Do you want your children taught by a professor who masturbates to the rape and torture of very small children? Are you comfortable knowing tuition fees help fund these crimes because too many universities and colleges refuse to install software that could report to law enforcement attempts to trade in child pornography by their professors and staff? These are the questions Dr. Lori Handrahan, Ph.D in Washington, D.C.  asks as she proceeded to list 63 pages of names, ages, professions and colleges and/or universities where these abuses have taken place.


So those of you who read this article are encouraged to contact the provosts or presidents of the educational institutions in your community and ask if the institution has installed software, like Net Clean, that reports to law enforcement attempts on their network to trafficking in children. If not, why not?

Then contact your respective elected legislators and ask that a bill be introduced in order to receive funding that such software be installed at all colleges.  Please don’t think the college to which your child is enrolled is exempt because this sickness ranges across the board involving all sexes. While I reviewed 63 pages, I’ve attempted to pick out the worst of the worst and then batch them by colleges or professions and ages.

Let’s start out with Alyssa Azotea, a 37 year old Simmons College psychology professor arrested on August 28, 2015 on four felony counts of child pornography and three misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child. She and her boyfriend had been discussing molesting a five year old child. She told her boyfriend “he should allow himself to become aroused by young girls that he sees in public and that he should then report back to her.”

Diane Ross, a 45 year old Chair of the English Department at Lake Forest College, was arrested May 2000, and charged with three felony counts of dissemination of child pornography. She was indicted, July 2000 on 13 counts of sending child porn which included young girls and adults involved in sexual intercourse, oral sex and masturbation. Ross pleaded guilty and was sentenced, October 2000, to two years probation, with no jail time. Ross was caught when members of her “child porn ring” came under investigation in California. Ross received her undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees from Yale University. She is the mother of two children and was a local Girl Scout troop leader.


Justin Bradley May, a 34 year old economics professor at William and Mary was arrested, July 2010 on child pornography production. He pleaded guilty on 18 October 2010 and was sentenced, 3 February 2013, to 15 years in jail followed by 10 years supervised release.

The prosecuting attorney said, “It is shocking that a college professor manipulated a young girl for his own sexual gratification. This case is a wake-up call to parents and kids alike that the race of evil is often the ordinary and the familiar, including people in positions of trust.” He was producing child pornography on his college computer.


Michael Morris, a 50 year old Assistant Dean at University of Virginia (UVA) and father of two teenage daughters, was arrested and charged, 6 November 2013 on child porn charges. Morris was an “ultimate” member of Gigatribe, a peer-to-peer (P2P) program he used to trade PTHC “pre-teen hard core” brutal torture of children under 12 years old. His on-line name was “funshooter2006.” At the time of his arrest, he was caught with 4,000 images/videos of child sex abuse including the abuse of toddlers. He was indicted on two counts of distributing or receiving child porn and one count of possessing child porn. He pleaded guilty to all three charges on 21 April 2014 and was sentenced, 14 July 2014, to 8.8 years in federal jail and 20 years supervised release.


Walter Korte, a 72 year old film professor also at the University of Virginia, was arrested, 2 August 2016, and charged by the university’s police department, with two counts of child pornography possession. He was indicted, 5 December 2016, to two counts of child porn possession. Korte’s sentencing  is currently set for May 2017.

Brian Meadows, a retired 76 year old professor at University of Cincinnati, was arrested 4 November 2016, on two counts of illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material and three counts of voyeurism. Meadows had set up a hidden camera in the locker rooms at Cincinnati Sports Club, a health club he belong to, in order to film “children in the nude” and “using the restroom.” He is free on bond pending his next court date.

James Uphoff, a 76 year old retired early childhood education professor from Wright State University, was arrested, August 2013, on child porn charges. In October 2013, Uphoff pleaded guilty to one count of child porn possession and was sentenced, 10 September 2014, to 1.2 years in federal prison. He had been trading in child sex abuse for at least a decade. While he was out on bail, pending sentencing, he was caught, again, with child porn. No new charges were brought.  Upon his first arrest, investigators found 500 images and two videos of child sex abuse, including children in bondage on Uphoff’s computers. He was caught when he left child sex abuse images on a university printer/copier which was discovered and reported to university police. This triggered a search of Uphoff’s university computer and his home. Uphoff had cultivated a reputation as a leading expert on early childhood education. He also volunteered for the Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Montgomery County Juvenile Court and served as Ohio’s Education Association Union President and president of the Oakwood School Board.

And perhaps the oldest, Elliott McGinnies, 94 year old emeritus psychology professor at American University was charged, 9 October 2015, for sex crimes against children. McGinnies was arrested in 1986 for sexual assault of a nine year old girl. He never spent a day in jail.  Charges keep getting dropped by the prosecution.


In 1990, American University’s president, Richard Berendzen called day cares, for over a year, seeking sex with children. He contacted Susan Eva Allen, a mother operating a day care whose husband was a detective with Fairfax County Police Department. Allen recorded more than 30 hours of calls. Berendzen asked if “she and her husband included their children in sex.” He told her he masturbated while talking with her an offered to procure a child for her to use as a “sex slave.” He described going to sex slave auctions in Chicago and Detroit, bragged about his abuse of children, his child porn collection, a four year old girl “sex slave” and strapping his wife to a wheel. Benendzen’s calls to Susan Allen followed “a pattern.” Investigators had been trying to identify the caller on the tape for a year. From January to April 1990, alone, he called 10-15 other local day cares. He also admitted to calling “as many as 15 women.” Media reports noted other witnesses, including a retired South Carolina police officer, but no one, except for Susan Allen, came forward. The Washington Post reported at the time “charges were not brought in a second case.” Berendzen never spent a day in jail. He remained a professor at American University.”

Then there is James Cavalcoli, a 51 year old bioinformatics professor at the University of Michigan who was arrested at the University 7 August 2015 when he attempted to meet an undercover police officer who was pretending to be a father offering his son for sex abuse. He had traveled from Michigan to Florida with the intention of raping a child. Cavalcoli had posted, at least twice, online requests to meet fathers offering their children for rape when he traveled to Indiana and Ireland. He was sentenced, 30 March 2016, to ten years in prison followed by five years of supervised release. Cavalcoli is the THIRD UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN employee to be arrested on child sex abuse charges.


Stephen Jenson, a pediatric oncologist at University of Michigan, was arrested December 2011 and sentenced in March 2013 to three years in federal prison on one count of child porn possession.  The original four counts of possessing child sexually abusive material, brought by the state were dropped in lieu of federal charges. Jenson left his thumb drive plugged in a computer in the Pediatric Emergency Department. A female resident found the memory stick and discovered child rape which she reported. University of Michigan’s lawyers said her “concerns” were “unfounded” and refused to contact law enforcement. Six months later the incident was “re-reported” and police were notified. Jenson continued to have access to children in the pediatric unit during the delay.

Richard Kelly, a 56 year old father of a two year old and a pediatric endocrinologist at Boston Children’s Hospital and pediatrics instructor at Harvard Medical School, was arrested, 13 September 2012, on child porn charges. He pleaded guilty, November 2013, to three charges of receiving and possessing child pornography and was sentenced, 12 March 2014, to six and half years in federal prison followed by five and half years supervised release.  Kelly had been the Medical Director at Phillips Academy for 19 years before suddenly resigning. He was receiving child sex abuse DVDs at Phillips academy. Kelly possessed over 100 DVDs of child sex abuse at the time of his arrest.

Christopher Pelloski, a 42 year old director of Pediatric Radiation Oncology Program at Ohio State University and father of 5 year old twins, was arrested, 16 July 2013, on child pornography charges. He pleaded guilty, 15 November 2013 and was sentenced, 11 July 2014, to only one year in prison and five years of supervised release. He is a registered sex offender.  Pelloski’s medical license was revoked in Ohio. He was trading in child rape on his university computer, including a 7 year old girl forced to perform sex acts and a “girl no older than 12 being anally raped by an adult man.” Pelloski had been trading in child rape and torture for six years.

James Quinn, a 59 year old criminology professor at University of North Texas (UNT), was arrested, May 2015, on child porn charges. Quinn was arraigned, 20 August 2015, on nine felony child porn counts. Quinn resigned from the University on 4, June 2015 after his May arrest. He was free on bond.

Another University of North Texas (UNT) professor, Alan Marchard, had been arrested by campus police, on child porn charges in 2003. Marchard had been using his university computer to trade in child rape. UNT would not comment on whether Quinn was doing the same. Marchard pleaded guilty, August 2004, to four counts of child porn possession and received six years of probation with no jail time.. UNT had placed Marchard on paid leave. He later resigned. Marchard is a registered sex offender.

Micah Maurio, a 28 year old part-time music professor at the University of Southern Maine (USM), was arrested, 5 December 2014, and charged with dissemination of sexually explicit material of someone under the age of 12. USM suspended Maurio, without pay, “pending a decision on his continued employment with the University of Southern Maine.” Upon his arrest he had “hundreds of images of child pornography.” Maurio was released on personal recognizance and was free pending sentencing. It is not clear what Maurio was sentenced to as the State of Maine had not released these public court records at the time these 63 pages were printed.  Maurio is currently a registered sex offender. And there have been other reports of child sex abuse by University of Maine professors. In 2001, Senior Child Protection staffer Cynthia Wellman claimed University of Maine professors were sexually abusing children, along with Child Protection Staff, on campus. The State of Maine has refused to open a criminal investigation.

Robert Joel Rice, a 58 year old war game developer at Army War College, was charged, April 2013, with 130 child porn counts. After many delays, Rice was sentenced, 28 December 2016, to 12 years in federal prison, and 10 years of supervised released, concurrent with a four year prison sentence from a military court-martial in October 2016. The Army War College continued to employ Rice and allowed him supervised access to Army computers pending sentencing. He was free on bail pending sentencing. At the time of his arrest, Rice had more than 30,000 images/videos of child sex abuse. His wife had discovered these and notified police.


Donald Ratcliff, a 61 year old Christian education professor who specialized in child psychology at Wheaton College was arrested, 1 March 2012 and pleaded guilty, 5 August 2013, to one count of child pornography. He was sentenced, 26 February 2014 to 3.5 years in prison. He told investigators he wanted images/video of child sex abuse and rape and masturbated. He saw his criminal behavior as “moral” and claimed “research in Europe determined viewing such images was a way to avoid becoming a pedophile.” Wheaton College is a Christian institution and the alma mater of evangelist Billy Graham. Ratcliff had been a professor at Wheaton since 2006 and was the author of ten books on children’s spirituality.

Then there is Benjamin Felker, a 28 year old employee of Wheaton College, was arrested, September 2016, and charged with four felony counts of possession of child pornography on his home computer. He was placed on unpaid leave and barred from the campus.

Walter Lee Williams, a 66 year old professor of Anthropology, History, and Gender studies, at the University of Southern California, was arrested, June 2013 and charged with the sexual exploitation of children and child porn possession and production.  Williams pleaded guilty, September 2014, to one federal count of engaging in illicit sexual contact in foreign places. He was sentenced, December 2014, to five years in federal prison. Williams had also been traveling to the Philippines to engage in sex abuse of children and produce child porn. He was a member of the Buddhist Universal Association. He has published ten books and taught American Indian Studies.

Joseph Benz, a 52 year old award winning psychology professor at the University of Nebraska, was arrested, 22 May 2013, and charged at the state level, with three counts each of child porn possession and distribution. Benz had been active with the Boy Scouts. Two days after his arrest, the Boy Scouts of America suspended Benz and permanently removed him from all current and future association.


Benjamin Levin, 63 year old “celebrated professor” at University of Toronto and former Deputy Minister of Education in Canada , was charged with 61 counts of producing and distributing child porn. Although Levin is Canadian, given his statute within the North American education community and the scope of his crimes, his case must be mentioned. Levin pleaded guilty to three counts in exchange for having the other charges dropped. He said, in on-line chats, he was interested in “normalizing the subject of sexual touching of children.” Levin said “he wished he had a son but he’d nonetheless sexually abused a couple of boys as well as his own girls.” Levin “hoped his daughter would ‘share’ their own children (his grandchildren) with him.” He further expressed his desire to have sexual intercourse with the three kids his chat -pal (an undercover investigator) pretended to have had and then introduced the woman, in cyberspace, to another person who apparently had sexual interest in children and, once all nicely interconnected, they discussed the sexual abuse of kids.


Andrew Campbell, a 35 year old English professor at Wake Tech Community College, was charged with 12 counts of child exploitation for trade in child pornography. He was also a volunteer at Duke University’s Talent identification Program mentoring young children. He was originally held at the Wake County detention center on $900,000 bond pending sentencing. He was sentenced, 1 June 2014 to probation only. He is a registered sex offender.

Adam Zydney, a 26 year old former instructor at the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (a summer program for K-12 grade children) and a Penn State graduate student in the math department, was arrested on 31 August 2015, on child sex abuse charges. He faced 836 felony counts of child pornography possession. At the time Zydney had over 500 files of child sex abuse. He told investigators he had been trading in child sex abuse since he was a teenager. Adam is the son of school board member Laurel Zydney.


After reading about all the aforementioned abuses, wouldn’t you think this would be national news instead of quietly reporting it in the involved communities only? For instance, in February 2017 a PizzaGate pedophilia ring was busted and hundreds were arrested in Hollywood. Then there were 522 arrested in the PizzaGate Super Bowl Sex Trafficking story in February.  President Trump in a meeting surrounded with his staff and others promised the full force of government to stop this human trafficking and child abuse and now with the appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General maybe the promised eminent arrests will be made. There was some talk in the meeting that a second offense of a pedophile would get the death penalty.


However, let us not forget that political cronyism is alive and well and it is normal for high Cabal members to assist new recruits and lend a helping hand in gaining access to higher positions in the Ruling Cabal and acquiring more and more wealth, power, position and status. But there is always a big cost to all this, says Preston James Ph.D. at the People for Life and Freedom.  One must go through increasingly criminal initiations, at some point involving sexual perversions, sexual inversions, pedophilia, and even human sacrifice to get to the very top. Of course, all these initiation ceremonies are videoed and used as canned blackmail for a future date…

Thousands of perverts in all professions are involved in this sinister and subterranean, Satanic in nature cult – a sodomite’s dream in 1987- but it is debunked by the mainstream news today. Christians need to pray and fast. Supernatural warfare is desperately needed like never before.

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