In the late 1960s, I traveled to South Africa. I saw children with their legs bound to purposely turn them into cripples for life, presumably so they would make money from donations.

Today, I see children in America and other countries with their minds bound to purposely turn them into mental cripples for life, presumably so they will support votes for a political cause that in the end will destroy their own country. These children have suffered mind-warping child abuse. This abuse has caused them mental and physical harm.

What is worse? A crippled leg or a crippled mind?

Those born after about 1995 have been severely harmed. Their teachers, media, and government have programmed them from early ages to believe human CO2 is destroying their world. Their teachers have used fear to make them believe. Fear is known to be the most permanent way to program children’s minds to believe anything.

Their teachers have molded these children into a climate alarmist cult that rejects true science. Once inside the cult, the children can no longer think for themselves. They become servants of the BORG that controls them.

The young people that become climate alarmists have never been taught true science. For example, how many young people can understand the following simple science?

Climate alarmists make four invalid claims:

  1. Human CO2 has caused all the increase in atmospheric CO2 above 280 ppm.
  2. Increased atmospheric CO2 causes global warming.
  3. Global warming causes bad stuff to happen.
  4. Therefore, human CO2 causes bad stuff to happen.

Let’s focus on claim #1. Here is why it is wrong:

  • Simple physics shows that human CO2 causes about 18 ppm of today’s 410 ppm level of atmospheric CO2, while natural CO2 causes 392 ppm. Human CO2 is insignificant to climate.
  • By contrast, the IPCC claims that human CO2 causes 130 ppm of today’s 410 ppm, while natural CO2 causes 280 ppm.

IPCC is the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

It is easy to prove with high-school physics that the IPCC claim is wrong. According to the UN IPCC, the annual flow of human CO2 into the atmosphere is about 4.4 ppm per year and the natural CO2 inflow is about 98 ppm per year.

According to simple physics and common sense, the percent of human CO2 in the atmosphere equals the percent of human CO2 in the inflow. It is like a recipe. What you put into a bowl is what is in the bowl.

So, get your calculator and do the math. The total of 4.5 ppm per year and 98 ppm per year is 102.5 ppm per year inflow into the atmosphere. The human contribution is 4.5 divided by 102.5 or 4.4 percent. Therefore, the contribution of human CO2 to atmospheric CO2 is 0.044 times 410 ppm or 18 ppm.

Therefore, reducing human CO2 emissions will not reduce atmospheric CO2 enough to make any difference in the climate. Alarmism is junk science. There is no climate emergency.

The physics model also explains why continuing human CO2 emissions will not further increase atmospheric CO2 … but that is another subject.

How do the IPCC and climate alarmists justify their claim that human CO2 increased atmospheric CO2 by 130 ppm?

Answer: They reject physics. We are not talking about rocket science here. We are talking about what they should have learned in high-school physics.

One IPCC argument is that natural CO2 flows freely out of the atmosphere, but human CO2 goes into 4 bins. The CO2 in the first bin flows freely out of the atmosphere. The CO2 in the second bin flows slowly out of the atmosphere. The CO2 in the third bin flows very slowly out of the atmosphere. And the CO2 in the fourth bin stays in the atmosphere forever. This claim is junk science. It is like a wee-wee-wee 4-little-piggy nursery rhyme.

Figure 1 illustrates IPCC’s 4 bins for human CO2.

Everyone who believes this wee-wee-wee 4-little-piggy argument rejects science. IPCC scientists believe it. National Climate Assessment authors believe it.  Climate alarmists believe it. Too bad they are all wrong.

The truth is nature can’t tell the difference between human and nature CO2 because CO2 molecules are identical no matter what their source.

Download two new scientific papers as free PDF files.

Two recent peer-reviewed scientific publications prove the IPCC alarmist theory is wrong. Both show why human CO2 does not change atmospheric CO2 enough to change the climate. Both prove the UN IPCC climate theory is wrong.

Please click on the links and download these two papers. Every download adds to the attention a paper gets. You may be surprised that you can understand much of my scientific paper even if you are not trained in science.

Please bring these two scientific papers to the attention of your elected representatives and conservative media. You will help bring climate truth to the people. You can make a difference.

Also, notice these papers are not “opinions” because the climate alarmists will try to pass them off as such. These papers are slam-dunk proof the IPCC is wrong. They will prevail in court if a smart lawyer uses them.

Science, like legal trials, has a default position. Most law, for example, assumes an accused person is innocent until proven guilty. The same holds for science. The default position (known as the null hypothesis) is that all climate change is assumed to be natural until proven to be human-caused. Human CO2 is innocent until proven guilty.

No one has proved that human CO2 causes climate change because natural CO2 prevails over human CO2 in the atmosphere. Natural CO2 emissions increased since 1750 enough to increase atmospheric CO2 from 280 ppm to 392 ppm. The human effect is only an additional 18 ppm. The human effect on climate is completely negligible and removing it completely will not eliminate the dominant natural climate change.

The two referenced scientific papers take the additional step. They prove all the IPCC arguments, that the IPCC uses to claim a human cause, fail science. Checkmate. These papers cannot be ignored in any serious discussion of climate change.

Help me bring climate truth to the world.

Imagine a world with no climate alarmism. We would be able to focus on things that matter and not waste our time and money on climate distractions. Junk climate science would not distort politics and the economy. Colleges would not require students to join sustainability programs. Kids would not proclaim climate emergencies. Governments would save money. Power generation would be more reliable and cost less. Children and students would learn real science rather than fake science. It might help them pay off their college loans.

I am building a new website where we can work together to accomplish this goal. It will be a membership website where you can interact with other people. It will include seminars that explain in ordinary language why climate alarmists are wrong. It will provide the science and explanation necessary to win in public debate, but we will not be distracted by more science than is necessary to achieve our political goals. It will provide the simplest and most powerful arguments that you can use to counter the climate alarmists.

We have already won the science debate, but few people understand this. The alarmists have no scientific case. Now we must win the political debate.

Several people have offered to help fund my work. I thank them very much. The work we plan to do will require money. My new website will make this possible.

Already, thousands of people have signed up on my email list. If you are not already on my email list, you may sign up on to get information about what I am doing.

Our task is great. We must show the public why human CO2 does not change the climate. Our goal is to get climate change out of politics and back into science.

The idea that we have a “climate emergency” is a product of a crippled mind.

Our job is to stand for climate truth.

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