By Lex Greene

For decades now, American children have been taught that communism ended with the fall of the Soviet Union. They’ve been dog-whistle trained to believe that socialism; Marxism, is a progressive idea whose time has come. Nothing could be further from the truth and today, what we are witnessing in the USA under the pseudo-Biden regime is the new face of communism, “progressive socialism.”

Karl Marx is the globally acknowledged creator and author of today’s “democratic socialism.” Marx is also the author of the Communist Manifesto, in concert with Frederick Engels. As Marx himself wrote, “true democracy is the road to socialism, and socialism is merely a steppingstone into communism.”

Karl Marx fans proclaim his genius, writing adoring epitaphs like “Karl Heinrich Marx was a German philosopher, economist, historian, sociologist, political theorist, journalist and socialist revolutionary.” But reality tells a vastly different story about the life of Karl Marx.

Marx and his wife both came from prominent families. But Marx was lazy and self-indulgent, living in squaller his entire life. As Marx spent his life warring against freedom, liberty and individual Rights, his children were left to die of starvation.

Marx had seven (known) children with his wife, but only three of the seven children lived to adulthood. Four of the children died at incredibly young ages, all four, of starvation and malnourishment. Only three daughters lived to adulthood. This was not the plight of all children at the time of Marx’s life. It was only the plight of Marx’s children, and all who followed his teachings.

But before Marx himself passed, two of the three daughters who lived to adulthood, committed suicide. This is the true legacy of the hero to all who believe they want to follow the teachings of Karl Marx, the father of modern socialism and author of the Communist Manifesto.

In a recent survey of young American voters, 44% said they want to live under socialism, just like their hero, Karl Marx. Most Americans don’t know that they already live under socialism, with more than 64% of all federal spending dedicated to social programs. As Marx wrote, the next step after socialism is communism, and that’s where the USA is headed today.

Fences, Troops and Razor Wire

The last time fences and troops were used to protect the ruling class elites in Washington DC from angry voters, was 1932, the Bonus Army event…when a group of 43,000 demonstrators – made up of 17,000 U.S. World War I veterans, together with their families and affiliated groups – gathered in Washington, D.C. in mid-1932 to demand early cash redemption of their service certificates.

After victory in World War I, the US government promised in 1924 that servicemen would receive a bonus for their service, in 1945. The bonus was also known as the “Tombstone Bonus.” Then, the Great Depression hit, beginning with the stock market collapse of 1929. By 1932, the Depression was still dragging on, with no end in sight. Out of sheer desperation, some of the veterans decided to march on Washington to ask for the bonus right away. (source)

Instead of paying any bonuses to veterans and their families unable to feed or house themselves at the height of the Great Depression, the federal government called in troops and opened fire on the veterans and their families. Four years later, in 1936, the veterans did get their bonus, when Congress voted for the money, over democratic socialist President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s veto.

Today, U.S. National Guard troops stand in defense of the pseudo-Biden regime…why? Once again, federal authority is prepared to use military force to protect a rogue administration rushing to install the ideas of Karl Marx and stand on the throats of the American people, in the name of the “greater common good.” Why have Governors allowed their State Guards to be abused in this manner?

As Guardsmen stand a fence to protect Marxist D.C. politicians from the people, our southern border is being overrun by thousands of illegal invaders. The new face of communism is “progressive socialism” as the Biden pseudo-administration spends the nation into unsustainable debt, and floods the country with illegal aliens to bankrupt the nation under the Cloward-Piven strategy.

Simply stated, the objective of the progressive socialists is to overwhelm the U.S. economy with monstrous social spending, not for Americans, but for illegal invaders and fellow Marxists around the world. That’s why 91% of the first Biden COVID $1.9T bill and 96% of his $2T second “stimulus” bill is nothing but a global slush fund for Marxists all over the world, paid for by American taxpayers, now $30T in debt.

This is the face of communism in the USA 2021…and the young people simply know not what they do, or what they wish (and vote) for. They are destroying their own future, but they do not know it. Even worse, the younger generations have been Pavlov trained not to listen to their parents or grandparents, who have seen this all before.

The promises of gifts from the public treasury in the form of COVID stimulus checks, free college, free medicine, free food, free housing, free everything, from a country already $30-trillion in debt, is the bait. These kids think that the government has its own money and can keep writing bad checks for eternity. They do not realize that the debt their political heroes are creating, is their debt to soon pay. The mouse doesn’t know why the cheese is free…

We no longer “tax and spend” in the USA. Now we spend ourselves into unsustainable debt and then raise taxes and seize private assets from all American citizens, to try to bankrupt every citizen while bankrupting a once rich and powerful nation.

This is how a nation of free people is tricked into communism, via progressive socialism. Marx and Engels knew it, as did Khrushchev, when he said communists would take down the USA from within, without needing to ever fire a single shot. They knew that sooner or later, a dumbed down and properly indoctrinated generation would vote themselves back into bondage, while in pursuit of gifts from the public trough.

The USA is now in the final death spiral into unbridled brutal communism and most Americans can’t see it coming, especially the young people voting for it. The “cancel culture” is all about silencing all voices of dissent, all public warnings of danger ahead! And again, the social shaming and cancel culture is all run by children who think they are doing what’s best for America, muzzling all voices of dissent, as if completely unaware of who the muzzle will be fitted for in the end.

This is the face of communism…but because most Americans don’t know it, they will live under that boot for a while before they gain the knowledge and gumption to rise up against it. Evidence of an unlawful election in 2020 is everywhere, people all over the world have seen it. But those who think they want socialism, will never agree to see it.

Yet, unless the fraudulent 2020 elections are exposed and overturned, the USA is headed into the darkest period in U.S. history, for the sake of the “greater good,” of course. This isn’t about Trump or Biden, it’s about freedom and liberty. It’s about a free and independent Constitutional Republic, or just another 3rd world member of a global commune.

Every problem on earth has a solution. But they all require people able to work together in coordinated initiatives based on real facts and real targeted solutions. The first step is knowing what not to do.

Progressive socialism is communism… but the people will have to learn this the hard way. Six of Marx’s seven children had to learn this the hard way too.

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