Universal Basic Income

International Think Tanks are encouraging Governments and billionaires that a Universal Basic Income (UBI) is the practical way to go.  UBI is a fixed monthly allotment sufficient to sustain every individual on the face of the earth.  Currently, the three basic models are full UBI, where adults receive $1000 a month, partial UBI, where adults get $550 a month, and child allowance, where children get $250 a month.

UBI is currently being implemented in four cities in the Netherlands, Kenya, Switzerland, Finland, France, Alaska, and Oakland, California.  In the locations UBI has been implemented, malnutrition has dropped from 42% to 10%, poverty from 85% to 68% and crime has been reduced 36.5%.

Eliminating poverty, decreasing malnutrition in children, reducing crime and distributing profits from technological advancements is certainly commendable, but throughout history these factors have never motivated governments and certainly not billionaires to do what is right; so why now?

The very word democide means death by government through genocide and mass murder.  Governments have murdered over 260 million of its citizenry since the twentieth century.  Governments are parasites that produce nothing and its only source of existence is revenue, or taking peoples’ money through taxation.  They never relinquish power willingly, and while there is substantial power by controlling the welfare of its citizenry, you can’t rob Peter to pay Paul indefinitely, one day Paul’s going to wake up.

According to the World Bank, billions of people live on less than $4 a day, with no mutual assistance from governments or anyone else, so why the sudden concern now?

Billionaires operate under an unwritten code that competition is the only universal offense and compounded wealth is the foremost ambition in life.  Billionaires have aggressively continued to exploit and abuse people, lands, the environment, and even outer space for personal gain.  And we are now led to believe that billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, who calls his users “stupid f—ers,” are suddenly so concerned about us making it from one day to the next that they’ve openly conspired with governments so that everyone in the world will have a basic monthly income to live on.  This also includes Bill Gates, who has spent a lifetime trying to eliminate 90% of the world population, Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, the world’s largest online shopping retailer only because the government subsidizes $1.47 of our tax dollars for every package shipped, and Elon Musk, CEO and product architect of Tesla, Inc., another government subsidized auto maker that wouldn’t survive without being sustained by our hard earned tax dollars.

I don’t believe it for one minute.  The way I see it, this sudden urgency to provide everyone with an unconditional basic income isn’t motivated by compassion or concern; it’s motivated by self-preservation, the same force that motivates all billionaires and government leaders.  This policy supposedly brainstormed by the brightest and the best is founded on a calculated understanding of unavoidable, catastrophic and life-threatening events that have been irreversibly set into motion.

The question I’ll attempt to answer in this article is what these life-threatening events are and what the results will bring.

More than half of the world’s wealth is owned by less than 1% of the population, and that disparity is increasing daily.  The middle class is destroyed and there’s no viable reversal, 25% of the population doesn’t have $10,000 in reserve; 78% of the workers today live from paycheck to paycheck; one in five Californians—residence of the seventh largest economy in the world—live in poverty, and a city in California recently declared a State of Emergency over homelessness.

So here’s the thousand pound gorilla in the room that sends chills up and down the spines of government leaders and billionaires alike, and it may rock your boat as well.  According to the most recent statistics, 57% of factory jobs in developing countries and 35% of developed countries are at risk of being replaced by robots. In the non-factory sector the risk of being replaced by robots as insurance underwriters is 99%, farm laborers 97%, fast food cooks 97%, truck drivers 79%, taxis and limousine drivers 99%, hospitality workers 99%, military 80%, police force 65%, and mail carriers 68%. I could continue this same robot replacing humans with every service job or manual labor position in existence.

When  people have nothing to lose, they lose it, and with the prospect of more than half the population being unemployed, government leaders and billionaires are in dire fear that people will lose it.

Robot farmers are replacing migrant workers; they can plant and harvest practically any crop successfully by themselves.  There’s a new robot cowboy in town that can ride, rope a cow, tie it up and brand it.  Robots can hunt any type of prey with chilling efficiency.  And there’s a grocery stocking robot that’s a threat to thousands of jobs. Other robots are replacing fast food workers at a new Shake Shack in New York, and a Pizza-making robot has hot pie at the door in 4 minutes, as a robot waitress serves the customers.  Robots are now performing unaided surgery on humans and a robot masseuse offers high-tech back rubs.

A robot conductor named YuMi stole the show from Andrea Bocelli in a Tuscan theatre, while down the street a robot cracked open a safe live on stage.  A mobile robot 3-D-printer duplicated an entire building in hours and robots are now inventing their own language.

Robots can park your car, make your coffee, dispense meds, and most frightening, robots can repair robots.

Robots don’t take coffee, lunch or potty breaks, they don’t get sick, nor do they take vacations, they can literally work 24/7 and they never get pregnant.  Are you starting to see the picture?  Well, to put it plain and simple, robots are here, and they don’t need us anymore.

To reduce labor costs, save energy, eliminate waste, and develop a self-sufficient business, the hospitality industry, along with many other service orientated businesses, are moving increasingly towards automated services.

In 2015, Japan opened the doors to the world’s first automated, robot-staffed hotel, replacing people with pretty, lifelike lady humanoid receptionists and bow tie-wearing concierges.The Henn-na Hotel in Japan is entirely run by robots, with an addition of various languages added to the robots’ repertoire.

To prove that robots are duplicating every aspect of humanity, here are the latest advertisements for sexbots.  “You can now see the first pictures inside a sex robot factory where they’re making human-like dolls, the first sexbot makes a live TV debut, and this year marks the first sex robot wedding.  Sex robots rock porn industry, cyborgs over humans.  Sex robots promise revolutionary service and the world’s most life-like sex doll can speak, smile and even sing.  Sexbots are more popular at brothels than real women, and the question is could sexbots make men redundant?  Try-before-you-buy sex robot is unveiled, customers are begging for kinky sexbot customization, the rise of the hyper-realistic sex robots and the end of humanity.  There is a call for a ban on child sex robots.”  I reiterate, they don’t need us anymore.

To maintain law and order, the world’s first robocops hit the streets and are being deployed to control crowds.  There are robot subs set to spy, robot tanks, and the U.S. marines are testing robots with machine guns and a robot army is currently being assembled.  RoboBalloons, sewer robots, and 10,000 robocops are ready to guard world leaders when needed.

“Emotional” robots are able to judge personalities at a glance and they can handpick every feature.   Robots can see a photograph and determine whether the person is gay or straight.  There’s even a robot therapists operating on Facebook.  Robot journalists can send out drones to make 360-videos, they can fact-check, interpret visual data, edit and develop algorithms simultaneously in order to perform richer, deeper reporting, voice interface, and this is all while collecting and analyzing large amounts of data.

Volvo plans to go automated and electric, Tesla plans a self-driving car between LA and NYC by the end of the year and the CEO of a Fortune 500 company announced that his next car will be electric and automated.  Apple’s new self-driving car is on the road for the first time, and the first autonomous car recently completed a 4300-mile cross-country trip.  Completely automated trucks are now making deliveries from one end of the country to the other.  Disney World debuts its first driverless shuttles, while Delta tests its first automated boarding gates.

The elite abide by an established rule that they will not do anything to the people without first forecasting their intentions in some form of writings accessible to the public like newspapers, books, magazines, essays and white papers, or in movies and documentaries.   At this point, I would suggest that you watch the video “I Robot,” starring Will Smith, if you haven’t seen it, and re-watch it if you have.  The movie doesn’t end well for humans and I don’t see it ending well for us, either.

God created the universe and everything in it.  God created human beings in His own image and gave them dominion over all His creation—He did not create angels in His own image.  To our everlasting sorrow, man forfeited earth’s dominion when he obeyed Satan’s lie and disobeyed God’s warning of death and destruction.  And thus the fallen state in which we find ourselves living today.

Satan, the devil, cannot create anything.  He can only manipulate what God created. God announced the completion of his creation as “Very Good.”  To alter perfection, even in the slightest, makes it imperfect.  The Bible clearly tells us that Satan detests God and His entire creation, and that his two-fold purpose is to eradicate God’s creation and replace it with his own, inferior, technological world where every aspect can be micro-managed by him. This is by definition, the New World Order.

God is omnipresent and omnipotent.  Satan is not, that’s why he needs surveillance to track us and arms, bio weapons, hatred, division and lies to convince others to eliminate us, or convince us to eliminate ourselves.

God warned man that if he partook of the knowledge of good and evil he would die.  The instant death was spiritual, the eventual death was physical.  Satan convinced man that God was a liar, that he would not die, but if he possessed this knowledge he could decide for himself what is good and what is evil, what is right and what is wrong, and by so doing, be equal with God.

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The Illuminati believe that Lucifer, the light bearer, came to impart this knowledge to humanity, while the true God wanted to keep it from them.  They’re Luciferians, and they believe that Lucifer, or Satan the devil, is God, and that the God of the Bible is the devil.  Satan has convinced the godless geniuses of this world, and they in turn are trying to convince us, that we can download our minds into a supercomputer and live forever.

I will expose this evil satanic plan and the planned extinction of the human race next week in part 2.

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