Do you ever wonder if maybe the wise men and the power brokers, the rulers of the Western world, are quite all there?

Their actions may defy analysis, but their inactions are even more puzzling. What they do is often bad enough; but what they don’t do can be even worse.

Don’t you wish you could ask them, flat-out, what they think they’re doing? Here are three questions I would ask, if I thought they’d answer.

One) Given that the most basic function of any government is to protect its people from those who would harm them, why don’t you protect us from homicidal maniacs who seek to kill us in the name of Islam?

These killings are on the way to becoming a daily occurrence. But every time there’s a really big and splashy one, all you ever say is, “Nope, it’s got nothing to do with Islam, and we will continue to bring as many Muslims into this country as we possibly can.” The fanatic who drives his truck into a crowd and mows down eighty people can cry “Allahu akbar” to his very last gasp, and you’ll deny it has anything to do with Islam.

Why do you refuse to protect your own people? And if you’re simply not going to do that, what possible justification can there be for you to be in power over us?

Two) Given that capitalism and economic liberty, throughout the Western world, has raised the overall standard of living higher than it’s ever been in all of history, why do you reject this and strain yourselves reaching for socialism—especially when it’s flaming obvious that, all over the world, economies directed by the government have always failed? Granted, you’ll keep your mansions and your private jets no matter what happens to the rest of us. But what is it about a prosperous, successful nation, that you don’t like?

Three) Why do you do everything you can think of doing to foment and sustain a permanent state of racial hatred in America? Not just you progressive politicians, but you fools in charge of Hollywood, our universities, and our alleged news media—you’re all together on this bandwagon. Why do you encourage so much fear and hate and violence? Do you really want to see what happens if you can actually make policing our cities impossible?

These are, I admit, rhetorical questions, in that I think I already know the answers.

One) You don’t protect your own people because, as far as you’re concerned, we’re not your people. You’ve bought into a weird, multicultural, globalist vision of a world in which there are no nations anymore—only a great swarming mass governed absolutely by you and your friends with the advice and consent of your anointed experts. You refuse to protect us because it would go against your one-world vision.

But if you think you can control Islam, events have most damnably proved you wrong.

Two) You reject capitalism because a) power is addictive and you’re hooked on it: you desire power over everything; and b) you’re committed whole-heartedly to the Climate Change delusion, believing now that The Planet will be ruined unless no one but you can enjoy a high standard of living. Besides, your own personal wealth and power insulate you from the disastrous effects of your anti-freedom policies.

Three) You keep the race pot boiling because it benefits you politically. It’s “divide and rule” with a vengeance. You need a permanent underclass as your electoral base—downtrodden people whom you’ve taught to believe that it’s us, not their own penchant for self-destructive life choices, that’s keeping them down. Never mind fatherlessness, gangs, crime, absence of a work ethic, and an atrociously dysfunctional education system—it’s our fault that they’re down, and they look to you to raise them up. That you have no intention of ever doing so just goes unmentioned.

You, our ruling class, have become the great threat to your own people’s way of life, their liberty, and their personal security.

God has raised you up to chastise His people for their sins.

And it’s God who will finally put you down.

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