“We the People” are witnessing a massive outbreak of Republican Party RINO Syndrome Disease.  For various reasons, the outbreak of Republican Party Rino Syndrome Disease is swirling throughout the political landscape infecting senators, congresspersons, and many others.  Just recently, Senator John McCain bitterly proclaimed from his deathbed a deep disdain for President Trump.  The suffering senator even tweeted the most Americans prefer Globalism. Unfortunately, many Americans including most students and even the leadership of the Republican party do favor globalism.  The reason they do is because of the non-stop multi decade indoctrination of generations of students against the good principles that made this republic great.  Old deputy droop along, better known as Mitch McConnel and his wife are in a giant king sized bed with the Chinese who bought them off years ago.

Oklahoma Senator James Lankford and many other rino republicans took the oath of office pledging to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.  But do they? No way Jose.  Unfortunately, far too many republicans quickly abandoned the elephant and strut around as RINOs working with leftist democrats to undermine the noble mission of President Trump.  He seeks to shore up our republic and restore her to greatness.  It is sad to witness one republican after another bow to the will of foreign leaders and leftist democrats like Schumer and Pelosi.  Together they maintain their multi decade mission to undermine our nation via intertwining economic trade agreements and other tricks designed to sift away the wealth of our republic and destroy our sovereignty.  Also, until the election of President Trump the United States was becoming dangerously vulnerable to our enemies via unstopped hordes of illegal border crossers.

Traitorous American elected officials ranging from Mayors to members of the House will fight for the imaginary rights of abusive illegal border crossers, like the MS 13 criminals who have been wreaking havoc at William Wirt Middle school in Riverdale, Maryland. Thanks, but no thanks to RINO republicans and their leftist democrat party friends, sovereign Americans are regularly raped, burned, run over by vehicles and bludgeoned or stabbed to death by MS 13 members and other illegal border crossers. They even turn the other way when the unalienable right of Freedom of Religion for Christians is stomped on by activist bigots seeking to find excuses to shut down their businesses.  Speaker Rino Ryan is literally seeking to inhibit the effort of President Trump to simply seal and protect our southern border.  Ryan’s only concern on the issues of the border and illegal border crossers is to grant the illegals DACA amnesty.

Such a callous attitude toward American sovereignty should be rewarded with a swift kick in the pants or skirts and being booted out of office immediately.  Both Speaker Ryan and Majority Leader McConnel should be utterly ashamed of themselves for being the biggest reasons why House republicans are now trailing democrats in recent polls regarding election preferences.  I believe that citizens must be more diligent in their search for political candidates to vote for.  Simply looking to possibly vote for democrats because establishment republicans are acting like democrats is counter productive and only helps to guarantee the destruction of our good American way of life.

The Rothschild owned publication Economist recently named President Trump the biggest threat to the “liberal” New World Order above other legitimate threats such as Jihadism and terrorism, communism, Chinese expansion and North Korean hostility, which may soon go by the wayside, now that President Trump has formally met dictator Kim Jung Un.  The Economist echoed ailing Senator John McCain’s lament over Trump’s America first effort, which is aimed at preserving our national sovereignty while encouraging our allies to do the same.

One of the main reasons Donald Trump was elected president was his Make America Great theme that includes maintaining our sovereignty, reviving the economy, military and national pride.  Unfortunately, swamp masters like McConnel, Schumer, Ryan, Pelosi and many others are fully infected by Republican Party Rino Syndrome Disease.  It has rendered them as unwilling to join in the effort to preserve and strengthen Constitutionally limited form of government.  Sadly, that gaggle of globalist gumps refuse to place our American interests above those who seek to destroy the United States from within.  As a result, some voters are losing faith in many republicans desire to live up to their good campaign promises, including putting our national interests first.   Join me on the Ron Edwards Experience every Friday on americamatters.us, shrmedia.com and KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nevada.  Also, The Edwards Notebook commentary Blows away the Myths and reveals the Truth daily on goodtalkradio.com, freedominamericaradio.com, TalkAmericaRadio.us and during AM News on KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nevada.

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