By Frosty Wooldridge

“Covid 19 virus kills 3,000 people worldwide and we lose our minds,” said a top personal trainer.  “Obesity kills 300,000 Americans annually so we create a new flavor of Doritos or slap another layer of cheese onto a Big Mac or enlarge a 64-ounce Big Gulp by another 10 ounces.”

On the coast of Texas, where Katrina and numerous hurricanes struck,  locals know the storm approaches, they know it’s going to hit, and they know that it will blow through.  When they say, “see you on the other side,” they mean they will see each other when the hurricane has come and gone.

Covid 19 expects to kill thousands in the USA.  At the same time, we suffer millions of deaths annually from various preventable conditions.

For instance, obese Americans suffer 700,000 heart attack deaths annually, while not blinking at the death toll.

Let’s talk about car accidents:

Annually, over six million car accidents occur in America resulting in 33,000 deaths.  Worse, over 11,000 accidents result from texting while driving and another 15,000 deaths stem from drinking while driving.  Nobody bats an eyelash at those deaths.

Because so many Americans suffer from obesity, 84,000 of them die annually of diabetes.  But the rest of the country swamps all the junk food establishments in a stampede of fast (garbage) food addictions.

Over 700,000 obese Americans die from heart attacks annually, but no mention of those 700,000 people saving their lives by eating healthfully, becoming trim, exercising to live full lives.

Another 450,000 Americans smoke themselves to death annually, year after year, decade after decade, costing trillions of dollars in health care, but no run on toilet paper at Wal-Mart, or mention of outlawing tobacco addiction.

Another 88,000 deaths from alcohol consumption annually in the USA. Not any hysteria about that!

Cancer deaths, at 606,000 in 2019, rank second as to cause of death in America annually, yet you won’t see Americans charging into Publix or King Soopers stores demanding an end to Monsanto-Bayer-Dow Chemical companies from poisoning the food chain with foods that cause cancer.

Covid 19 virus may take out hundreds or even thousands of Americans. Indeed, it will be tragic beyond comprehension.  Heck, I’m frightened for my family, too.

The disease thrives in overpopulated countries like China, Bangladesh, Mexico and India.  Heck, it might kill me or any of my family.  That’s one thing about Mother Nature or God’s plan or whomever you think manages the universe—this life proves a dicey proposition. You can be here one day riding high, and gone the next.

While we’re facing this discussion about pandemic diseases, you know me as a writer, and world traveler, who speaks to the human overpopulation crisis as the greatest scourge across the planet in the 21st century.  We face many warning signs already in the first 20 years of the 21st century.  The same signs affect all the obese people, but they too, refuse to take responsibility for their bodies and their lives.  Thus, they become victims of early death.

The same holds true for drug addicts who knew that drugs hook a person;  they shot up anyway and turned their lives into horror stories.  The same holds true for cigarette smokers. Nonetheless, 37 million Americans still smoke, and vaping continues to rise in deadly numbers.

As to a philosophical question: are we humans just about the smartest, most clever and dumbest species on the planet or what?  We’ve overrun this tiny globe out in the ink-black of space.  We’re poisoning it  with 70,000 chemicals we inject into the air, water and land 24/7.  We’ve trashed our oceans with 5.5 trillion pieces of plastic in less than 50 years with no end in sight.  We’re stuffing the biosphere that nourishes us with excessive amounts of pollution.

We’re causing the extinction of 100 creatures every day of the year! (Source: Oxford University Study, “Six Extinction Session” “Extinction rates worldwide” by Norman Myers)

And yet, we’re about to add 3,000,000,000 (billion) more of ourselves by 2050.

Anyone out there with an IQ over room temperature think that’s going to end up well for us or the other creatures who share this planet?

We remain on course to add 100,000,000 (million) people to the USA within 30 years because we’re either too thoughtless to stop ourselves or we carry a death wish for our country and future generations.  Anyone reading this column think the projected 100 million people added to the USA by 2050 or 30 years from now will be a beach party?  And does it surprise you that I can’t get one single interview to discuss this acute population issue on any of the major networks in the past 20 years of trying?

Do you understand that when you shove too many chickens into a chicken coop, they start pecking each other to death? Do you realize that we inject them with nine different chemicals to keep them breathing until they are slaughtered?  Do you grasp that China at 1.4 billion people must feed, water and house too many people crammed into too little space?  Do you realize they eat dogs, cats, bats and rats?   Do you understand that when too many people are jammed into a limited space, they destroy the homeostasis of their environment?  Diseases erupt such as Covid 19 in China.  Notice the murder rates in Detroit, Chicago, NYC and Los Angeles. Are you aware that humans keep piling themselves onto one another to a point that diseases-viruses-resource shortages WILL engage them and ultimately kill them?  Are you aware that it’s Mother Nature’s way of dealing with imbalance?

Ultimately, Mother Nature WILL bring homeostasis

We enjoy two choices in this century:  we either stabilize our numbers gracefully on this planet to live in harmony with Mother Nature; or, secondly—this 21st century will kick humanity’s butt back to the stone age. One way or the other Mother Nature will return to balance.

We Are Past Time To Wake Up Fellow Americans

What’s America’s choice? What choice will humanity make? What choices are you making?  Ultimately, how do you think it will work out for your children?

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