by Lee Duigon

Remember when local school boards actually represented the communities they served?

This week the National School Boards Assn. has successfully petitioned the Justice Dept. to sic the FBI on us—because parents don’t like the Far Left Crazy curriculum they’re serving up to us, and poisoning the children’s minds.

So now parents are pushing back—vigorously, because they must. They absolutely must. They’ve branded us “domestic terrorists”—because we don’t want “Critical Race Theory” forced down our children’s throats. To say nothing of their obsession with promoting transgenderism.

We’ve been accused of all sorts of “threats”—not one of which has been carried out—and “hate,” always “hate.” But it looks more like the school boards are the ones who hate us, hate our country, and are trying to turn it into something else, God knows what.

For this the FBI has been directed to “investigate” parents who dare dissent from the curriculum. As if that were a crime.

What else have these school boards done?

They violate open public meetings laws by making unannounced changes in the location of their meetings.

They hold secret discussions by means of text messages—a violation of the law in many states.

They restrict public access to the meetings, limit discussion, and charge ridiculously high fees to anyone who wants to view public records and curriculum materials.

And they waste boxcar-loads of our money, our tax dollars, on toxic, useless, garbage instruction in “diversity,” “equity,” “systemic racism,” and other woke shibboleths.

And the U.S. attorney general who unleashed the FBI on us has a daughter who works for Panorma Education, a company that provides these Far Left curriculum materials.

Other than that, nothing to complain about!

I remember when this started, in the early 1970s, with the creation of the U.S. Dept. of Education and various state departments of education. School boards resisted this at first. But the aspiring revolutionaries in the unelected government bureaucracies have had several decades in which to transform local school boards into yes-men and lap-dogs. And because we made the mistake of trusting them, entrusting our children to their tender care, they did everything they wanted without the public noticing—except for those rare occasions when a community voted against that year’s school budget and the state restored the budget cuts. So those anti-budget votes didn’t mean much, did they?

It took a pandemic to clue us in. Fearing the spread of COVID, they closed the schools and put the kiddies on “remote learning” on their home computers. That turned out to be a strategic error—because, for the first time, parents got to see and hear what their children were being, er, “taught.” And they didn’t like it.

A few school boards, incredibly, tried to pressure parents into signing a pledge not to listen in on their children’s instruction. That didn’t fly. In Virginia the odious one-time Clinton bag man, Terry McAuliffe, running for another term as governor, publicly said he didn’t think parents should be telling the schools what to teach—just shut up and pay your school tax. Did these uppity peasants think their children were really theirs? Where did they ever get that idea?

We don’t want Hypocritical Race Theory: it’s poison. We don’t want transgender propaganda. Some school boards have tried to convince the public that no, heck no, they’re not teaching CRT! But at the same time, our Way Far Left teachers’ unions have been doubling down on CRT—“We’ll teach it whether you like it or not! Shut up and pay.”

This has to stop; and the only way to stop it is for parents, en masse, to remove their children from the public schools for homeschooling or genuine Christian schooling. This is what we have to do, because the educators despise us and refuse to listen to us. Their arrogance is bottomless, and there’s no point in even trying to negotiate. Pull the children from the schools and let public schooling die.

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