While the insanity and madness continues out in DC by absolute scum bags in the MSM, members of the Democratic/Communist Party USA and various Hollywood ‘stars’ in their efforts to destroy President Trump, bills have been introduced in Congress that are getting ZERO attention we must fight to get passed.

For the THIRD time, Rep. Thomas Massie [R-KY] has introduced a bill to stop taxing social security benefits. No more federal taxes taken out of YOUR social security check. The time to stop this rape should have happened four years ago but it never happened because there wasn’t an outcry by tens of millions of Americans. I’ve done my best over the years to bring the bill to everyone’s attention as has many hard working folks in organizations like AMAC, the Association of Mature American Citizens, who have supported the bill each time Rep. Massie has introduced it only to see it die in committee.

Rep. Massie Re-introduces the Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act, May 19, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. – “Today, Congressman Thomas Massie re-introduced the Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act (H.R. 2552), which would eliminate income taxes on Social Security benefits. The bill would boost the retirement income of millions of older Americans.  Social Security is financed with Americans’ tax dollars, so taxing Social Security is double-taxing by the Federal Government,” said Congressman Massie. “Taxing Social Security reduces benefits to seniors.”

“I am proud to again co-sponsor Congressman Massie’s bill to protect our seniors,” said Congressman Rod Blum. “This is a common sense bill that will end the double-taxation of our seniors. Our seniors pay enough Social Security taxes on the front end, and it is irresponsible for the government to tax them again on their earned benefits.”

“Income taxes on Social Security benefits is a double-tax on seniors when many are already being squeezed financially,” said Congressman Daniel Webster. “This is wrong and I’m pleased to co-sponsor this legislation to repeal this tax.” Congressman Jim Bridenstine said, “The government taxes, redistributes, then taxes the redistribution. Thomas Massie’s bill is a step in the right direction.”

“West Virginia seniors need relief from higher costs of living,” said Congressman Alex Mooney. “Seniors have worked hard to earn their Social Security benefits and have already been taxed on their contributions to Social Security.  The Federal Government tax on Social Security is a double-tax and its repeal would provide an immediate increase in benefits for our seniors.”

The purpose of Social Security is to provide people with financial support during retirement, not to be another source of tax revenue for the Federal Government. Under this legislation, Social Security benefits would neither be taxable nor reportable on individual tax returns, thus restoring the integrity of the program.”

When Rep. Mooney said above that repealing this rape would provide an immediate increase in benefits for our seniors let me give you an example about a woman I know. Her SS is $2,323.00 per month. No taxes are taken out of her ‘benefits’ each month because as her only source of income and living alone, every penny goes towards eating, things like insurance and a mortgage.

Then, come April 15th along comes the tax man and says you owe 20% per month in taxes on the social security benefits you collected last year. That would be $464.60 per month – over $5,000 a year! Almost $500 a month in taxes on social security benefits this woman ALREADY paid taxes on her whole life.

Now do you see how this is double taxation that hurts seniors? Sure, that woman could have the taxes taken out of her check each month, but what would she be left with to eat and make only the most basic monthly expenses? . $2323.00 less $464.60 = $1,858.40.

By stopping this DOUBLE taxation, there’s just one example of how a senior would benefit well over $400 a month she should NOT have to pay since she’s already paid taxes on those benefits. Now, you might say 20% tax is a bit high, but like tens of millions of seniors, this woman has no deductions. No big real estate holdings, stocks or anything else. But, even if the senior is only taxed at 5% or 12% it doesn’t matter- the bottom line is every senior is being double taxed.

You may not be a senior right now but we all become seniors unless the Lord calls us home before age 65. So, this bill affects ALL Americans; not Republicans or Democrats or independents or any other flavor. ALL Americans.

What we the people must do:

1.  Make H.R. 2552 a hot topic in this country. Call into every talk radio show and bring it up. Where were Hannity, Limbaugh, Ingraham and all the other conservative talk show hosts out there the last two times this same bill was dying in committee in Congress?

2.  Do you belong to AARP? They have about 30 MILLION members. If AARP put the full thrust of their organization behind this bill and got the word out to their 30 MILLION plus members, it would be out of committee and passed in a NY second.  If you belong to AARP (which I never have), contact them with this message (AARP has an entire congressional legislative liaison division):

Conduct a massive PR push to get H.R. 2552 passed by Congress or you will drop your AARP membership. It’s the only language they understand. AARP claims they champion supporting seniors. Really? We’ll see.

3.  Every two years YOUR member of Congress belches on the campaign trail how much they support seniors and we will save social security! BULL SH*T. If that were the case the first time the bill was introduced in 2012, it would have sailed through both the House and Senate. Instead, it was virtually ignored. This time around there are a few more co-sponsors. Is your U.S. Rep a co-sponsor pushing to get it out of committee and to a floor vote? WHY NOT? Here is all the information on the bill.

The bill has to get out of committee: House Ways & Means – the most powerful committee in the Outlaw Congress. One sub-committee deals with nothing but social security. Guess what? H.R. 2552 isn’t even on their agenda. Coordinate with family, friends, groups and organizations and flood that committee with phone calls and faxes: We the people DEMAND H.R. 2552 go to the House floor for a vote.

I can tell you right now why the majority of those lying, thieving incumbents in Congress don’t want it to get to a vote on the house floor: Because they need to keep stealing every penny they can from you to pay for the run-away train wreck called a budget. They don’t care about seniors or robbing them blind via double taxation. This may be our last chance. Rep. Massie has now introduced the bill THREE times.

Here is the full membership of House Ways & Means, Republicans and Democrats. Divide up the list. Click on the Rep’s photo. It goes to their official page with phone and fax numbers both for DC and district offices. Only massive heat is going to get that bill to the House floor for a vote.

4.  DEMAND your unlawfully serving U.S. Senator introduce the same bill in the Senate. Bombard his/her office. You want the same bill as the House, get it introduced. I know. Only 1/3rd of the RATS in the Senate are up for reelection in 2018, but that bill will be active until December 31, 2018.

5. Write a short letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Yes, people do read them. Give the bill number, what it’s about and tell people to flood their U.S. House members offices and demand the bill be brought to the floor for a vote. And, demand the Senate do the same.


Use the quotes at the top of this column along with the bill number. Pass the flyer out at community and senior centers (with permission) all across this country. Build a tidal wave aimed right at Congress AND in the media. Use social networks to get the word out as well as networking through groups or organization chapters.

Do you know what a podcast is? I didn’t until a couple of months ago. Do you know podcasts are one of the BIGGEST forms of information providing out there? Say someone can’t tune into a radio show because they have to take Susie to the dentist or a senior is in the hospital for minor surgery and the subject matter is this bill. That listener missed vital information that affects he or she. Perhaps someone doesn’t catch this column so they also miss this information. But a podcast can be downloaded into iTunes, Smart Phones and just about any other form of tech gadget out there and listened to whenever the person has the time. I tell you I was absolutely amazed at the power of podcasting once I started doing the research.

So, I was asked if I wanted my own show and said yes. Now, yours truly does a podcast every Thursday at 1:00 pm CST: What Congress and the Media Won’t Tell You. You can listen live or simply download and listen when you can AND pass it along to everyone on your mailing list, use Twitter to family friends and chapters of organizations like tea party, 9-12 groups or whoever.  It’s amazing. My podcast this past Thursday was on this bill to stop taxing SS benefits so help get the word out. Here’s how.

Don’t think we can’t get this done. There are more than 60 MILLION seniors collecting SS benefits (not counting ILLEGAL aliens). One day you’ll be one, too. Maybe you’re in your 50’s and know you’re not going to have enough in savings or some 401(k) to live at other than the poverty level on SS. Get involved in this effort. Stop taxing your SS benefits will put hundreds more in your bank account each month.

Help your parents and grand parents who are likely collecting SS benefits each month. I was shocked and delighted by the massive uproar over Common Core. Americans from all walks of life, parents and grandparents alike, got educated on the issue and creamed the shadow government’s plans to finish off destroying public education. The uproar was heard from coast to coast and still is. We can do the same to get this bill passed in Congress in THIS session. I have no doubt President Trump would sign it into law.

Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; 2 million copies sold. Devvy appears on radio shows all over the country. She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy isn’t left, right or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party. Devvy is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. Devvy’s regularly posted new columns are on her site at: www.devvy.com. Email: devvyk@npn.net

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