Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster, and what has happened once in 6000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world. —Daniel Webster

Donald Trump Wins Indiana

May 2nd, 2016, Presidential Candidate, Donald J. Trump appeared in South Bend, Indiana, the home of Notre Dame University. He was endorsed by former Notre Dame coach, Lou Holtz, and former Indiana University basketball coach, Bobbie Knight. Mr. Trump was there because of the efforts of one person in particular.

Diamond and Silk celebrate Trump’s Indiana Victory

My dear friend, Suzy Chilberg, head of Tea-Mac in northern Indiana, wrote to me hoping that she could get Mr. Trump to come to northern Indiana. She clearly identified the many northern Indiana corporations who had been decimated with the economic downturn. She reiterated why Mr. Trump needed to be there, because he’s going to bring jobs back to America!

I sent her letter to Roger Stone, who sent it to Mr. Trump’s schedulers and sure enough, the plans were laid for South Bend, Indiana. Thanks again to Roger Stone! Suzy Chilberg was very involved in organizing the event with local people, and actually got to meet Mr. Trump. She also informed me that up close and personal, Mr. Trump has no makeup on, no fake tan, and he looks absolutely great. (Glenn Beck might want to take note of that.) Here is Suzy with our next President:

The Trump Organization Women

The MSM and opponents have spread the lie that Trump hates women, that Trump is a misogynist, that Trump is sexist. Well, they don’t know how much Trump’s female employees love him.

And, these people haven’t bothered to do any homework on the employees at the Trump Organization! Appearing on “CNN’s New Day” with Chris Cuomo, Michael Cohen, Trump’s general counsel and an executive vice president at Trump Organization, said that while the billionaire’s companies employ 57 percent men and 43 percent women, “there are more female executives at the Trump Organization than there are male.”

“And women who are similarly situated in positions similar to that of their male counterparts, are actually paid more,” Cohen said.

Lynne Patton Speaks Out

Lynne Patton is the director of the Eric Trump Foundation and assistant to Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Donald Trump Jr. As a black female executive, she was appalled at the vitriol and lies told about her boss in this presidential campaign. Now, she has set the record straight. 

Lynn says, “To the skeptics who will undoubtedly claim that I am doing this at the behest of the Trump family or with the promise of reward, I deliberately chose not to seek their approval nor council in advance to this video for fear that there would be more concern for me and its potential viral ramifications than they would be for themselves and the fact that quite simply this is the right thing to do,” said Patton, who posted the video on YouTube and has been flooded with comments on Twitter.

“The Trump family that I know is, without question, one of the most generous, compassionate and philanthropic families I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing and the honor to call friends,” she said. “They have been incredibly loyal to me and to the countless dedicated people they employ around the world – hiring more minority and female executives than any other company for which I’ve ever worked.”

Watch this five-minute video about her employment with the Trump Organization. It’s well worth the time.

We applaud the courage of Lynne Patton to speak truthfully about her employer and about the Trump family she has been blessed to be a part of for many years. 

Donald Trump’s Private Air Force One Plane Documentary

Two nights ago, I received the following video in my email. I tuned in and watched the entire program. It is 45 minutes long and may dissuade some of you from starting it, but it held my interest for the entire time. It will give you an idea of what Mr. Trump will be like as America’s 45th President. He is exacting and precise, and he demands excellence.


Indiana was a wonderful victory for Mr. Trump, and I’m thrilled because it was my second home as a child, and I spent many summers on my grandparents’ farm.

Of course the race is not over, and there are several more states yet to vote, but I believe Mr. Trump will succeed in getting the 1237 needed delegates. After the states have all voted, then comes the GOP Cleveland, Ohio convention. We pray Mr. Trump wins on the first ballot. Yet we know there has been delegate theft by both Cruz and the GOP establishment. “Stop the Steal” is the answer. Please read their information, and get to the march!

Stop the Steal is an important part of this convention. It is a peaceful rally and march on July 18th, 2016 in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Many of us will be there, and I hope many more will join in. Let’s MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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