I have often wondered if the major university campuses have a special course for University Women to teach them the “F” word. Females seem so proficient at that once they graduate. Call the course, “Give Me an ‘F’ and I’ll give you an ‘A’!” Have it taught by a finger-gesticulating (wink-wink) burly, short cropped PhD female, of course, to get the full effect……. But I digress….

To the point: I have witnessed many things much more horrific than the Women’s March in D.C. this past January 21st. However, I do not believe I have ever seen anything more revoltingly disgusting done in the name of women.

Ladies. Girls. The gentler sex. Peaches and cream. Sugar and spice. Mom/Mommy. Granny/Grandma. Aunt/Sister. Oh, and Pro-Life.


And in the name of what? Let me just tell you “what”. And those “sisters” out there aren’t going to like it one bit, too bad.

What the whole wide world saw on display was a raging torrent of hate. At Trump, you assume? Oh sure, he was in the mix. But he was used more for venting rather than the being the full object. What actually was on display in full living pink technicolor was an unkempt force of shrieking, foul females literally and loudly hating their womanhood and all things associated with being a woman.

THAT is what we saw in that march – a bunch of females screaming about their genitalia and the functions thereof, hating themselves and their womanliness. Then crudely, vilely, viciously letting the world know all about it, – and how rough they have it in comparison to men. (Shed a tear here.)

Well, “sisters”, there are surgical options opened to you to remedy all of those complaints. Just don’t do it on my tax dollars.

And “sisters”, I’ll tell you something else you’ll like even less. Back in the day your disgusting vitriolic diatribe was called Penis Envy. Put that in your little pink bonnets, huh?


Sean Hannity had some ditsy female guest on his radio show on Friday, January 27th. She was all PRO the march; and Madonna’s threat about blowing up the White House was just artistic free speech. He asked her (several times) about partial birth abortion which she said she was good with because there is no such thing… I could not make this up. She told Sean that partial birth abortion did not create infanticide (the killing of a baby).

Apparently in her safe space no one had bothered her with the Planned Parenthood videos of selling baby body parts and suggesting different ways of performing partial birth abortions, done in the very last days of the pregnancy, ie, at or near term, so as to make better, more mature organ parts available for sale.

Clearly she had also not bothered herself with details of abortionist Kermit Gosnell, now serving time for multiple infanticides. These truly gruesome details are available in a book called “Gosnell”.

She explained to Sean Hannity – very patiently – that partial birth abortion was when the child was surgically removed by Caesarean Section. The baby was NOT killed. And if there was just more sex education then there would be less of an issue with abortion…

Wouldst that were true! It would be so easy to birth the baby and hand it over to an adoption agency. But killing the baby is just more feminine, you think?

And did you all catch Hillary when she said that the baby shouldn’t be considered a baby until it’s mother took it home? In case Mom changed her mind about having the baby? In fact if I recall correctly Hillary also mentioned that the baby shouldn’t be considered a baby for two weeks after the birth…….. I don’t believe she ever indicated what should be done with the gurgling, fist-waving little thingie there in the newborn nursery…..


How could any good (?), progressive, sex pontificating, Me-First, pro-abortionist, wear-what-I-want (or not), LGBT-hugging, social justice, open borders, smoking/drinking/drugging angry socialist feminist ever trip into the waiting arms of Sharia Law? (Hey, it worked for Hillary & Huma!)

How in the name of Allah did they have a Brooklyn-born Palestinian Muslim female social worker as one of their Women’s March co-chairs? Linda Sarsour. The pictures I’ve seen show her in a full hijab, a nun-like head covering, though in her case they are quite gaily colored. And her eyes are heavily made up. Very Western.

Maybe that’s it: she wears makeup so she must be okay. Forget the mandates against women in the Qu-ran (Koran): rape, honor killings, beatings, mutilation, subjugation, and lots of motherhood. And I guess it would never occur to Linda Sarsour to throw some of the gay boys off a high roof.


Not to worry! While you’re hugging Linda Sarsour like a comfortable little pink teddy bear, Islam has it all figured out for you, dear “sisters” and snowflakes. According to the Muslim site zawaj.com they teach that the soul enters the fetus at 120 days, or 4 months. With the fewest possible exceptions it is unlawful under Islam to abort the fetus before 120 days. With absolutely no exceptions, it is also unlawful to abort the fetus on or after 120 days. Rape and incest are not reasons.

Like Climate Change/Global Warming, clearly we have settled science by consensus here… Male Muslim consensus you understand. And devout Muslim agent Linda Sarsour is a poster girl for this Women’s March? Talk about a serious disconnect.


While a “NAAAA-STEEEEE” woman was bemoaning the feel of Hitler in the streets of D.C. – a moustache exchanged for a toupee – she was apparently coincidentally mindlessly embracing devout Muslim Palestinian Linda Sarsour.

I know I mentioned this before but let’s draw out a new and uncomfortable – for them – observation. In the 1940s, when Hitler’s Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox, was romping victoriously with his North Afrika Korps, just who was Hitler’s talented general aligning himself with? Why, the Muslim Arabs, of course. He was going to liberate them from British rule. Hitler, Rommel, Arab Muslims. Got it? Muslims, Rommel, Hitler: Friends.

So, when we want to talk about Hitler, let’s keep it straight who was holding hands with whom.

((Speaking of the Brits, Teresa May, PM, is distressed with Trump’s temporary ban on Mid-East immigration. 80 years ago the Brits were a dominant force in North Africa. Now, the most prevalent male name for newborns inside Britain is Mohammad. (Talk about the sun setting on the empire…))


I don’t have a number on the tens of thousands that Marched for Life on January 27th in Washington, D.C. How thrilling it must have been for them to have the Vice-President come and speak, how hopeful that some of this will be rolled back.

But I’ll make a bet that just like the Tea Party versus the Occupiers, the Right-to-Lifers left one heck of a lot less trash than did the sisters, snowflakes, and the beta boys. And no broken windows, torched cars, injured cops, graffiti…? Anyone want to take me up on that…?

Hey God! Thanks for your blessings!


PS: Given what President Trump has already done so far, what’s he going to do with the last 3½ years of this first term of his presidency?

PS2: Just in. Thanks to JT. Reba sings of God. Video. Guaranteed to make the Left crazier than they already are. Enjoy and share.


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