Dr. Laurie Roth

Kamala Harris, leftist radical played the ‘Americans are stupid card’ during the Vice-Presidential debate as most Democrats do, especially Biden and Kamala.  She was allowed to interrupt, avoid answering numerous important questions, while sneering and mocking Pence with haughty expressions and eye rolling the entire debate.

As usual, it was moderated by a liberal democrat. This time, Susan Page, who always gave Kamala extra interrupting and dominating time, while Pence was regularly rebuked for responding to Kamala’s lies, distortions and attacks.  Pence was usually given 15 seconds to respond to Kamala’s ‘over time’ outbursts of lying soundbites and Trump distortions.  Instead, she spun her lies, avoidance and deflection plates in the air, causing Americans only dizziness.  Fortunately for must of us the spinning plates stopped quickly as her avoidance and lying splattered all over the floor.

Now, what about the next Presidential debate coming up?  Hark, the Left is now demanding a virtual debate, naturally to protect all those present from the COVID-19 germs of the President.  Never mind, Trump has been fever free and well for several days now, is not contagious and feels great.  Once again, we are all considered ‘stupid Americans’ who don’t get it, that this is a manipulation strategy to help Joe Biden only.

Trump has said no to a virtual debate for good reason.  The debates are already unfair due to the loaded questions and liberal moderators they use, but a virtual debate helps deceptive and ‘hiding Joe’ to get all the hidden and not so hidden aids, prompters and hidden ear pieces he wants and needs, without people right close looking at him.  Americans aren’t as dumb as they sometimes look and we do look much smarter after our first 2 cups of coffee and our hair is combed.

The bottom line is as the distorted and tilted debates fly on in whatever form they end up, America wants America to survive.  America is thrilled to now be energy Independent for the first time ever, under President Donald Trump.  America wants to feel safe, with a strong military and safe communities. It was Trump who rebuilt our military from practical ruin under Obama and Biden.  It was Trump who stopped the dangerous and money dripping Nuclear plan Obama and Biden created with dangerous Iran.  Americans know that Trump has done more for America than any other President has ever done on almost every imaginable level.

Faith in the real God of the Holy Bible, built this country.  Courage, blood and sacrifice developed this country.  Capitalism, ingenuity, inventiveness, compassion and determination were the wings that launched the United States of America to be the strongest country on earth.

The left is ashamed of America, resents it, lies about our history, and plans to ‘kill us softly.’Under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris leadership, America will become a Godless, hollow and ashamed shell of itself, full of danger, high taxation, immorality, riots and voided freedoms.

Vote for America, God and freedom.  Vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

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