Is it fair to be punished for doing something that wasn’t illegal when you did it? Well, that’s why the Constitution protects us from “ex post facto” (“after the fact”) laws.

Is it fair to be punished for something that you didn’t do? Like, for instance, own slaves. Or to be punished for something that someone else did, that you couldn’t possibly have prevented?

Democrat Congress members and presidential candidates would like to impose such punishments: “reparations” for slavery, paid by white Americans who never owned slaves to black Americans who never were slaves.

But to push it one step farther—oops, make that two steps—the weird Democrat senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, wants the government to pay “reparations” to “gays” who couldn’t collect marriage benefits until five lawyers on the Supreme Court, a very few years ago, gaveled “gay marriage” into existence ( She also wants reparations to be paid to Native Americans.

By “the government,” which has no money of its own, they mean you, the taxpayers. It’s your money that you worked for. Democrats want to dole it out to their favorite voter blocs. This would be to punish you, the taxpayer, for something that you didn’t do, couldn’t prevent, and which was lawful until the Civil War put an end to it 154 years ago.

This is rich. Warren got her whole career on track by claiming to be a Native American. A DNA test last year showed her to be 1/1,024th-part Indian—considerably less of a Native American than just about everybody else who lives here. But our free and independent nooze media remind us that there’s no truth, only “narrative.” We used to call that “lying.”

But are “gays” and African-Americans to be the only minorities who collect free money as reparations? Won’t that make the other minorities feel… ill-used? Who else ought to paid off by the defenseless taxpayer? Trannies, of course. “Undocumented migrants” (in English, “illegal aliens”), to be sure.

And what about the biggest minority of them all—women? They’re such a big minority, they might even be the majority by now. How about reparations checks for women? And oh, boy—if you’re a lesbian who’s part-African-American and part-Native American, has your ship come in, or what?

For how many  centuries were women—not just here in America, but all over the world—kept down, treated as second-class citizens, forbidden to vote or own property, forced into arranged marriages, and so on? What, no reparations checks for them? There are even women living today who are old enough to have suffered some of these abuses personally. Maybe we should even send out reparations checks to women in other countries.

What’s that—you’ve thought of another abused minority? Unborn babies? Aborted babies? I mean, they’ve been killed—right? Tens of millions of them in this country alone. Aborted right up to the moment of birth, in Democrat utopias like New York. Only how, being dead, are they to benefit from reparations?

And then there are other abused and downtrodden sets of people who are not dead, and who could really use a reparations check. Short people. Tall people. Fat people. Skinny people. Those who never got a date in high school. Those who’ve made bad decisions and made a shambles of their lives. And surely fools, as a class, have always been taken advantage of. Should not The Government (anything so grand deserves capital letters) make it up to them?

Setting aside the folly and injustice of it all, is there actually enough money in America to pay off all these kazillions of people who have been abused, exploited, triggered, stepped on, and sent up, all throughout history? And once you’ve totaled them all up, how many non-abused minority citizens will be left over to pay the reparations?

Liz, you haven’t thought this through.

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