their own countries and a firm desire to remain sovereign independent nations, never becoming part of any communist global group under the WEF or anyone else.

However, the Global Reset cabal already holds complete control over their puppet government in Ukraine. After all, they installed the current puppet regime and have used Ukraine to launder money, run drugs, prostitution, and human trafficking through Ukraine, since at least 2014. Just follow the money…

The Ukraine regime is between a rock and a hard place on Condition #3. Putin is pressuring the regime from the east, and Klaus Schwab and NATO are pressuring them from the west. It’s a no win situation for the current regime in power in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the entire Global Reset cabal, including nearly all mainstream news WEF partners, throw gasoline on the turf war in Ukraine by spreading false information about what’s really happening in Ukraine and what the conflict is really all about. Putin is determined to keep Schwab and his NATO forces far from the Russian border, and for good reason.

After watching how easily people were conned all over the world for over two years of the Schwab COVID19: Global Reset scam, we could expect the world to be just as easily conned on events in Ukraine.

But before we allow global criminals to force the entire world into World War 3, it’s time for people everywhere to ask a few appropriate questions and demand some honest answers.

What do you see in that chart above?

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