by Lee Duigon

July 28, 2022

Other than their self-evident odiousness, what do these nooze stories have in common?

Crayola Crayons decides to market their product, which is intended mostly for use by children, by hiring a “trans man” as its model. (No, I won’t show the photo; we’re already way too close to needing a barf bag.)

New Orleans takes down a statue of Robert E. Lee and replaces it with a monstrosity depicting a nude woman with a serpent coiled around her body. How can they not know what kind of message they’re sending?

Vice President Kamala Harris sounds the alarm, “Women are getting pregnant every day in America”—as if childbearing were a crisis that has to be “solved” by Congress passing some sweeping new “abortion rights” law for the entire country (which would probably be struck down by the Supreme Court for the same reasons they overturned Roe v. Wade—it’s unconstitutional).

Members of an Australian rugby team object to being forced to wear “Gay Pride”-themed jerseys in an upcoming match. The players were not consulted over this decision by management and some have declared that they won’t play if they have to wear jerseys advertising something that they don’t believe in. Compelled speech, dontcha know.

Michigan Channel 3 News is in hot water for inventing and “reporting” the results of Michigan’s Republican primary election… when the election will not be held until next week. They even invented the voting stats. A week before the election. Why bother to hold it, eh?

I’m especially intrigued by the statue of a naked woman in the coils of a snake. Hasn’t anyone in New Orleans read Genesis? They never heard of Eve and the serpent? Is Eve’s disobedience to God, egged on by the serpent, something that they want to “celebrate”? I don’t see how it could be anything else.

And a kids’ crayon company choosing to “embrace transgender”—why in the world did they do that? Why does a news network concoct a completely false coverage of an election that hasn’t even been held yet? Why make anyone pretend to be for “gay pride,” when they find the message morally revolting? And why carry on like the country’s in deep trouble and only widespread abortion can save it?

Here’s what the stories have in common: there’s something very, very wrong with the people who’ve made these decisions. “Male and female created He them” (Genesis 5:2, and elsewhere)—these self-anointed world-changers are in full-scale revolt against that teaching. They do not like the way God created the world and want to re-create it themselves, according to their own notions of what it ought to be. They have made idols of themselves, and worship them. Any fact, any truth that gets in the way, they ruthlessly sweep aside.

No good can come of this; and certainly no good can come to them.

So they’ll abort all the babies they can get their hands on, groom children for sodomy, persuade others to “change their gender,” which will make them sterile, force everybody to support positions that morally repel them, corrupt our elections… and when all else fails, just lie. As SloJo Biden has said, “We’re for truth, not facts.” And he walks it like he talks it.

And no good will come to us, either, unless we push back—and push back hard. Push all this stuff back into the hole it came from. Let Hell keep it.

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