by Lee Duigon

November 18, 2021

Who would have ever thought, just a few years ago, that our local school boards would turn into tyrants trying to crush us underfoot? School boards!

Who would have ever thought a school board president—and his father, for crying out loud!—would go around stalking parents who objected to a school board policy, collecting private information on them and making it publicly accessible? What kind of personal information? Social Security numbers! They won’t have time to protest anything, once the scam artists see those SSNs. Oh—and also divorces, finances, and even family trees. Mr. President and his father even went so far as to hire private detectives to dig up more dirt on dissenting parents. You won’t object to our board policies and get away with it!

Incredible, isn’t it? But that’s what happened in Scottsdale, Arizona. This is not to be confused with the National School Boards Assn. asking the Justice Dept. to “investigate” parents as “domestic terrorists.” Or the Loudon County, Virginia, school board having a girl’s father arrested after they covered up his daughter’s rape by a “trans” boy in a dress, right there in one of the high schools: they had him arrested because he didn’t like it. Imagine that! Oh—and they simply transferred the boy to another high school… where he raped another girl. They covered it up to hide the failure of their “gender fluid” bathroom policy.

When the Scottsdale scandal came to light, the board held a special meeting this week to request the president’s resignation. First he blamed it all on his father, and then on unnamed “bad actors” (and I don’t think he meant Kevin Costner). When he declined to resign, the board voted to replace him. So far he isn’t answering any questions.

Once upon a time, our local school boards consisted of our friends and neighbors serving the community. Then the school districts and the boards got bigger and bigger, the board members got less and less accountable to the public, we created a U.S. Dept. of Education that peppered us with Title This and Title That, and state departments of education that told the school boards what to do… and somehow, over the years, a lot of Far Left wackos got elected to those boards.

So now our “education” establishment is run by people who despise us, never listen to us, and think our children are theirs to mold into useful idiots. That’s how we wind up with “Critical Race Theory” and transgender propaganda saturating the schools we pay for. And if we don’t like it, we’re domestic terrorists. If they can’t get the Justice Dept. to smack us down, they hire private detectives to dig up dirt on us.

One stands in awe of the American people’s apparent willingness to be abused. We pay for the schools—oh, how we pay!—but have no say in what gets taught or who teaches it. The $100,000-a-year schoolmarm is now to be found in virtually every school district, no matter how small: with a cushy pension on top. Multitudes of six-figure diversity experts, gender counselors, and other “administrators”—they’re all on our dime. And if we don’t keep quiet about what they’re pushing on our children, they sic Herod’s men on us.

How much of this are we expected to put up with? Why should we have to put up with any of it at all?

Nothing would be of greater benefit to America than the abolition of public education, teachers’ unions and all. Far Left politics wouldn’t last another week without teachers’ unions pumping money into it, and unpaid volunteers to help them get their Democrat friends elected.

When are we going to wrest our children out of the clutches of these vampires?

Pull America’s children out of public education and watch the Far Left Crazy die from lack of nourishment.

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