Our Country has been put in ‘false flag’ type war zones at Trump events and rallies, with violence, threats, interruptions, name calling and distractions planted all over. We now all know thanks to the under cover work of Project Veritas that Hillary and the Democratic Party have paid, planned and coordinated these violent episodes at Trump events. It is all on tape and once again Hillary stands there with her guilty pants down as she screams more insults against Trump and calls Trump supporters a list of new insults.

The real Hillary has been forced into the light again and again via endless WIKI leaks, NYPD accusations, FBI renewed investigations, Project Veritas undercover video stings and more. No longer can those still on the Hillary train believe that their candidate is for women, blacks, gays, the masses, our military, the law, Constitution, America or God. There is too much evidence now, pouring out in front of our eyes that proves who Hillary really is.

Who has Hillary revealed herself to be?

It more than appears that Hillary has committed treason with her orders to stand down at the request for help by military, several times, who could have saved Ambassador Steven’s life in Benghazi. The world now knows about the stinger missile cover up and other weapons being secretly shipped to Islamic radicals through Libya and coordinated, hidden and then lied about by Hillary and Obama to the American people, media and Congress. This is treason by Hillary and Obama at the highest level. Americans know of Hillary’s treason now.

Project Veritas videos and WIKI leaks emails have boldly revealed Hillary and the DNC have planned and paid countless thugs to cause violence and disruption at Trump events. Many Trump supporters have been beaten, yelled down, kicked and stomped by these Hillary plants all over. Americans know the violence and attacks are coming from Hillary and her staff, not Trump and Trump’s supporters. Only at the recent Trump Reno event another Hillary supporter caused enough of a disruption and made sure he appeared that he had a gun. The result was that Secret Service rushed Trump off the stage and held the man for awhile, then let him go. Now, the usual….”poor me poor me, see what they did to me, made it up and I didn’t even have a gun.” More of the same straight from Hillary’s play book.

Through real investigations now and heat from the FBI, NYPD, exposed undercover stings and emails, many Americans seem to be finally awakening from their imposed ‘follow Hillary drug.’ Part of the nation may be grieving and in painful shock seeing the real Hillary crumble right before their eyes, but she is. Her magic tricks have failed one too many times and the American audience is now seeing that bodies really have been cut in half, Hillary and Bill victims really are showing up dead, ruined, smeared and attacked over the last 30 years. She and Bill really have and do run an illegal and corrupt Foundation that is pay to play which has made them filthy rich with only around 6% of the money going out to help the needy. This has truly endangered America and is once again Treason in its scope.

Hillary, in the final days of her run of deceit for President, has revealed on tape, emails and her own big mouth, her real racist views against Blacks, Christians, gun owners, Trump supporters, God, Americans and frankly anyone of difference.

She has been exposed and accused by some to be as sexually perverted and even criminal as her husband in the sex department. Bill is not the only one accused of raping minors but so is Hillary. I have written about this in other articles. Do your own digging. Many who have known them and worked with them have said it has long been known that they have an open marriage. They both sleep around with men and women and think there is nothing wrong with it. That represents their ‘family values’ they plan to impart on the nation if we give them a chance.

We endlessly hear the tiring dirge of Hillary always standing for children, women and families. Never mind that in her younger days as an attorney it is now known that she did a favor for a Judge who had previously paid her a donation, (pay to play and favor Judge) to defend a violent rapist who had attacked and viciously raped a young teenager so horrifically that she could never have children. She was lucky she even survived. Hillary proudly got the perp off for time served. She was recorded on tape, laughing about getting him off. She thought it was funny. I heard the tape of her laughing in arrogance and wanted to hit the wall in horror.

According to the interviews I heard about this case by the Sheriff, victim and other authorities involved, this rapist should have been put away at the very least for assault – 7-10 years, then another 10-15 for the rape. Instead, laughing Hillary who says she is for the children and women, mocked justice, viciously attacked in court the young and very injured girl, making her out to be the bad and sexually manipulative one if you can imagine. This is how Hillary defends children and the law.

The most important election of our time is nearly upon us. For the sake of America, her safety, freedom, rights,morality and future – must not agree to go into Hillary’s pretend Guillotine in her magic show again. America – it is not pretend. Vote Trump.

© 2016 Dr. Laurie Roth – All Rights Reserved

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