Current June 17, 2019 NEW AMERICAN magazine has a number of articles about how our children from womb forward are being abducted from the parents. Alex Newman, who is one of this country’s premier investigative reporters,  has a great story about the California’s New Sex-ed Regime and says it is worse than we can imagine and I write this story hurriedly to let you know Alex is on a coast to coast summer tour throughout the U.S. with his message: RESCUING OUR CHILDREN. While he’s already been to a number of states, I notice in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, the meetings are scheduled beginning on July 10 when he’ll be appearing at King City, Oregon on July 10. Contact Sally Crino 503-522-3926 for tickets. Washington: July 12 & 13/ Spokane/Caleb Collier/ 509-999-0479, July 14- Lynwood (Seattle)/ Lillian Erickson 425-269-9991. Idaho: July 27/ Challis/ Darr Moon/208-838-3714.  if you can’t locate his schedule on the Internet, try 920-749-3784.


But despite the outrage, California officials have made it is abundantly clear that even an individual OPT-OUT FROM THE INDOCTRINATION ARE NOT PERMTITED UNDER STATE LAW. Orange County Board of Education General Counsel Ronald Wenkart said it plainly in a memo, “Parents who disagree with the instructional materials related to gender, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation may not excuse their children from this instruction.”  And while most kids who “turn to LGBT” in the California schools system may come from troubled or liberal homes, some will come from conservative or deeply religious families as well. Such a case was recently revealed near me that happened in a school our children attended in the 70’s. [Link]

Meanwhile in Spokane, Washington recently snipers on buildings supported by police were keeping anyone opposing this indoctrination from trying to attend a “Drag Queen Story Time” being held at the public library for little children. A minister who tried to get into the building was arrested and jailed. This suggests our First Amendment Rights of Free Speech will not be tolerated when it comes to opposing the Sodomite Agenda which is now international in scope. Alex Newman explains, “Getting informed of homosexuality by a cartoon, or a classroom lecture, is probably ‘enough’ to turn a few children (out of millions) toward homosexual desire. Obviously, with repetition and fertilization, “a few here and a few there’ starts a process that partially explains the tripling of homosexuality and suicides in high school youth over the past three decades.”

Does all this this doom and gloom suggest once again, we may be in the “end times” when God finally intervenes?  The book of Daniel speaks of the end times, when we read in Chapter 12:4 “Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased.” [Link]

But just as teasers, Alex says the government school system has become an existential threat to faith, family and freedom as he sounds the alarm and urges parents to remove their children from its grasp. His opening paragraph: Boys in girls’ bathrooms, and vice versa; “drag queens” in demonic get-up-reading storybooks to pre-schoolers and elementary-school kids; compulsory LGBTQ indoctrination.

And then Alex refers to the brainwashing in a global-warming hysteria; programming in global citizenship; mandatory Islamic studies and prayers to Allah and hatred of America while ignoring America’s Founding Fathers and traditional American heroes.  Increasingly, this is the reality of what passes for education in the government school system across America and Alex believes it does not take a graduate degree in soothsaying to predict an outcome and then he goes on exposing the United Nations and its global indoctrination arm UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). What Alex does not realize is what we’ve recently discovered in the State of Oregon, for instance,  we no longer have a Constitutional Republic or God-given rights as we once assumed.

How could this be you ask?  Some may believe they’d be just as safe in a Communist county. How did abduction of our children all begin? Well, it may have started with the Comprehensive Child Development Programs to Federalize U.S. Children signed on Sept. 30, 1971. On Oct. 5, 1971 Congressman John R. Rarick (La) said September 30 was a dark day for America when the Federal government was authorized to take over our children.  He went on to say the passage of the Brademas Child Development programs as an amendment to the OEO bill, by a vote of 186 to 183 laid the foundation for the Federal government to replace the home and for bureaucratic “experts” to replace the parents. [Link]


One of the salient selling features was the repeated assertion that the Day Care Centers were necessary to help working mothers and to provide facilities for youth care to encourage unemployed mothers to seek gainful employment. President Nixon, addressing Congress in 1969, recommended that the government become involved in developing children during “the first five years of life.” The anticipated age range can be expected to be from infancy to kindergarten.  What significant educational training can there be for babies in arms except to condition them to be away from their mothers and look to the State for security and guidance?


We were also being told that something must be done for the millions of our children who have no parents, are from broken homes and are from homes where they are mistreated or the parents are insensitive to the child’s demands.  This reveals the real intent. The child development programs are not to help working mothers but rather to establish federal custodial centers.  Remember, at this time, spankings also became child abuse. (Proverbs 29:15)

And, so government caused the problem by continually inferring that parents didn’t know how to control their children or lacked the understanding and interest to discipline them.  For years the progressive Marxists experimenters of the new educational system have encouraged smart alikeness as free speech and dissent. Children have been taught their parents are old fashioned – out of step with and ignorant of the needs of changing times.  In fact, the Congress has supplied the parents’ and taxpayers’ funds to finance this teaching of disobedience, disrespect and rebellion quite opposite of what the Bible teaches. But, of course, the Devil’s helper, Madelyn O’Hair, who gained fame in the 1960s when she helped wage a Supreme Court battle that removed the Bible and prayer from the public schools and targeted the nation’s motto: In God We trust resulting in one generation from Christianity gone.


Supporters of the Child Development programs urged the service to be voluntary not mandatory and that there will be nothing further to make the law apply to other than DISADVANTTATED CHILDREN.  History records many examples of attempts by governments to gain control over the minds and bodies of its young people such as Hitler with his regimentation and dreams of a New World Order but never achieving what these programs provide. With this in mind, someone advising President Trump should warn him about the Trump/Devos Tax-credit Scholarship CHOICE plan for DISADVANTAGED CHILDREN.


A bill to establish an Educational Bureau was passed by the House on June 19, 1866 and signed into law in 1867. Notice that even when this tiny germ of today’s Department of Education was being debated in Congress, the very astute Rep. Andrew Rogers (New Jersey) stated: No man can find anywhere in the letter or spirit of the Constitution one word that will authorize the Congress of the U.S. to establish an Education Bureau.  Then, he went on to warn that if Congress had the right to establish an Educational Bureau within the Federal Government consisting of only a handful of people, then it had the right to establish a Bureau to Supervise the Education of all children in our nation. HOW PROPHETIC. That’s exactly what happened.

It took a Century or so from the time when Congress first usurped the power to fund an Education Bureau until Congress was routinely ignoring the Constitution by funding a HUGE EDUCATIONAL BUREAUCRACY TO SUPERVISE THE EDUCATION OF ALL AMERICAN CHILDREN. (Source: Oct. 5, 2015 – New American P. 29)  And then in 1869, Oregon established the first public high school. And from Education to Comprehensive Child development programs and you can see how we’ve lost control and are deep in socialism.


How this Education Bureaucracy was created is only a tip of the iceberg of the many times the Constitution has been ignored and why we have perhaps a whopping millions of government cronies retiring with huge salaries that have been represented by a plethora of public employee unions. I read where 21.8 MILLION were laid off momentarily when Pres. Trump called a temporary halt awhile back but those in “emergency” positions remained at work. In San Francisco, for instance, the “poop patrollers” make $185,000 a year in salary and benefits. [Link]

But by keeping the date of this Comprehensive Child Development programs created on September 30, 1971, I’m reminded on December 23, 1971 (a couple months after the Child development legislation), a few days before Christmas when the New World Order crowd wants to keep something from being exposed, they choose something like Christmas when the “fake” news is slow. In this instance,  the Rockefeller Foundation chose a few days before Christmas to give a half million dollar grant to Oregon State University to support research and graduate studies on “Man and His Activities as They Relate to Environmental Quality.” The project was code numbered RF 71079 and gave the finish push to completion of plans for the computerization of all elements of human life in Oregon.


A couple old Oregon patriots never had their names on a marquee but were instrumental in discovering and reporting on this valuable information because it was obvious that the New World Order Rockefeller crowd was setting Oregon up to become the “pilot” for their socialism/communism Luciferian ideas and my files overflow with all the “firsts” that began in Oregon that had a tendency to pass laws with unintended consequences. “A lot of ideas are started and tested in Portland,” said Vice President Al Gore on 9/12/1998 at the dedication of Portland’s Light Rail which is not proving to be the success they thought it would be.

And then marijuana was legalized.  And yes, I know all about hemp and cannabis and how it is being used successfully to help relieve our aches and pains;  however, it has been proven with a European study that daily cannabis use, especially of the high potency strains, is linked to an increased risk of developing a psychosis disorder and yet the U.S. Senate voted in June 2018 to finally legalize hemp after 80 years of prohibition and who submitted a separate bill to legalize hemp incorporated into a farm bill was none other than Oregon Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkely.  Was marijuana usage along with a number of other drugs is the reason we have a huge homeless problem in especially the big cities? You be the judge. What better way to get control of a country except to get them addicted to these drugs.

It was reported earlier this year that Oregon would soon become the first state in the U.S. to allow people to select a third gender on their identification cards and driver’s licenses mainly due to the efforts of Jamie Shupe, who probably became stupid from marijuana, claimed he was neither male nor female but rather a non-binary person but he’s changed his mind. He now believes he’s a man and along that line of thinking, we find that Oregon is the first state to have a transgender governor as well as the House Speaker.


After the environmentalists attacked the fishing and timber industry in Oregon causing massive unemployment, people were forced to retrain and move to the big city of Portland for employment.

And in 2016 it was announced that the U.S. Dept. of Transportation announced that Portland was one of 7 cities still in the running for a $50 million grant as part of ODOT’s “Smart Cities” challenge and a few months later it was reported that a $1 million grant went to Oregon to promote electric cars. And since then Portland has been flooded with electric scooters. Homes that were once on nice sized lots have been purchased and the property turned into smaller plots for apartments.  This “Smart Cities Plan” includes a “stack ‘em and pack em” plan with hundreds of high rise apartments where dumbed- down millennials are stuffed together, riding on their electric scooters and easily controlled.


And the latest in Portland is where an independent journalist, Andy Ngo was physically attacked by ANTIFA causing hospitalization as he tried to document their actions with videos and photos.  He had been robbed and beaten one other time as the police stood by and did nothing – reminiscent of the Spokane story told earlier.

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