By Greg Holt

CEO Jack Dorsey admitted to allowing “mob rule” to decide policy on Twitter in testimony before Congress.

Mob rule at Twitter has been a known fact for a long time now; the only difference is the head of the company admitted it publically.

Dorsey in his testimony said in part:

“Section 230 is the Internet’s most important law for free speech and safety. Weakening Section 230 protections will remove critical speech from the Internet.

Twitter’s purpose is to serve the public conversation. People from around the world come together on Twitter in an open and free exchange of ideas. We want to make sure conversations on Twitter are healthy and that people feel safe to express their points of view. We do our work recognizing that free speech and safety are interconnected and can sometimes be at odds. We must ensure that all voices can be heard” (Source – and all quotes following)

This is pretty rich coming from a platform that heavily engages in censorship.  Where Dorsey gets off saying that there is an “open and free exchange of ideas” is beyond me.  Let us remember that it was Twitter that immediately banned the New York Post’s article on the damning evidence contained on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook had this to say:

“At Facebook, we don’t think tech companies should be making so many decisions about these important issues alone.”

How is it that Zuckerberg can sit before Congress and blatantly lie like this?  Facebook allows all manner of content from those who align with the far-left, liberalism, socialism etc.  For anyone who aligns with the right, there are vastly different rules.  Posts are removed, other posts are tagged as being false, fake news, and unscientific – with so-called proof attached from Facebook’s “experts.”  Facebook also likes to reduce distribution of pages content in the Newsfeed for alleged fake news, false information etc.  Conservative accounts are locked out for weeks and even months at a time, or accounts are permanently disabled.  These things have all happened to people I know, and some of this has happened to my accounts on Facebook.

Yes exactly!  Big Tech’s CEOs obviously want Section 230 to remain untouched and in full force and effect. They also think that social media should continue to be shielded and protected while these vast platforms with worldwide reach continue to censor any and all content they personally disagree with – while they unilaterally hand out punishments for going against the grain.  Or in other words, censoring those who disagree with the liberal/socialistic/progressive/Democratic viewpoint.

As long as Facebook, Twitter, Google and their properties, and other Leftist aligned media companies of all types are allowed to censor content at will – there will be no free elections, PERIOD.

This, in my opinion is a blatant lie.  Dorsey knows full well the power that his company (Twitter) wields.  If he didn’t, there would be no reason for Twitter and the rest of these companies to engage in such heavy-handed censorship of content that supports another and different opinion(s) from theirs.

Toward the end of the back and forth, Cruz laid into Dorsey: “Who the hell elected you and put you in charge of what the media are allowed to report and what the American people are allowed to hear?” 

Well said Mr. Cruz, I believe he speaks for the majority of Americans.  This could of course be said to all of these Big Tech CEOs, as well as most of the mainstream media.  Who died and made you people God?

Anyone who has spent any amount of time on social media, or did their own research concerning search results, listened to, read, or watched media reports – knows that there is incredible bias and censorship.  To not acknowledge this fact is dishonest, disingenuous, an insult to everyone’s intelligence, and a flat out lie.

The media should go back to actual reporting and real journalism.  Most of these people wouldn’t know what journalism is if it walked up and slapped them in the face.

Wikipedia (I know) actually states this very well:

“Journalism is unbiased production and distribution of reports on current or past events based on facts and supported with proofs or evidences.”  (Source)

Note that little word there, unbiased.  Also note the word proof.  As I said, most of these individuals and companies have no idea of, nor are they actively engaged in journalism.

If one wants to combine news with opinion (which is fine), then one cannot label this as straight-up journalism.  That is the whole problem here – CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and so on all claim they are journalists. NO – they are not.

I write opinion mixed with fact, this is called opinion journalism.  I don’t claim to be a straight-up journalist, because I’m not.  That is not the case with the mainstream media.  These so-called reporters lie, make it up as they go along, report only what the editor says they can report, omit facts, slant their “reporting” to support whom they choose, editorialize and call it factual reporting, all the while claiming impartiality.  What a joke.

Journalism is largely dead, and the mainstream media killed it long ago.  Fairness and free speech is pretty much nonexistent on Big Tech.USA Life, Gab and Parler are a couple of notable exceptions.

Freedom of speech, the free and open exchanges of ideas, the ability for all to express their opinions – both liberal and conservative, is largely a thing of the past.  This unconstitutional removal of our God-given rights will largely become cemented in stone should Joe Biden win the election.

Get out and vote on November 3rd America – it’s more important now than ever.


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