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The past year saw the United States weather “Black Lives Matter”; “Antifa” riots; Muslim Sharia Law creeping up in city after city, La Raza competing more powerfully in the four states along the border with Mexico.  We saw 59,000 homeless in Los Angeles; 11,000 homeless in San Francisco; 10,000 homeless in Denver; and over 13,000,000 children living below the poverty line in America. Yet, we give billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries with no merit.

We faced and paid for our 18th year fighting a “terrorist ghost enemy” in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars that wasted $6 trillion and thousands of our young men and women who died in combat or suicide.  At 22 suicides per day, and well, add them up over 18 years.  And yet, our Congress keeps sending them over there to die or get their brains and emotions scrambled enough to kill themselves. How many suffer daily from PTSD that destroys their lives after their military service?  Answer: hundreds of thousands of men and women.  (Source:

We added another $1 trillion in national debt. We survived the Mueller Report, Impeachment, Climate Change, racial conflict just about every day in the news somewhere in America, Muslim terror attacks in America and Europe—and, well, pretty much the world races toward hell in a handbasket.

Ironically, with Muslims and their terroristic religion, our Congress keeps importing them into the USA as if tomorrow won’t get here.  Well, try to live in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the “Little Mogadishu” district of 125,000 Somalians with an average IQ of 68. If you’re white or Latino, you wouldn’t last a week in that multicultural hellhole.  Same with Lewiston, Maine and Detroit Michigan.  Or, Miami, Florida. Or, New York City where they now feature “Muslim Community Patrol” cop cars replicating New York City cop cars and carrying out their “Sharia Law Patrols” to enforce their terroristic religion.  Anybody understand how that’s going to work out in the long term?  Not one single Muslim that professes his faith in the Quran wants to become an American. Why? Because the Quran forbids any allegiance to anything but Sharia Law.  Talk about “no go zones” in America: we got them!

And to think we’ll import another 20 million of them within a few short years!  Anyone think that’s going to turn out well?  Try House Member Ilhan Omar’s Minneapolis district with the most Somalians returning to Africa to wage Jihad.  Or, how about the $100 million Somalians scammed off the American taxpayer in 2019 with fraudulent EBT card theft.

While our 535 U.S. Congressional weasels twiddle their thumbs in Washington DC, another 1.1 million illegal aliens jumped our borders.  Our trade deficit with China exceeds $1.5 trillion.  We pay around $319,000,000,000.00 (billion) of our tax dollars for illegal immigration, their kids’ education and food, and medical care. (Source:

Ah, and another 300,000 pregnant mothers from other countries, birthed their children within US borders to ensure their “anchor baby” U.S. birthright citizenship. What did your U.S. Senator and House Member do for the last 30 years concerning that ongoing taxpayer nightmare?  Answer: NOTHING!

How about those “Golden Ticket” Diversity Visas given out to 50,000 totally unskilled, inept, uneducated, totally illiterate foreigners for simply hitting the lottery jackpot to come to America—where you get to support them for the rest of their lives.

Yet, those same 535 Congressional critters did nothing to stop the invasion of our country.  They engaged ZERO solutions to reconstruct our infrastructure.  They voted to keep funding those two insane and worthless wars, along with Syria.  For the love of God and country, why does Congress keep us in that insane Islamic region filled with people out of the 6th century who refuse to move into the 21st century?  Why pretend that we’re stopping Muslim terror when we import them daily via immigration?  This quote by a Muslim in America should give every American reason to stop all Muslim immigration:

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any faith, but to become dominant. The Qur’an should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.” Omar Ahmed, director of Council on American Islamic Relations.

Yes, the Military Industrial Complex has Congress by the gonads, I mean, is there any other way to put it?  Does another day fighting in Africa and the Middle East make sense?  After 18 years of not making any sense?  Does another $6 trillion wasted in warfare make sense?  When do we stop giving up our young men in those useless wars?

All the while in 2019, we just added 1 million legal immigrants from 196 different countries with 196 different world views, languages, cultures and religions.  We added another 1.1 million border jumpers, according to the U.S. Border Patrol, and they’re here to stay. The Yale Report stated that we house 23 to 25 million illegal aliens, but Congress tells you it’s a pultry 11 million.  Congress fails to do anything to stop the invasion.

And your Congressional Critters keep helping them into our country. The majority of senators and House members fail their sworn oath and our Constitution, daily and all year long.  My two Senators, Cory Gardner (R-CO) and Michael Bennet (D-CO) haven’t done a damned thing to stop the invasion in 10 years each in Congress.  Both prove themselves totally, completely, horrifically useless!

Congress paid more attention to quibbling and squabbling than serving the American people.  The majority of them wasted our money and our minds with their inane bickering and arguing. If not for House member Jim Jordan and former House member Trey Gowdy, and a few others like Tom Cotton of Arkansas—I’m not sure I think there is a rational person in Washington DC.

The youth of this country sprayed water on cops and openly defied our laws with impunity.  While the young demonstrated against “Climate Change”, none of them connected the FACT that human overpopulation constitutes the MAIN driver of carbon footprint.  While an old man like Bernie Sanders advocates for “Socialism”, which takes money from workers to give to non-workers—our national debt jumped to $23 trillion.  How long before our entire system collapses?

How long can we sustain our nation when our young people hate our country?  How much longer can we survive multiculturalism when it’s tearing our guts out while it destroys our culture?  Do you think a Muslim has anything in common with an American?  Does that immigrant from Somalia, Sudan, Congo or South Africa carry any affinity to our Constitution or culture?

I could write another two dozen consequences to 2019, but you get the picture.


Top specialists around the United States question whether or not we will make it as a viable civilization by 2050.

If the same kinds of events continue into 2020, especially with the addition of another imported three million foreigners, I wonder if we will survive sociologically?  Linguistically?  Culturally?  How can we hold in the middle when 45 million foreign born people who don’t think on the same page as Americans? What happens when we import another 100 million foreign born?  How can we survive a 6th century religion that continues ‘honor killings’ and female genital mutilation in our own country?   How can we survive competing languages that lack any connection or world-view to English-speaking Americans?

How will we survive the projected 110 million more people added to the USA within 30 years by 2050?  Anybody want to take a guess?

“Where liberals see as an ever-more-splendid diversity of colors, creeds, ethnicities, ideologies, beliefs and lifestyles, thinking Americans see the disintegration of a country, a nation, a people, and its replacement with a Tower of Babel. Visions in conflict that democracy cannot reconcile.”

In 2020, I see more racial, religious and cultural conflict among competing tribes that we imported to our own demise and our own disastrous future.

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