For way too long, America and its people have been lulled into what can only be described as avoidance of reality. We have permitted greed, complacency and utopia to flourish gratis a succession of self-serving federal autocrats and foreign influences to grasp power and controls of our currency that permitted special interests to bribe our congress.  We the public are complicit because we agreed to go along with a system that promises free booty at no cost since the time of the creation of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.  It authorized a machine to print out unsecured interest-bearing notes. It authorized a corrupted banking clique within congress, who formulated the idea that the Federal Treasury would issue bonds to guarantee the notes, and permitted congress the ability to pass bills so that the U.S. treasury picks up the tab. Today, the Ponzi game has accumulated a deficit of $20 trillion dollars that will take centuries to reimburse all those bond-holders and their governments throughout the world both finances, principal and accumulated interest.

Worse than even these figures, the Trump Administration wishes to use the age old pump priming con adding more than three to seven additional trillions of dollars to support cleaning out the swamp, building a fence on our southern border, lower taxes, increase wages and eventually repaying the debt. Trumps vision was meant to entice American business located overseas to move their production and construct new facilities here in the United States.  The Trump dream is utopian at best and so he is now back-tracking and modifying his plan as fast as possible.  President Trump places his trust in his Goldman Sachs cabinet and his dream plan will land up in the hands of the international banking industry dedicated to a cashless society where ATMs don’t issue cash but credits or debit transfers to a cashless, computerized, digitized account.  The result is the central bankers are to be totally in control of the money system both here in the USA as well as throughout the Western World.   The power of the money changers will be enhanced when the money system is incorporated under the new world order centered at The Hague.   Lord Rothschild, in the 18th Century loaned money to the kings to pay for their wars.  He made the loans to both sides of the conflicts.  He stated that “He who controls the king’s purse controls the king.” The poison leaves the fangs of the snake once it bites – the entire body politic dies a slow agonizing death, first within the Washington establishment then the states then the counties and on to cities simultaneously encouraged within the blinded general public.

The contemporary American citizens signed on to real problems as the U.S entangled itself within Europe’s factions, the Orient, the Middle East, the Far East followed by disastrous mistakes; horrendous blunders in leadership which weakened the U.S. on a precipitous route never intended by our forefathers.  One could state with confidence that with very few exceptions the leadership capitulated to a confederacy of dunces and brigands that began shortly after the ink dried on the inspired, brilliant legacy of the U.S. Constitution.  It was endorsed by highly-educated, knowledgeable, brave men who desired to lift the yoke of taxation and forced subjugation of the colonies by the King of England.  They fought and died along with their families and lost homes and wealth in the battles.

When a true genius appears in the world can he be recognized and once suspected, we may know by the confederacy against him or her.   Was Washington a genius or was it Hamilton, Madison, Jefferson, Al Gore or is it Donald Trump; was Napoleon a genius, Hitler, Stalin, Lord Rothschild or not any of them?  Some of them were so smart that they should have been executed but saved by luck.  A few are revered in history books, but most were disasters to the world.  Helen Keller, the blind deaf and dumb woman who overcame her disabilities is recognized for her intellect and may be the true genius.

Today, Americans tired of two world wars and by a string of non-declared wars and unwarranted losses; wars never meant to be won. Few within the general public’s psyche were aware that our nation is governed by an elite class, within the two-party system… loyal only to themselves. The final folly is when our nation became subservient to a tiny country located in the Middle East.  George Washington, in his final farewell speech, warned against favorites and counseled to treat all nations with equanimity.

All but two-percent of the major media and financial systems are either owned or wed to an ancient heritage, a tribe of people of Turk-Finish race who migrated to Russia’s Ukraine about 100 years after the death of Christ. Much later, a leader by the name of Bulan, an early chieftain emerged between 700 AD and 1000 AD.  He converted 4,000 men from his entire tribe to rudimentary Talmudic Judaism to avoid the Pope’s Eastern Catholic and Greek Orthodox religious beliefs and the early Tsarists’ influence and Mohammed’s emerging Muslim laws and their Caliphate that would impose Islam on his followers.  He decided that all males in the tribe be circumcised and acknowledge Judaism.  A successor to Bulan, bore the Hebrew name Obadiah. He was first to cause serious efforts to further the Jewish Talmudic religion.  He invited Jewish rabbis of high intellect to settle into his dominions; rewarded them royally and founded synagogues and schools.  After Obadiah, a long line of Jewish “Chagan” began the legacy of what were called the Khazars.

The fundamental law of their state was decreed where only Jewish rulers were permitted to ascend the throne. The Great Khazar Kingdom lasted about 500 years.  Toward the end of the 14th century, the Khazars were Defeated in battle by Varangins (Russians).

The Khazars’ tribe once defeated, finally settled near Kiev in the Crimea.  It was never a pleasant association because Russians were exposed to the now conquered Khazars known for unethical behavior, financial and commercial cheating.  They were rebellious refusing to be assimilated as a part of the Russian populace.  They, of course, should not be confused with accepted Biblical Hebrews, who traditionally following Mosaic Law and who staunchly believe in the Torah, the first five books of the Pentateuch in the Bible.

The historical lineages of the Khazars called Ashkenazi are in the 21st century acknowledged as the major, most powerful segment of American and Israel’s Jewry.  Israel’s leadership is mainly secular within the Knesset led by its present Ashkenazi Prime Minister Netanyahu.

As mentioned above, the Khazars were rebellious because of their unfavorable traditions under Tsarist rule and were finally settled in Russia’s eastern border.   Peter the Great in the midst of the 17th century exposed Russia to western European progress and opened the door to European inventions. He created then rudimentary Russian modernism, followed on by Catherine the Great who found the mainly isolationist Khazars as unacceptable within the emerging European influence of developing Russia.  She imposed the Pale of Settlements which confined the Khazars, known as Ashkenazi Jews to limited areas within Russia’s Crimea near Kiev.

In the waning years of the nineteenth century, 1881, Tsar Alexander II, opened the door for Russia’s Khazars, to the modern world and eliminated serfdom. Alexander II’s son, Nicholas II, permitted the Ashkenazi Jews to settle anywhere in all of Russia, then in Europe and America. He allowed them to hold positions in Russia’s government.  Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister of England, referred to Tsar Alexander 2nd, who was assassinated in 1881, as the most benevolent prince that ever ruled over Russia.”

It is doubtful that the British Prime Minister within Victoria’s reign envisioned within a few short years, in the first decades of the 20th century, that the Russian Monarchy, Russian farmers in the Ukraine and millions of Christian citizens, (named the goyium meaning cattle), would be slaughtered, imprisoned and controlled through a revolution where Bolsheviks, Mensheviks and Stalin controlled Russia as a Communist state and at every level the leadership was of Khazar ancestry.  Disraeli, no doubt at the time, because of his position and geopolitical knowledge of Russian politics was even then aware of the Russian Khazars’ singular purpose that was bent on eventually overthrowing the hated Royalty of the Russian empire.

Conversion of France to a Godless Society and the launching of the French Revolution

 Before 1777 , Adam Weishaupt a professor of Cannon Law at a Jesuit university in Ingolstadt Bavaria, formulated and executed his concept composed of what he named Illuminism or enlightenment. His first followers were student Illumines claiming to be enlightened and superior to others. Weishaupt’s movement was centered under the rule of King Fredrick the Great of Prussia who later expelled the Illumines and Illuminism which threatened his regency.  Subsequently, they found a home within French Masonry of France and from there motivated the Jacobins to foster the most radical part of the revolution headed by Robespierre’s madness to overthrow the French monarchy and launch the key revolutionary factor of the reign of terror within the French Revolution. At the Congress of Willhelmsbad, in 1782, the Illuminati merged with the Masons in nothing less than a metamorphosis of Masonry’s traditional role as tradesmen to the role of sophisticates with a different agenda than the old constructive arts of the craft.  The Lodge of the Grand Orient, a product of the French Revolution, still celebrates the glorious decapitation of the royal couple and the slaughter that followed.

At the pinnacle of the revolution the Illumines, Weishaupt’s well indoctrinated surrogates demonstrated the evil of its founder.  The anti-religious, violent, ruthless, savage, bestial transformation of the French populace took hold and France was consumed in terror.  Weishaupt’s “Dictionary of Secret Oaths, incantations, and recruiting methods of surveillance, intimidation found in Illuminism were not coincidently adopted later by the Mensheviks, Bolsheviks and the Communist Party. Atheism verses enlightened secularism became a euphemism for elimination of religions and God; made abortion as not criminal; marriage no longer a sacrament; atheism became the religion of the state itself, a substitute for ethics convulsed into the KGB-like enforcement of injustice; gulags; legal murder became emblems of autocratic rule

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