by Sidney Secular

November 30, 2021

In the final analysis, we are suffering a sort of moral paralysis resulting from the continuing culture war whereby we incrementally retreat, bit by bit, until we reach a point at which no further retreat is possible. The recent “Rittenhouse affair” is but a small “squirmish” in this much larger war and the battle over his case has not yet ended, at least if Senator “Nadler the Waddler” has anything to say about the matter. However, even when it has been completely fought, sadly it cannot be considered a determinant of anything meaningful anyway.

Our side “won” because a jury of Rittenhouse’s peers didn’t really have to “peer” very hard or long to see he was innocent on all counts brought against him. Again, this was hardly a problem as the “witnesses” for the prosecution – including one of the defendant’s so-called “victims” – actually told the truth [!], a matter that clearly supported the arguments of the defense! Indeed, one image of the prosecutor with his head in his hands during this testimony was worth a thousand words regarding how it affected his case!

But if this were in fact so, why did it take the jury three days to render its verdict? Actually, why it took that long speaks volumes about the fear the leftist establishment and its violent minions have instilled into patriots and the public-at-large in their continuing communist makeover of The Historic American Nation. People wondered about the safety of the jury members, including the jury members! In the end, it cannot be doubted that Kyle’s case – as well as numerous backbones – were strengthened when Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers called out 500 National Guard troops to protect life and limb from the response of violent leftist loons at the appearance of real justice! After all, they are used to getting what they want no matter how unfair, unjust and/or criminal! Nevertheless, that did not stop the usual brainless suspects of the left from erupting with their accustomed vile verbiage and disturbing disturbances in the blue enclaves wherein they rule the roost. Charges of “white supremacy” were spewed all over the media even though no “minorities” were involved in the matter! Given the response by the left to the verdict, one must assume that leftists prefer lynching and lawless anarchy over the civilized white institution of trial by jury – at least when the defendant is white.

As in past similar scenarios, all the miscreant “victims” had rap sheets as long as your arm, a matter that apparently was of no account when the State considered the actions of these particular “no-accounts.” Unfortunately, many on “our side” have questioned Kyle’s judgment in being where the incident occurred. For some reason, “our side” seems to believe that if you just “make nice” as New Yorkers would say, you’ll be safe in this climate of anti-white anarchy! But these same preachers of peace – on our side, of course – are prepared to deny for the record that he had as much right to be in “that place” – a public street – as anyone else! Indeed, he had a great deal more of a right to be there than those who had come for violent criminal purposes. Yet, even so, he was verbally and then physically threatened by those same individuals who were not legally present on the property he was there to defend, property that included a family member’s gas station being threatened with arson by the violent mob! He also had every right to defend himself and to use any and all means permitted by law to preserve both life and property. The right to use deadly force in self-defense was highlighted at trial and under normal circumstances would have been admittedly justified by the ongoing riot. That “right” would be a “given” in a sane world but, alas, we are no longer living in a world that is either sane or safe!

Yet, despite all the threats and rage on the left, in the Rittenhouse matter – surprise, surprise! – the good guys won one. But let’s not get too confident because we are still in danger of having our heads chopped off over everything we say and do, everywhere (and every time) we say and do it! The war we’re in has been going on for decades and probably much longer if one considers that the Republic of the Founders did not survive the onset of the Civil War! And despite our occasional victories, we are much closer to losing than winning. Indeed, we’re going to have to start taking the war to the enemy if we ever hope to finally win!

Much of the problem is that those on the “side of right” – and I’m not speaking ideologically, but in reference to that which is right vs. that which is wrong – don’t seem to realize that this is not just a war against hardcore gutter level leftist thugs who get violent at the drop of a hat because they are aggrieved over imagined miniscule microaggressions! But rather, we are up against a fully developed, super-aggressive communist zeitgeist using establishment forces that label violent leftist events as “peaceful protests!” Thus, a new violent leftist “norm” has been established even in the eyes of the courts, and the Establishment will bankroll their criminal tools with millions of dollars and a “get out of jail free” card. Indeed, the most visibly warped wokesters are corporate media munchkins and militant political morons who proclaimed the Rittenhouse acquittal as a victory for “white supremacy!”

Even the illegitimate occupant of the White House, “Sleepy Joe” Biden decried Kyle as a “white supremacist,” that being the second time a deranged occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has weighed in with a fact-free opinion on a criminal trial! If you remember, Barack Obama attempted to influence the George Zimmerman trial by remarking that Trayvon Martin could have been his son! When the leftists lose one, they double down on their deranged depictions of the attack on their glorious Cultural Marxist tableau. According to the left, “Amerikan Fascism” (a/k/a “white supremacy”) has now transformed into Nazism proper. And as this is required to prop up their erroneous but relentless positions, there can be no turning back from labeling any conservative response to their depredations as a new Holocaust! Of course, the very term “Holocaust” is intended to inspire a new holy war of the far-left against all opposition. Keep in mind how such warped views can spread like wildfire on “anti-social media”, a communication technology developed by technoc-rats to augment leftist jihad to global levels. Even the Rittenhouse “squirmish” will not end the Rittenhouse war. The DOJ and the turncoat FBI are seeking to undue this small dent in their narrative by creating civil cases against Rittenhouse that will make the current victory a pyrrhic one. It is also not impossible that some secondary entity like the George Soros funded “First For America”(the legal team assisting the plaintiffs in the Sines v. Kessler Charlottesville case) will bring a civil suit against Kyle akin to the one brought against Unite the Right.

We thought we had won a much bigger battle in 2016, but we were dead wrong. The “Trumpian” actions against illegal immigration, albeit limited in scope, were thoroughly trumped by the Bidenistas. The life conditions of the now middling middle and working classes are worse off than they were in 2016 because of destroyed businesses and jobs and reliance on GovMint handouts resulting from the leftist inspired “covidiocies,” as well as inflation and stagflation that came roaring back after the Trump years. “Big Tech” and “Big Media” censorship and control are much greater now than in 2016. Riots and open violence are in remission at the moment because Biden’s in the White House, but both can be unleashed in full force if required because the “perpetraitors” of the 2020 disturbances remain untouched and unscathed, nor have they suffered for their depredations, many of which have not even been addressed. With Trump gone, globalism advances apace using the “climate change” mantra as a battering ram to push any and all leftist crusades while academia continue to test the limits of how left can it can go and still garner all kinds of dough from deluded sources. It’s akin to the entire woke educational establishment being heated in a pressure cooker or wok/woke pot.

The long and short of it is this: the Rittenhouse verdict did give the Establishment a bit of a bloody nose but that will simply intensify its own “bloody” crusade to destroy The Historic American Nation and we who are Americans.

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