By Lex Greene

August 20, 2022

If you know anything about American politics at all, our Constitutional system of self-governance, the means by which “We the People” direct the future of our country through peaceful Constitutional processes, then you know that American politics is a team sport, and there are only two sides to every issue, right and wrong.

Every issue presents either truth or lie, and an opportunity to choose either right or wrong, not just for ourselves, but for our town, county, state and country, and all posterity. Like any other team sport, if you are not part of a competitive team, you’re not even on the field of play and cannot possibly affect the outcome of the game.

According to a recent Gallup survey taken in July 2022, political party affiliations are as follows;


57% of voters are registered democrat or republican, with 41% claiming independent status, belonging to neither party. While this well demonstrates the emotional state of American voters, it totally lacks any form of common sense or clear strategic purpose for all who claim to seek control of their country again. If we can’t even control our party (team), we sure can’t control our entire country.

First, for you proud self-proclaimed “constitutionalists,” the U.S. Constitution does not guarantee every State of the Union or any Citizen of the USA, a “democracy” – “democratic” – “socialist” – “communist” – “Maoist” – Fascist” – “Marxist” or even multi-party “European parliament” style of government.

Article IV, Section 4: of the U.S. Constitution guarantees every State and every Citizen a “Republican form of government.” This alone makes it very strange to see only 28% of Americans registered as “Republican,” since it is the only form of government guaranteed in the Constitution.

Despite this Constitutional guarantee found in Article IV, a staggering 70% of voters stand opposed, either promoting “global democratic socialism” or by opting out of the game altogether, by taking “independent” status. Independents don’t like either team on the field, so they left the field.

Next, for you “constitutionally minded independents,” in any team sport, you will need a competitive team in order to be in the game. When you left one of the two primary parties, you created the following disasters…

  • You left both parties under the control of the very people you rightfully distrust.
  • You left the field altogether because you are no longer part of any competitive team.
  • When you left the two, you scattered to more than a dozen 3rd parties, none of them competitive.
  • Instead of working to throw the trash out of your house, you left the house full of trash.
  • No matter what you think you want, you have no viable means of achieving it, without a team.

And yes, we know, neither party represents their stated objectives today, or even their publicly posted party platforms. What did you think would happen to your party when you quit and left the party under the control of criminals? How did you think that would improve the situation? Has it?

No Participation Trophy for Not Participating

If you waste time talking about how politicians behave in both parties, or any party for that matter, failing to represent you, you’re right. But you don’t get a participation trophy for figuring out what we all already knew.

This problem exists because left to their own devices, every politician will serve their own self-interest first and foremost, and party affiliation has nothing to do with it. It’s not even the best Citizens among us who run for office. Talk about needing a tin foil hat…if you think there is any such thing as a “perfect candidate” in politics, you might even need a visit to the mental facility.

There are no “perfect politicians” simply because there are no perfect people. No matter how much you’d like to elect a messiah, there isn’t one on any ballot. When 41% of voters left the two competitive teams in the game, they left the game. Instead of standing up for what’s right and making the fight to control the two parties, they turned tail and ran from the fight, falsely claiming the moral high ground. Rather than fight, they quit.

Fighters don’t always win, but quitters never do. Further, political cheating happens because most of you will turn a blind eye, and tolerate the cheating, so long as your criminal wins.

No Difference Between the Two Parties

A common theme among the quitters – While politicians in general seldom fail to act like self-serving politicians, there is indeed an important difference between the two major political parties, and there always has been.

Aside from the fact that today’s democrat party is really a global socialist party, with a long history of abusing minority groups and targeting average American workers with ever increasing financial burdens, high taxation, more regulations, record inflation, destruction of the family and worse – the biggest problem is there is nothing “democratic” about the democrat party.

The entire National Democrat Party is run by just eleven unelected party generals.

  • Jaime Harrison, DNC Chairman
  • Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, GA
  • Governor Gretchen Whitmer, MI
  • Senator Tammy Duckworth, IL
  • Congressman Cedric Richmond, LA
  • Ken Martin, MN
  • Jason Rae, WI
  • Virginia McGregor, PA
  • Chris Korge, FL
  • Chuck Schumer, NY
  • Nancy Pelosi, CA

Democrat party voters did not elect these eleven people to run the national party. There is no democratic process within the democrat party, whereby democrat voters can elect their party leadership. The DNC is run by eleven, basically self-appointed leaders, a small cabal of likeminded political powerbrokers mostly from the worst run states in the country, who rule the party and country with a tyrannical iron fist, no better than Stalin or Mao.

It’s the National Republican Party that is led by democratic process, where the national leaders of the party are elected by state party delegations at party conventions held in each state. Unlike the DNC run by eleven unelected tyrants, the RNC is run by 151 elected party leaders, three elected by elected delegates from each of the fifty states.

The DNC is a party of, by and for the eleven self-appointed tyrants in charge, nothing democratic about it. But the RNC is a party of, by and for the republican voters, with leadership elected by party supporters in every state and sent to D.C. to lead the party in a cohesive manner at the national level. While the DNC is solely a top-down party, the RNC is designed as a bottom-up party. Most republicans just don’t know it and don’t engage properly.

That’s a very important difference and distinction. The biggest problem in the GOP is; a lack of patriot engagement; and open primaries allowing democrats to manipulate GOP primaries.

Who is Supposed to be Forever Vigilant?

“A Republic ma’am, if you can keep it” is what Ben Franklin said to Mrs. Powell, as he walked from the Constitutional Convention in 1787. Every Founder then spoke about two foundational things that would become the responsibility of every American Citizen in their posterity, you, and me.

  • All governments are at best, a necessary evil. Therefore, every American is called to be forever vigilant, not just as it pertains to foreign threats, but more importantly, threats from within, from a government run amok, becoming a grave threat, and enemy within the gates.
  • The Constitutional Representative Republic, in fact freedom itself, is only suited for a “moral society.” Our prisons are full of “immoral” people incapable of freedom and self-governance. Thanks to anti-law and order democrats, so are our streets now.

It isn’t Donald Trump or any other politician who is called to be forever vigilant, it’s every single freedom and liberty loving American who must be forever vigilant, and because most haven’t been for decades, they struggle to understand the problem, or find viable solutions.

Instead of Quitting (a form of Surrender) launched Model State Legislation all the way back in 2011-2013, titled The State Balance of Powers Act. Had the State legislatures enacted this model legislation then, all of the total destruction thrust upon our nation since, could have been easily and quickly stopped at the State lines. But “patriots” were too busy with nonsense, while others expected the swamp to drain itself.

More recently, launched a citizen activist initiative titled Time To Meet With Your State RNC Representatives. They published a sample letter for how to get the meeting, and on August 1, 2022, a group of committed Michigan patriots delivered a letter to the Michigan Republican Party HQ requesting the meeting. Party officials in Michigan have so far refused to respond to the request, likely due to the fact that they are under attack on all sides from republican voters already. The upcoming State Michigan GOP Convention promises fireworks!

In essence, the Republican Party has not been representing its conservative base, on a State or National level. In fact, it hasn’t even been representing its published Party Platform, and even worse, has been misusing donations to fund republican candidates who openly work against the party platform, which is a form of campaign finance fraud.

Proving that direct engagement does work, recent GOP primaries just removed eight of ten congressional RINOs who voted to impeach Trump, including the all-powerful and full of herself, Liz Cheney.

The point is, people determined to do something, can do something. People who quit, or wait for someone else to do it, or work alone without any competitive team, cannot do anything helpful.

If the USA is lost to a global Marxist takeover, it will only be because Americans failed to be forever vigilant, or to engage in directing their own future, where they could have.

At the end of the day, political parties, and the nation, will be whatever the American people make it, or allow it to be. In a free sovereign nation of, by and for the people, the buck always stops with the people.

Only better decisions can lead to better results…

© 2022 Lex Greene – All Rights Reserved

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