By NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri

It was revealed last week that Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)’s driver for 20 years was a Chinese spy. But it was discovered five years ago by the FBI and never disclosed until Politico and San Francisco Chronicle uncovered it. Now more questions are being raised not only about the spy but about Feinstein’s closeness to the Chinese.

Feinstein’s driver also represented her at various functions and acted as a liaison to the Chinese community. Although the FBI advised her five years ago, it wasn’t made public and the driver was allowed to quietly retire. He was never arrested. Neither the FBI or Feinstein ever informed or questioned her staff about him or what they might know. And presumably, that means they also didn’t check other staff to see if anyone else had been compromised.

This raises lots of questions. The excuse for not charging him was it was judged he hadn’t passed anything top secret to the Chinese. But he had passed information to them. So why was he never charged? Even for failing to register as a foreign agent? Why is he still not being named?

And why hasn’t this been picked up by the national media? “Because the news media are more interested in sabotaging the Trump presidency than reporting on foreign spies working for Democratic Party leaders. That puts the Deep State in a defensive position rather than their usual offensive strategy against President Trump and the conservatives,” a former assistant district attorney said.

“This [Awan] case will most probably end up the way the Democratic National Committee’ Muslim Awan brothers case failed to materialize,” said Jeffrey Lankas, a former federal prosecutor.

The case involved Florida’s U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the controversial former chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), who had her office equipment seized by U.S. Capitol Police as part of a criminal investigation into congressional network security violations. Wasserman-Schultz admitted she frequently violates the DNC’s information security policy but still managed to point her finger at someone else.

The always boisterous congresswoman blamed the House of Representatives’ chief office manager for not stopping her from violating policies and perhaps the law regarding classified material. “This is how the Deep State operates: if one of their minions is found to be involved in unethical or criminal activities, the inhabitants of the D.C. swamp are sure to exert their power to rescue their ‘foot soldier,'” said a British police investigator.

According to news media accounts, during an appropriation hearing on Congress’ administrative budget in May, Wasserman Shultz conceded she had violated the policies for many years. She also sought to find out how much might be known about her Internet usage, asked if members of Congress are monitored?

“This is the same woman who pushed for a special prosecutor to investigate an alleged Russian hacking of the DNC’s IT system. Could they have been more careless?” asked police investigator Nolan Fitzsimmons.

Capitol Police are investigating Wasserman Schultz’s longtime information technology (IT) aide Imran Awan for theft and funneling congressional data from members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Committee on Homeland Security and Committee on Foreign Affairs.

A former police department’s intelligence official told Conservative Base that he believes part of the reason the Democratic Party and their allies in the news media continue their overall narrative — that Donald Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin colluded to destroy innocent Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations — is to divert attention away from the alleged shenanigans of three Pakistanis hired by Democratic politicians.

“The Democrats in Congress hired three brothers to work in key jobs in the House of Representatives and it’s believed they spied for radical Islamic groups with the blessings of American politicians like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz,” the former police intelligence expert told Conservative Base. “They dread the thought of having to explain why they are so careless with classified intelligence,” he added.

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