Tomorrow is 4th of July. Independence Day.

Two U.S. presidents died on July 4, 1826: Thomas Jefferson and John Adams. President James Monroe died on July 4, 1831. All three had quite long life spans for the time. Jefferson died at age 83, Adams at age 90 and Monroe at age 73. How remarkable that three of seven presidents elected by 1831 all died on the day we celebrate the anniversary of our freedom and independence from the British.

Sadly too many millions of Americans forget the miracle that birthed the greatest nation ever in the history of the world. Instead, they focus on nothing more than hot dogs, beer, boating, movie theater, shopping, a day off from the job. Not that there’s anything wrong with those activities, but the way Independence Day is celebrated today I believe is quite different from only 25-30 years ago.

Too many millions, products of the government’s propaganda machine called public schools stopped teaching civics decades ago. The history of how America became a sovereign nation and the incredible sacrifices of those who believed in freedom made leading up to July 4, 1776. Today in schools across this country America’s children are being taught our Founding Fathers were nothing but a bunch of old white men who were all racists.

Too many coming here from Muslim countries could care less because if they are devout followers of the fake religion called Islam, their only goal is to one day eliminate the U.S. Constitution and replace it with their toxic, totalitarian Sharia Law.

Rivers of blood were shed birthing this nation and rivers of blood have been shed in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan where we have no business ‘nation building’ after unconstitutionally invading those countries chasing down an ideology to keep savages called the Taliban and ISIS from taking away our freedom. The finest in Soviet-style propaganda methods have been used to brain wash Americans into believing such rubbish. War is big business and business has been booming since 9/11.

Caught in the crossfire of rancid politics and the well documented agenda of globalists, these damnable wars for profit and power are U.S. soldiers sacrificed and forgotten by this nation – if tens of millions even heard of them. Only their families, friends, caring Americans and attorneys keep fighting for their freedom.

Whom am I writing about?

Military Brass Eat Their Own for Political Expediency, August 16, 2011, my column

“There is another solider, another young man who is a casualty of military politics for a political agenda, because make no mistake about it: the illegal invasions and continuing occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan have nothing to do with fighting Al Qaeda, the Taliban or any other tribal spats. It’s about oil, geo-political games and building a one world order. Lt. Michael Behenna sits in prison rotting to cover a mountain of lies and corruption.

“On March 20th, 2009, Army Ranger 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna was sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing Ali Mansur, a known Al Qaeda operative while serving in Iraq.” That’s where the story begins with the stench of corruption and cowardice by military officers up the line and military prosecutors.

“I interviewed Michael’s mother on radio in 2010. Vicki Behenna is a Assistant U.S. Attorney with a lot of years in the legal arena. His father is a retired Special Agent with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. Mrs. & Mrs. Behenna know the law and they know their son was railroaded for political reasons. One can only imagine their agony as their young son sits in a federal prison.”

After my interview with Michael’s mother I sent him a small donation and letter of support.  Many of us wrote to the Clemency Board (I provided that info in my column) begging them to reduce Michael’s sentence. His actions that fateful day in Iraq were perfectly justified. Instead, he was sent to Leavenworth prison.

By the grace of God, Michael Behenna was granted parole and released on March 14, 2014. He served less than 5 years of his sentence for a crime he didn’t commit. It was a fierce battle with appeals courts, but in the end, that young man is now free.

OUR soldiers in the theater of operations in hell-holes making split second decisions end up in prison while pieces of human garbage are released from Guantanamo Bay so they could go right back to their mission: kill U.S. soldiers and everyone else they consider an infidel.

There are too many more like Michael Behenna: Members of ‘Leavenworth 10’ languish in military prison, while Gitmo detainees freed

“Said Mohammad Alim Shah was repatriated to Afghanistan in March 2004. After his release, he was responsible for kidnapping two Chinese engineers, took credit for a hotel bombing in Islamabad and orchestrated a 2007 suicide attack that left 21 people dead.

“Abdullah Ghoffor went back to Afghanistan at the same time and became a high-ranking Taliban commander who planned attacks against U.S. and Afghan forces before being killed in a raid.

“Abdallah Salih al-Ajmi, a former detainee from Kuwait, committed a successful suicide attack in Mosul, Iraq, in March 2008. That came three years after he had been freed from Guantanamo and transferred to Kuwait, where a court acquitted him of terrorism charges.”

Here is the list of the original ‘Leavenworth 10’.  Several have been paroled and released, but many have not and are still fighting for their freedom: Shared Mission to Pardon U.S. Soldiers Who Killed Civilians.

Sgt. Derrick Miller’s conviction is such a betrayal by the brass I want to puke. Sgt. Derrick Miller: He Fought For Them, But They Won’t Fight For Him. I have never served in the military but I fully believe most Americans have absolutely no idea of what it’s like in a combat zone.  Miller deserves to have his sentence thrown out so he can be free and spend time with his daughters instead of a life sentence.

In the case of Army Lieutenant Clint Lorance, the injustice is almost beyond words. Lorance was sentenced to 19 years. Despite more than 100,000 signatures gathered asking the criminal impostor who played president for eight years, Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama, there was no presidential pardon.

Now there is a petition directed at President Trump – Back story

In the petition it reads:

“Whereas, Lt. Clint Lorance was justified in ordering his marksman to open fire on Taliban terrorists to protect himself and his platoon;

“And in fact, recent evidence has come to light that the Army intentionally withheld information regarding the identities of the Afghani motorcyclists killed in the attack;

“Therefore, please accept my signature as my voice declaring my support for Lt. Lorance and requesting you use the power invested in you as President of the United States to grant a Presidential Pardon to a wrongly-accused American hero.”

I don’t know who to attribute this to as I saw it recently on a tee-shirt: ‘Heroes do not wear capes they wear dog tags.’

Won’t you please take a minute and sign the petition at the link above so young Clint Lorance can go home?

Tomorrow, 4th of July, I will be at my part time job at our state veterans home. It’s a big day for those veterans. 160 of them, most who fought on foreign soil. I am honored to be able to be there to help them, their families (If they have any left; most appear to be in their 70’s to 90’s) and incoming groups to celebrate Independence Day. But I will also be thinking of those soldiers rotting in Leavenworth who should never have been charged with any crime and their families.

Please pray for them and those working so hard to get them released. I am also praying President Trump will do the right thing and grant Lorance a pardon as soon as possible.

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