Our Independence Must be Won Again

Of all the crimes of the Obama regime, the worst of many is its purposeful campaign to stir up racial animosity.

The ideology, of course, is that white Americans are to blame for everything that’s wrong in the world and that they must be punished for it. This is at the core of Obamaism. It’s a big part of what makes most Democrats tick. Besides which, “divide and rule” is a time-tested approach to power politics.

It comes down from the top; but let’s first take a look at some of the people that it lands on.

At the Bank Street School for Children, in Manhattan, the “stick it to Whitey” jihad has advanced so far into actual child abuse that even liberals have begun to question it. Yes, for just $15,000 a year, you can subject your white child to daily mental cruelty at the hands of wicked, racist idiots.

White kids here are “taught,” day in, day out, that because they’re white, and for no other reason but that, they are evil, worthless, and inferior to “kids of color”—who are, by contrast, given “safe space,” cupcakes, and non-stop praise.

Come to think of it, this form of what the perpetrators like to call “diversity and social justice education” is cruel to the non-white children, too. How can it help but teach them to be racists? Worse than that: racists with the full approval of the visible authorities.

Imagine if the shoe were on the other foot: that there was an expensive private school where black kids were set apart for non-stop verbal abuse while the white kids were blatantly favored over them. There would be riots over it. If the school were not shut down, it would be burned down, and teachers and administrators would be charged with every hate crime in the book. Attorney General Loretta Lynch would personally see to it; and Obama himself would surely give another speech about America the racist hell-hole. The tumult would be the biggest thing since Ferguson, Missouri. There would be no end to it.

But this purposely-applied wickedness is cruel to all the children at the school. Having taught in many public school classrooms, many grades, I state for a fact that young children are not naturally racist. They learn racism from their elders. Left alone, they get along just fine. But the moral imbeciles who run the Bank Street School do everything in their power to rob the children of the blessings of amity.

This week we celebrated Independence Day, the birth of the United States of America. I think I would rather not know what they make of it at Bank Street.

Today, 240 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, we find ourselves saddled with another kind of tyranny—one not imposed by a foreign power on its colonies, but by our own elected “leaders” and a perverted education system operated by racist, socialist fools who hate our country and labor ceaselessly to turn it into something else.

And what are we to say of the parents who voluntarily send their children to such schools—and at no small cost, to boot? Are they out of their freakin’ minds? How can they justify subjecting their own children to this wicked folly?

Somehow we must win our independence back. We must allow such people to lord it over us no more. The fact that virtually all of them are Democrats should weigh heavily with us when we vote.

It won’t be easy to throw off and replace a whole education system, a whole class of “educators” who make war on us not with guns and troops and tanks, but with textbooks, chalk, and classrooms filled with our own children, whom they turn against us and against each other.

Stirring up racial hatred is a vile sin against the God who made all the peoples of the earth of one blood, with one law of love and equity for all, and one single Savior for them all.

If we are content to be ruled by such flagrant wickedness, then surely we owe an apology to King George III. All he wanted was a stamp tax, a tea tax, and quarters for his soldiers.

But we are not now as we were then.

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