By Cynthia Davis

Everyone wants enhanced safety.  However, the ideas for how to achieve this goal have thrown this Country into a quandary.

Most news is focused on symptoms, not the real problems.  To find the right answers, we must look at the root cause.  Some people blame guns, psychotropic drugs, and lack of law enforcement.

However, I have not heard anyone talk about what schools teach students.  My daughter was required to read “The Most Dangerous Game” about someone who hunted other human beings.  Many other books she was required to read in other years were just as bad.

The blatant disrespect of human life or the glamorization of heinous or shameful behavior plants seeds of pathological behavior and creates emotional scars that may never heal.

Every experience forms a conscience for either good or evil.  We must recognize what we’re doing when we teach any curriculum that indelibly damages the conscience.  So many schools are trying to not talk about anything religious, yet moral standards are religious because they all originate from one’s worldview.   When will the schools take responsibility for their part in debasing the character of the students by mainstreaming evil?

We should never accept this as normal!  There is only a finite amount of time in each class.  Every time a teacher assigns an immoral book, it removes time that could be spent on true classics.

Schools used to teach virtues like courage, honesty, brotherly love and the dignity of our humanity.  What happened to all the good literature that used to teach children useful lessons that would make them a success in life instead of this mental pollution forced upon them as a requirement for graduation?  Many of these books actually teach racism and enlarge the cultural divide.

Whatever happened to Robinson Caruso, Little Women, Moby Dick, Frankenstein, Ben Hur, C. S. Lewis, John Milton?  Students need stories that nurture the soul, spur hope, inspire greatness, unity, compassion, love for our fellow-man and an acute awareness of right vs. wrong.

Public educators used to spend classroom time teaching students good character and encouraged them to aspire to make their lives count and to make the world a better place.  We must use every opportunity to promote a more free and virtuous society.

[BIO: Cynthia Davis is a former state legislator.  She is a radio host and author of Home Front – a blog offering hope and analysis at the intersection of family and government.]

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