By Lex Greene

While people all over the world are already in the streets fighting global Marxists for their freedom and liberty, Americans are mostly still going about their lives as if life is normal, trying to hold on to all of their earthly possessions as they rapidly lose their entire country and way of life. It’s a fool’s errand!


From Cuba to Canada and Ireland to South Africa, the UK, the EU, and all points in between, freedom fighters are in the streets confronting their global Marxist governments. They are not fighting for free vaccines, free food, stimulus checks, free medicine, or free government indoctrination in public schools or on college campuses, in fact, quite the contrary. THEY ARE FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM!

But here in the USA, we seem to only have Sheeple v. Sheeple, with rare exception. Those rare exceptions are quickly labelled “racists, white supremacists, insurrectionists, extremists, domestic terrorists and conspiracy theorists.” The U.S. Department of Justice and Department of Defense have painted a target on the chest of every “non-compliant” American citizen opposed to Biden’s global Marxism and placed a bounty on their heads in the media and social media, even calling for family members to rat out their own.

On one side of the battle for America is the global Marxist sheeple, demonstrating a total suspension of common sense, logic, fact, and intelligence as they march towards the cliff in lockstep behind their Marxist heroes. They can see people who have been trapped under socialism for years, fighting for their lives and freedom all over the globe.But it just doesn’t register that this is the future they have chosen for themselves.

On the other side, we have the patriot sheeple, largely aware of the dangers we face, but waiting for someone else, anyone else, to do something about it. They wait, hope, and pray that Trump, their British Common Law lawyers, turncoat republicans, corrupt courts, or anyone else, is going to stand up and “fight for them.”

One is a sheeple being mindlessly led to slaughter by their Marxist politicians, and the other is leading themselves to slaughter by relying upon anyone else to save their beloved Republic, a task that can only be accomplished by the American citizens themselves.

Many of us thought that events would have triggered an all-American revolt against corrupt dictators in control of our government a long time ago. But even as we sit today, the vast majority of Americans still have not witnessed enough evil to be triggered into action. Nothing in the USA is normal, and patriots are allowing that to become the new norm.

The patriot sheeple are well aware of the fact that “divided, we will fall.” Yet, they still refuse to unite. They know our country is under global Marxist control right now, yet they still think they can protect their own, in a place where they won’t be able to protect anyone or anything much longer.

Patriots know that hope isn’t a strategy for victory. But they remain in suspended animation, more fearful of appropriate actions than continued inaction. Even though they know that evil will prevail everywhere good people do nothing – nothing is still what they do.

I’m reminded again of the people who danced on the Titanic while the ship that could never be sunk, sank into the frigid waters, killing two-thirds of everyone on board.

The mindless sheeple being led to slaughter by their Marxist God’s are only a small part of the problem. The patriot sheeple are a much bigger part of the problem. Like the Titanic, the order has been issued for the band to keep playing, so that people will keep dancing, unaware and unconcerned that they will soon perish.

But soon, the band will no longer be able to keep playing. The dance will soon come to an end. Every American will face the reality that their ship is sinking fast, and they are already beyond the point of no return.

There will be nothing they can do soon. The economy, health care, food supplies, their arms and ammo, it will all be gone or useless against the U.S. Military and Department of Justice that has every American citizen in their crosshairs.

Soon, the patriot sheeple will realize that they have waited too long to react to the evil confronting them on every front now. They will be forced to realize that the lengthy window of opportunity they once had to avoid the coming disaster, has since closed. They relied upon others to save them, when only the people themselves held such power.

And then, Americans will be divided into two groups, the “compliant” and the “non-compliant.”

The compliant will be the forced labor of the One World Order needed to keep the Marxist state afloat. The non-compliant will be removed from their families and sent for re-education. If they can’t be re-educated, they will be eliminated. The nation is being divided into these two groups right now, the vaccinated (compliant) and the unvaccinated (non-compliant), beginning with the U.S. Military.

If you don’t know this, then you have never thoroughly researched how Marxism is instituted and how it turns out every single time it has been installed throughout history. “Compliant” members of the Military just vaccinated, will then be ordered to force YOU to comply.

Our younger generations know no better, because their parents allowed them to be completely indoctrinated by public education, colleges, fake journalism,fake constitutional scholars, and social media. Most of them lack the critical thinking skills to ever figure this out. They aren’t even able to listen, much less learn.

Until they live under boot, just like the people in Cuba, young Americans will never give up their utopian dream of socialism that they were Pavlov trained to believe in American schools. They will fight for the promise of free everything from their dictators, used to lure them into the trap, like free cheese for the mouse.

Even though their dictators will kick them off the gravy train the minute there is no longer any political opposition left, they believe they will be exempt from the tyranny they have brought upon our country and the world.

Each side accuses the other of being a blind cult following, and to some degree, they are both right.

Both believe what they want to believe, and the facts seldom have anything to do with it. Both live in their own fantasy world, one believing America is horrible and they can fix it with communist rule – the other thinking they are participating in saving their country by simply watching others try to save it, without lifting a hand or donating a penny to help.

For 245-years now, America has been whatever the American people decided it was going to be, and that has not changed.

Marxist sheeple are working to forever change America into a third-world member of a tyrannical global commune, and the patriot sheeple are still waiting for someone else to stop them.

The Marxists sheeple are incapable of stopping!

So, it’s up to the patriot sheeple to stop waiting and take action before they have no means or opportunity left to do so. The USA is fast being driven into the toilet by the unlawful occupants in control of our government. Only when the patriot sheeple stop being sheeple and start being real patriots, does the USA even have a chance of survival.

I write in the hopes that patriots can be shaken into action by truth. United in action, we can still prevail. But divided and paralyzed, the USA doesn’t have a chance! I will continue releasing critical information in the hopes that sooner than later, the people will rise up against everything being forced upon them by global Marxist powers.

If you think there is anywhere you can run, anywhere you can hide, you are sadly mistaken. This is the USA, the beacon of freedom and liberty for the entire world. If the USA is not free, no place on earth will be.

We are fast running out of time.

© 2021 Lex Greene – All Rights Reserved

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