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Biden, “THE USURPER” and his faux administration who are giving aid, support and encouragement to the illegal invaders are guilty of TREASON as specified in our Constitution.



There can be only one purpose for open borders and that is the complete destruction of the United States to allow for the One World Order Dictatorship. The illegal invaders are uneducated, unskilled, useless, arrogant, don’t speak English, and many are criminals and disease carriers, etc.

Biden, “THE USURPER, and every employee of the federal government who gives or obeys unlawful orders to allow and support the invasion of illegals is guilty of Treason. But how do you arrest and charge the traitors when every part of the faux federal government is corrupt, cowardly and compromised by the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) and their Communist minions?

I am certain that being terminated for failing to obey an unlawful order would be preferable to committing treason. Remember the Nuremberg Code; there is no excuse for following unlawful orders.

Individuals and corporations who hire illegal invaders are guilty of violating the law.  Too many Americans refuse to work because the government is paying them not to work, which is destroying our economy and causing inflation. Workers who object to supporting those who don’t want to work are not racists. Americans are not racists even though we elected a Black racist as president, twice.

The worthless and demanding hordes of illegal invaders can contribute nothing to the country but disease, crime and the destruction of Medicare, Social Security, Government Benefits, Sovereignty, etc. Illegals continue to be a terrible financial burden on the government.

The border must be closed and all illegals deported. Failure to do so will impoverish every man, woman, and child and destroy our Republic…while starting a Civil War. But the PSRRC would accomplish their goal of a One World Order and Great Reset while stealing our people’s freedoms and accumulated wealth.

The Governors (TX, NM, AZ, CA) must use the National Guard to close the border with deadly force if required. Volunteers would gladly assist the National Guard. If Communist California should refuse to repel invaders, then other states should set up checkpoints to apprehend invaders at borders with California. The border must be closed at all costs to protect our people from the Communist plan to destroy us and our Constitutional Republic. If the criminal invaders refuse to stop, the guard should shoot over their heads, and if they continue forward, they should be fired upon until they retreat. These invaders deserve NO MERCY. It is too bad if the effete and ignorant Snowflakes among us do not understand that everything must be done to protect American lives and prosperity from criminal invaders. Unlike many veterans, these “Freeloading Americans in Name Only” have no concept of brutal reality.

The cost of allowing the invaders already in the country to remain is too great a financial burden to contemplate. Whatever it costs to round them up and deport them would be peanuts compared to the costs if they remain. Again, the states would have to use the National Guard to remove illegals Otherwise at some point people will feel the pain caused by invaders, and vigilantes will take over and a blood bath will ensue. At that time cowardly and compromised government officials would also experience the people’s wrath.

Publius Huldah, a very well known and respected Constitutional Scholar reported the following in her blog on August 21, 2020:

“Let’s look at Migration (immigration) in the context of the hordes of aliens storming thru our Southern Border. What does our Constitution say about it?

Art. I, § 9, clause 1, delegates power over Migration (immigration) to Congress. So Congress is to make the immigration laws; & the President, as Chief Executive, is to put Congress’ laws into effect.

Art. IV, § 4 REQUIRES the United States to protect each of the States against Invasion.

Art. I, § 8, clauses 15 & 16, authorize the calling up of the Militia for 3 purposes: to execute the Laws of the Union; to suppress Insurrections; and repel Invasions.

Art. II, § 3 authorizes the President to recommend to Congress such measures as he deems necessary and expedient; to convene Congress on extraordinary occasions; and requires him to take care that the laws be faithfully executed (that includes the immigration laws.)” (End of Publius quotation.)

The Militia of the Several States was converted into the National Guard with the Dick Act of 1903. This was another Unconstitutional effort to centralize all power in the Federal Government. Also, it must be assumed that the PSRRC did not want the Militia enforcing laws of the union as specified in the Constitution because they would have less control.

Let us not forget the poor people and the Blacks who have entry-level and low-paid jobs, who will be paid less or lose their jobs to illegal invaders. All of this courtesy of the Democrat Communist “Fake Friends of Former Slaves”, who instituted slavery and KKK in the South and still support it today in inner-city plantations. The fact that poor Blacks and minorities still vote for the Democrats who despise and put them down is unfortunate and a testament to the effectiveness of fake news and fake schools.

Ann Manetas reviewed a book by Roy Beck of Numbers USA in an email on October 26. She said, “the book makes it clear that flooding the job market with millions of additional foreign workers will only create more inequality and push many African Americans further down the lower rungs of the jobs ladder.”

CONCLUSION: There can absolutely be no question that TREASON as defined in our CONSTITUTION is being committed by Biden, “THE USURPER”, and by government employees who give and take orders to aid and comfort illegal invaders. But how do you prosecute the treason when all three branches of the federal government are compromised and unconstitutional? Failure to allow the people reasonable Constitutional methods of correcting unconstitutional acts is suicidal.

God Bless America

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