People don’t read anymore, so perhaps the only way to catch their attention regarding the plan for a world government is with a movie.  It could take several forms, such as a sequel to Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington in “The Pelican Brief,” or Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts in “Conspiracy Theory,” or MacGyver in “The Lost Treasure of Atlantis.”

There have been a number of groups working toward a world government, but this movie will focus on Cecil Rhodes’ secret Society of the Elect (SOE) and its effort “to take the government of the whole world,” in Rhodes’ own words.   The movie will be offered in theaters and on computer (pay for view), so that the heroes discover the rare/secret documents I have, people around the world can download them.   And it will begin in India, which has 1.2 billion people, many being avid moviegoers.   If just one-quarter of them saw the film at $10 each, that would amount to $3 billion from India alone, with Academy Awards almost guaranteed.

The movie opens in an Indian restaurant with the owner’s daughter overhearing  a secret backroom conversation regarding a plot for a world government.   The daughter is proficient in weapons and martial arts and contqacts an old American friend  (e.g., MacGyver) with his own unique skills.   They begin to research efforts toward world government and discover the secret SOE, which is non-violent.   But they also discover the violent Veritas (as in “Conspiracy Theory”).   Throughout the film, the couple is pursued by Veritas (e.g., various car chases. physical confrontations, captures and escapes).   The couples’ research, though primarily concerns the SOE, and begins with Rhodes Trust  member Rudyard Kipling, who spent a lot of time in India, and authoring a number of books including  THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING (1888, with a movie by the same name starring Sean Connery and Michael Caine) about ancient monks who go back to the time of Alexander the Great.

Alexander was tutored by Aristotle, who was mentored by Plato, who wrote of superior individuals called philosopher-kings ruling the people in an ideal society.   Plato got the basic idea from Solon (in MacGyver’s movie) who in 595BC visited the priests of the Temple of Isis in Sais, Egypt, and they told him of Atlantis (in MacGyver’s movie) where everyone was destroyed except the superior Aryans who made it to Shambhala (just east of the Caucasus in Tibet near India).   The Aryans’ symbol was the left-angle swastika, many of which appear on Kipling’s early books (in a Catholic chapel in the U.S. is a monstrance which looks like the symbol for Shambhala, and on a rug there, one can see 22 left-angle swastikas and 22 right-angle swastikas like the Nazis’).

The SOE movie heroes research reveals that the philosopher-kings concept was picked up by the leaders of the French Revolution, which was fomented by the Bavarian Illuminati in the late 18th century.   The heroes then go to Russia where Illuminati-connected Citizen Genet of the French Revolution went.   From there, the heroes go to America where Citizen Genet then went and fomented Democratic Societies revolutions.   The heroes research leads them to the Library of Congress where a rare, encased 1802 manuscript by John Wood reveals that the oath of these Democratic Societies is the same as the oath of the Illuminati!   They also find a 1798 letter by President Washington saying he was aware the Illuminati were in the U.S.   Washington ordered his Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson to tell Genet to leave this country, but Genet replied, “But Thomas, you were the one who initiated me into the mysteries”!

The heroes research then takes them to London, where John Ruskin was a student at Oxford University, and in the mid-1800s taught there.  He taught that the Anglo-Saxons were superior to other people, and one of his students was Cecil Rhodes, who said “We are the best northern blood” (Ruskin has a swastika at the to of his grave).   Rhodes went to South Africa and gained a fortune in gold and diamonds.     In 1891, Rhodes established the secret SOE, which for about 6 decades conspired “to take the government of the whole world.”    During that time, SOE member Arnold Toynbee (leading world historian) said in Copenhagen in 1931 that they were secretly trying to do away with national sovereignty, but if they were caught, “they would lie with their lips about that which they were trying to accomplish with all their might with their hands.”

The heroes’ research next took them back to the U.S. because they found indications that there were forces more powerful than American presidents ruling the country.   They found the speech by Woodrow Wilson on October 19, 1912 in New York City where he said: “Some of the biggest men in the United States in the field of commerce and manufacturing are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something.   They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in defiance and condemnation of it.”   In the Library of Congress, they found the diary of Lord Esher, one of the top 3 people in the secret SOE helping Rhodes fulfill his dream.   The heroes became alarmed when they saw the entry for August 11, 1917  where Esher wrote: “Mr. Henry Morganthau asked me to call on him….(He) was one of the principal supporters of President Wilson in the campaign for the presidency, and he possesses the friendship and confidence of the President….They are ready to sacrifice the lives of American citizens….Mr. Morgenthau realizes the importance upon the morale of the French army and the French people of cementing the Alliance by shedding American blood at the earliest possible moment.   If many lives have to be sacrificed, the influence upon the American people can only be beneficent.”   Then the heroes found the November 21, 1933 letter  President Roosevelt wrote to Col. Edward M. House (President Wilson’s chief adviser), in which Roosevelt revealed that “the real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the Government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson….”

A researcher at the Library of Congress saw what they were finding and advised them to look at H.G. Wells’ THE NEW WORLD ORDER (1939), in which he wrote: “It is the system of nationalist individualism that has to go….We are living in the end of the sovereign state….In the great struggle to evoke a Westernized World Socialism, contemporary governments may vanish….Countless people…will hate the new world order…and will die protesting against it.”

After World War II, by 1951 Rhodes’ conspiracy ended and was replaced simply by a network of like-minded globalists who pursued Rhodes’ dream of a world government.   Thus, Rhodes Scholars (RS) became open in their criticism of national sovereignty.    The heroes found that President Kennedy’s National Security Adviser Walt Rostow (RS 1936) in 1960 had authored THEUNITED STATES IN THE WORLD ARENA, in which he claimed: “It is a legitimate American national objective to see removed from all nations—including the United States—the right to use substantial military force to pursue their own interest.   Since this residual right is the root of national sovereignty and the basis for the existence of an international arena of power, it is, therefore, an American interest to see an end to nationhood as it has been historically defined.”   The heroes also found that President Clinton’s political mentor, Senator J. William Fulbright (RS 1925), in 1964 had authored OLD MYTHS AND NEW REALITIES, announcing: “Indeed, the concept of national sovereignty has become in our time a principle of international anarchy….The sovereign nation can no longer serve as the ultimate unit of personal loyalty and responsibility.”

The year 1964 was also when Bill Clinton entered Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and later take a class with Prof. Carroll Quigley, who would become his other mentor and mentioned in a 1992 presidential campaign speech.   Prof. Quigley in the early 1960s had been allowed to look at the “secret records” (as he called them) of those pursuing Rhodes’s dream.   Toward the end of his time at Georgetown, Bill Clinton became a RS with the help of Prof. Quigley and Cardinal Avery Dulles (son of President Eisenhower’s Secretary of State John Foster Dulles.

In looking through Prof. Quigley’s material at the Georgetown University library, the heroes found letters and other material to Sir Alfred Zimmern as early as 1949, in which the professor explained how he had discovered the names of the early members of the SOE.   A few years later, THE WASHINGTON POST interviewed Prof. Quigley, and published an article about him titled, “The Professor Who Kew Too Much” !   Quigley died about a year later.

In the April 1974 edition of FOREIGN AFFAIRS (published by the Council on Foreign Relations, David Rockefeller chairman),  Richard Gardner (RS) wrote that “the ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down…but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.”  In the year Bill Clinton first ran for president (1992), his RS roommate Strobe Talbott wrote in the July 20 edition of TIME: “Perhaps national sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all….But it has taken the events in our own wondrous and terrible century to clinch the case for world government.”  Although anyone could read this in TIME, the heroes found that Talbott had received an award for his article from the World Federalist Association (WFA), whose sole purpose was to establish a world federal government.   The heroes also uncovered a letter dated June 22, 1993 and signed by President Clinton commending Talbott for the award, and concluding with “Best wishes…for future success” to the WFA!

The male hero recalled that 2 years after the Clinton letter to the WFA, Zbigniew Brzezinski (first director of David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission and President Carter’s National Security Adviser) declares the following at Mikhail Gorbachev’s first State of the World Forum at the Presidio in San Francisco in 1995: “We cannot leap into world government through one quick step….The precondition for eventual and genuine globalization is progressive regionalization because by that we move toward larger, more stable, more cooperative units.”   The heroes then learned that few years later (2002), David Rockefeller’s MEMOIRS was published, in which he revealed: “Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interest of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will.  If that’s the charge. I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

With all of this information, the heroes called a press conference for Washington, DC, to reveal their findings.    The villainous Veritas, determined that the public should never learn of the concerted effort by powerful people (e.g. the SOE and David Rockefeller) to establish a world government, launched a final attempt to silence the heroes.   Veritas’ effort failed, though, and the heroes successfully informed the people of the world what had beenplanned for them beginning a long time ago.

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