By Frosty Wooldridge

Daily in America, you hear on the news or read about another environmental problem facing our country, or some other region in the world.  For certain, you know that I write about it because I care about our wilderness, environment and quality of life here in America.

Millions of fishermen and fisherwomen love to toss that lure, or fly, out onto a lake or stream.  Well, I’m with you.  Nothing like watching a trout rise to the fly or feel the tug of a bass grabbing your red & white daredevil!  Beyond that, you enjoy the peace and tranquility of the wilderness experience.

This past week, a journalist at the Denver Post penned a story stating that Colorado adds 80,000 to 100,000 people annually to our population.  If you visited Denver, you would see dozens of sky-derricks hovering over new apartment buildings to absorb the human mob moving to our state. Probably escaping California or the East Coast!

At the same time this week, the New York Times interviewed a man named Kirk Deeter who heads the Trout Unlimited club of Colorado. His club works to keep our lakes and streams stocked with fish.  He point- blank told the Times journalist, “The rivers are getting the living snot pounded out of them every day.”

I can vouch for that. First of all, you’re forced to drive in a 3 to 5 mph line of cars 90 miles long on I-70, just to get into the mountains.  After that ordeal, you line-up on the Blue River, or Platte, with another couple of hundred anglers.  On Sunday, you jump back into a line of cars that crawls back to Denver sometimes taking five hours or more to travel 90 miles. It’s a living nightmare, spoiling any calm you may have enjoyed while fishing and/or camping.  (You cannot beg, borrow or buy a campsite from overcrowding.)

Another story in the Times reported the same thing happening with the rivers in Montana. Packed, stacked, crowded and jammed with anglers!  I’m betting much the same in your state!

They titled the interview, “Trickle-down immigration Ponzi scheme reaches Colorado.”  Brought to you by your U.S. Congress!

They could retitle it, “Trickle-down immigration Ponzi scheme reaches the lower 48 states as we import 1.5 million immigrants annually, along with their added 1 million births of their children—exploding our cities, highways and recreation areas with too many people.

What’s worse: NOBODY will talk about it.  Well, I will.  It took nine months to complete this video:  Immigration, Overpopulation, Resources, and Civilization by Frosty Wooldridge

I wrote it, narrated it and Tim Walters from Cleveland, Ohio, directed and produced it at Cosmic Corners.

Here is my charge to you:  please watch the video.  It will illustrate what you and your family face if we fail to stop the immigration invasion of our country.  After watching it, if you agree with my thesis and everything you see on the video, please share it across all your networks, your email addresses, your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Parler and everyone you know.

At some point when enough Americans realize that they are losing their country, we can drive this issue to the forefront of the mainstream media, or, at least create a grassroots revolution to stop all immigration into our country—that’s if we want to survive the 21st century as a viable and sustainable civilization.

If you please, I expect to interview on “60 Minutes…Meet the Press…Face the Nation…NPR…PBS…NBC…CBS…CNN”…and radio shows across America.  Send the link to them and ask them to interview Frosty Wooldridge, and give contact info: .  I need your help to post this link anywhere and everywhere across all media and websites. Do it for your kids.

Thank you for your efforts. As Tiny Tim said, “God bless us one and all.”

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