by Servando Gonzalez

Over the years, and particularly after the events of September 11, 2001, and the popularization of the Internet, even the most gullible American citizen has suspected that there must be a secret reason why more often than not our government acts against the best interests of the American people, as well as helps our enemies and betrays our friends. Just a handful of scholars, however, have seriously studied the phenomenon.

The ones who have done so concluded that the U.S. Government has been hijacked by a group of rich, powerful individuals, who have been using it to advance their own private interests. This super-elite of a few hundred immensely wealthy and powerful individuals has been called different names: the Power Elite, the High Cabal, the Secret Team, the Secret Government, the Insiders, the Usurpers, the Invisible Government.

Probably the first author who rightly pointed to the Council on Foreign Relations as the true source of the invisible Government of the United States was Emanuel Josephson in his 1952 book Rockefeller “Internationalist”: The Man Who Misrules the World. [1] Josephson titled Chapter XIII of his book, “The Council on Foreign Relations: “Foreign Office” of the Rockefeller Empire. The Invisible government.”[2]

A few pages below he added, “So consistently have high, policy-making positions in the government been filled from the ranks of the Rockefeller’s Council that it can be called the invisible government of the United Sates.”[3]

Another author who identified the CFR as the center of the invisible government of the United States was Dan Smoot in his 1962 book The Invisible Government.[4] Smoot, a former member of the FBI Headquarters staff in Washington, D.C., expressed his conviction,

“I am convinced that the Council on Foreign Relations, together with a great number of other associated tax-exempt organizations, constitutes the invisible government which set the major policies of the federal government; exercises controlling influence on government officials who implement the policies; and, through massive and skillful propaganda, influences Congress and the public to support the policies. I am convinced the objective of this invisible government is to convert America into a socialist state and make it a unit in a one-world socialist system.” [5]

Later, John Stormer in his book None Dare Call it Treason,[6] Gary Allen in None Dare Call it Conspiracy,[7] and Phoebe Courtney in her The CFR, Part II,[8] further identified the CFR as the center of the invisible government of the United States. [9]

Like ninja assassins, the main weapon used by the CFR conspirators to commit their crimes with impunity has been their invisibility. [10] Until recently, this group of rich, powerful people, who has an almost total control over the three branches of the U.S. government, the mainstream press, Hollywood’s film industry, [11] the educational system, and currently is extending its tentacles to fully penetrate and control the U.S. armed forces, has been almost unknown to most of the American people.

But we should not blame the people. This group of powerful conspirators is very rarely mentioned in the mainstream press and is totally absent from textbooks. [12] Though their names are known, their ties to the CFR have been kept secret, and the conspirators have thanked the press for their good job on their behalf.

Speaking in 1991 at one of the secret Bilderberg meetings in Baden-Baden, Germany, David Rockefeller expressed his gratitude to a servile press for their “discretion” for almost 40 years of blackout. At the same time, he seized the opportunity to proselytize for his treasonous work undermining the constitutional principles of this country. According to David, a government run by an elite of bankers like him is much better than national sovereignty. [13]

Unknowingly, the authors who first pointed to the CFR as the true seat of this anti-American conspiracy were practicing the science of historical forensics. And, despite the efforts of the criminal conspirators at the CFR to erase all traces linking them to their crimes against the American people, these authors discovered an amazing fact: behind every act of treason to this country and its people there is always one or more members of the Council on Foreign Relations or their parasite organizations working hard in the shadows against us.

The list of events in which they have conspired to destroy this country is very long, and even a non-exhaustive macro forensic historical analysis of the CFR treason can extend for hundreds of pages. Nonetheless, the authors I have mentioned above are enough to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that what many people have suspected is true: a cabal of non-elected people is making the big decisions behind our backs and controlling our destinies.

One can claim that the facts I mention above are not true, or difficult to confirm. Still, even if only half of them were true —and all of them are in the public domain and easy to verify— this should be a motive of concern for the American public.

Likewise, some may argue that my conclusions are fallacious, because this small group of people has joined the CFR only because of their prominence and money, and that is precisely what has made this organization so powerful. But, as in the cases of Dwight Eisenhower, Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, Alexander Haig, Bill Clinton, Zbigniew Bzrezinski, and Maurice Strong, just to mention a few, many of them reached prominence and fortune thanks to their membership in the CFR and not the other way around.

So, how to explain without resorting to conspiracy theories the fact that this small group of people control to such extent the foreign policy of the United States and of most countries in the world? How can one explain without resorting to conspiracy theories, the fact that, being so important and powerful, and having such control over the American mainstream media, the Council on Foreign Relations is almost unknown to the majority of the people in the United States and the world?

The Council claims that it has no affiliation with the U.S. government. Then, how can we explain these facts: Since the end of World War II, almost every Secretary of State, CIA Director, Secretary of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Security Council member, Federal Reserve Bank Director, is or has been a CFR member. Currently, at least 124 high-ranking U.S. military officers and several U.S. senators and Supreme Court Justices are CFR members. Actually, no other organization, not even any of the three branches of the U.S. government, exerts such control over this country.

Further proof that the Council on Foreign Relations is the true invisible government of the United States is the fact that in critical situations CFR agents infiltrated into the U.S. government bypass the legal government to report first to the invisible one. Examples of this are presidential adviser McGeorge Bundy (CFR) secretly informing the CFR about the alleged missiles in Cuba before informing President Kennedy, [14] and CIA’s Richard M. Bissell, Jr.(CFR), secretly reporting to the CFR about covert operations. [15]

When the chips are down, the conspirators’ agents infiltrated in the U.S. government know perfectly well where the true center of power is located in this country —and it is not in Washington D.C.

Consequently, we have to conclude that there is an Invisible Government, a High Cabal, a Power Elite, a Secret Team, a Secret Empire, a group of Conspirators, Infiltrators, Usurpers, Insiders, or whatever name you choose to call it, who, using gradual infiltration techniques, have penetrated the three branches of the U.S. Government as well as the Department of State, the CIA and the U.S. military, and currently has almost total control over them. It also controls the mainstream media and public education. Unfortunately, this group is currently working hard to take control of the governments of most countries in the world.

On its part, the Council on Foreign Relations describes itself as a social club where the rich and powerful meet to discuss national and international politics. Nothing farther from the truth. Actually, the CFR is the core of an evil conspiracy by a group of criminal psychopaths without any ideology at all except maximum power and control.

Their ultimate goal is the implementation of a New World Order, a communofascist totalitarian dictatorship with just two social classes: the all powerful masters and the poor serfs. To carry out their plans, the CFR conspirators have infiltrated the U.S. government, the military and the media, and now, under the excuse of protecting us from from an allegedly mortal virus, are ready for the final assault on freedom in this country and the world.

And this group of conspirators whose ultimate goal is the implementation of a totalitarian communo-fascist New World Order resides at the Harold Pratt House in Manhattan, headquarters of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Not surprisingly, the CFR has devoted so much time and effort to control key members of the U.S. military, and they have been highly successful.

At least on two occasions, on May 3, 2016 and on June 1, 2017, Gen. Mark Milley was invited to attend the CFR’s secret conciliabula. [16] One can only guess what was discussed at those meetings, because, though they publish a most likely sanitized account of the meeting, the questions and answers that follow are kept secret. Actually, the CFR statutes clearly state that a member who talks about the content of the secret meetings will be immediately expelled from the CFR.

Most likely it was at those meetings when Gen. Milley discovered the true center of power of the U.S. and, like all careerists and opportunists with a keen sense of smell, he realized on which side the bread was buttered and began acting accordingly to advance his career. This explains his total disregard for the Constitution and the role of the military in this country and his full allegiance to the CFR globalists conspirators and their traitorous goals.

But he is not alone. Currently there more than two hundred senior members of the U.S. military with membership in the Council on Foreign Relations. [17] What is simply incredible is why key senior members of the U.S. military are allowed to belong to such an organization that is so openly anti-American.

The fact perhaps explains why, despite their oath to protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, never in the history of this country has any senior member of the U.S. military protected this country from its domestic enemies. Paraphrasing Pogo (Walt Kelly), they can say: “We have not seen the domestic enemies because they are us.” Actually, the very few ones who have mentioned their willingness to see them, such as George Patton, James Forrestal and, more recently, Pat Tillman, have either seen their careers ended or their lives suddenly terminated.

General Milley consciously betrayed a cardinal principle of the U.S. Constitution: the subordination of the military to the civilian authorities elected by the American people, one of the few things that still distinguishes the American republic from a banana republic. For this conscious act of betrayal of one of the most sacred principles of the laws of this country he took and oath to defend and protect, he must be penalized with all the force of the law.

If one is to believe the assertions expressed in Peril, a recently appeared book by Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, Gen. Milley called a couple of times, in October 2020 and again on January 6th, 2020, to his Chinese counterpart, Gen. Li Zuocheng, giving him assurances that he would not allow President Trump to launch a nuclear attack on China. Apparently it didn’t cross his narrow mind that Gen. Li was familiar with Sun Zu’s advice to his generals: “All warfare is based on deception.” [18]

In his desperation to prove his worth to the globalist conspirators, Gen. Milley never thought that these calls might be interpreted as deception because in fact the U.S. was getting ready to launch a devastating attack on China. It would be interesting to know if by the time of his calls the Chinese nuclear forces went on alert. If this happens to be true, Gen. Milley’s stupid behavior put the U.S. on the brink of a nuclear war with China.

Nevertheless, despite the damage he has done to his country and the Constitution he swore to defend, his good friends at the CFR are doing everything they can to save privately Milley from his well-deserved disgrace and keep him in the military doing a great job promoting the indoctrination of critical race theory and other idiocies among the U.S. military. Already CFR members in the government and the media are working hard not describing him as a traitor who colluded with the enemy, but as a hero who saved the nation from a deranged President.

Now we can understand who Milley was really talking to when he confessed his mistake for having joined Trump on his weird walk to a nearby church and who he was really talking to when he expressed his full support to the brainwashing of the military on critical race theory. This also explains why he told, full of pride, to the authors of a book about his private conversations with a Chinese general who one may assume is not friendly to America. He was not talking to the American people but to his secret masters, so they can’t have any doubts about his total allegiance to the globalist’s New World Order.

But it would be unfair to blame Gen. Milley alone. The main culprit is not him, but his former boss, Donald Trump, who didn’t fire Milley after his weird apology, who didn’t fire Fauci after so many scientist told him Fauci was a liar, who appointed more CFR members to his administration that Obama did, who willingly surrounded himself with traitors.

President Truman once said that the buck stopped at the president’s desk, meaning that the President is the man with the ultimate authority. Nevertheless, for reasons we ignore, President Trump refused to use his authority to defend from its domestic enemies not only the Constitution but also the people who had elected him. —Servando’s latest book, Coronavirus for Dunces, is available at Amazon and other bookstores online.

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