By Sidney Secular

April 27, 2022

Be Prepared: Wewillall be “stiffs” – that is, dead! – if we don’t stop their controlling stuff right now. Millions of Americans accepted unprecedented, demented, tyrannical Covid restrictions and mandates that rent our social fabric and brought economic life at least as we used to know it to a near standstill for nearly two years. And while the middle and lower classes were being strangled and stifled, the top dogs fattened themselves on the resultant roadkill remains of the small businesses they forced to shut down. To sweeten the death blow, they gave to the lesser pedigrees the bone of stimulus payments to at least temporarily satiate their hunger with the worthless fast foods dished out by the same multinational conglomerates who had created cravings for this worthless pap in the first place. They also dished out propaganda doggerel through their media outlets that allowed them to continue their march towards the New World Order unmolested. Why? Because through that media,their schemes remained largely undetected and therefore unopposed.

Meanwhile, to create the illusion of an end to the present “pandemic,” “vaccines” [!] were rolled out resulting in millions accepting these lethal potions containing large potpourris of poisons masquerading as “medicine.” The numbers of deaths recognized as stemming from these noxious concoctions in all age groups continues to mount as the concomitant campaign to counter that information, blame Covid in a kind of reverse psychology that can be likened to a sick Abbott-and-Costello type “tragi-comedic” routine. These deaths are especially suspicious among the young sports, glitterati and entertainment figures who are dropping like flies at ages ranging from late teens to early thirties, especially and even as they maintain rigorous health and exercise regimens. Meanwhile, these fatalities don’t seem to jog people’s minds into the realization that something terribly wrong is going on!

And if we continue to go along to get along, the next time, even if we realize that we have been fooled before, we will witness the end of the world we have known for centuries! For the next plannedemic will be worse than the last – not to mention being just in time for the fraudulent elections this November. Believe it or not, the media is keeping all this under wraps while continually drowning us with the Ukraine fable 24/7! But the new pandemic has already been rolled out in the city of Shanghai, where there is a total lockdown of 26 million Chinese! Thousands of isolated and starving people are leaping from their apartment balconies to find a release in death! The rest of the world will shortly be shanghaied into the same torment while the pied pipers of the jab continue to offer a choice not between life and death, but between the means and methods of our deaths. Of course, these “pied pipers” are the globalists in the WHO and the CDC working with and through Big Tech, Big Pharma and Big Government with their medical manipulators and lapdog “doctors.”

It’s no secret that the Biden maladministration has the lowest approval ratings in the history of polling and that in any legitimate election, Demonrats would be slaughtered in the upcoming mid-terms. That’s why you can expect something worse than Covid 2020 to happen for these traitors to stay in power. There’s no sense in sugar-coating what’s likely to happen or waste time trying to educate those who can’t see through the miasma of lies fogging up their observational faculties or, in the alternative, who refuse to be moved off the spot they find themselves in. Save us from the spiels that have been used to save those who refuse to be saved, condemning instead their would-be rescuers. The next scare will go viral in sufficient time for mail-in and other fraudulent voting schemes to be repeated, thus proving that without the 2020 presidential election being set aside, the fraud revealed and accepted and the present administration removed, there will be no more of what we know as “elections” in the United States.

Aside from the growing number of Marxist indoctrinated Millennials and Gen-Xers and those who just somehow know that global Marxism is better than a tradition of freedom and liberty, we also have the more than 80% of Americans who continue to elect unworthy incumbents good sense demands they should reject!Most of these halfwits make their decisions based (supposedly) on how it will affect their pocketbooks or who represents the party from whom they are unwilling to depart regardless of the policies, qualities and histories of the candidates put forth! Remember, the sheeple wore masks and practiced “social distancing” required for facial recognition software – a matter that has nothing to do with public health and everything to do with Big Brother. They also employed Zoom and other means of isolated “gatherings” to avoid contamination and then took what were acknowledged as “medical experiments”supposedly in the best interests of their “health.” This is stupid raised to a factor of ten!

Inwardly, many realized or suspected it was all a sham but they put on a show to protect their financial interests, to virtue signal and to go along with the crowd because they feared being ostracized over being enslaved and/or dead. Meanwhile, it was apparent, even to some of the most dim-witted sycophants that the Covid protocols made no scientific or medical sense, were extreme beyond reason and unnecessarily harmful in their “side-affects,” much like the commercials for so many “miracle drugs” we see on TV. Some with a little scientific knowledge realized that the development of the vaccines was highly suspicious and became more so as we learned that this “response to Covid” had been “developed” before the disease they supposedly address. Of course, the total silence regarding the results of any trial tests and the demand for a seventy-five year blackout on such information clearly evidenced that not all was kosher in our world’s medical “kitchen.”

The CDC still reports cumulative Covid cases in the US at over 82 million, but it admitted long ago that most of the Covid testing resulted in “false positives”making the real number of cases about 16.4 million – most of whom come through the course of the illness no worse off than had they contracted it while avoiding the health care system. The CDC also admits that 94% of the deaths attributed to Covid were directly due to other causes including the treatment for Covid received in hospital settings using Fauci’s deadly drug Remdesivir and wrongly used ventilators. The real number of deaths truly and correctly attributed to Covid comes to about 61,000 vice the one million being reported. The mortality rate of Covid 19 turns out to be no worse than the average flu season, and, in fact, it WAS the average flu magically turned into medical Armageddon through the use of a new name! More to the point, the so-called “vaccines” have proven far more dangerous and deadly and have become a major tool in producing the “culling of the planet” as demanded by the New World Order now being instituted via this and other equally criminal methods.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet or sufficiently appreciated the circumstances, no matter how much money you think you have, it can be extinguished with a keystroke when physical currency is eliminated! Neither is there any hope in physical gold or silver! One need only remember how FDR removed gold from Americans during his “administration” never to be returned. Neither does it matter how much in the way of guns, ammunition and stored food you have squirreled away, or how many homes you have to which you can retreat! When what Americans remember of the United States ceases to exist, nothing that we see as protection or comfort will matter because all of that protection and comfort is founded upon a legitimate government functioning under the Constitution, something that has, for all practical purposes, ceased to exist! What exists now is only because our rulers have not completed their takeover of everything! When they do, everything that gave us hope and comfort will be no more because it is all dependent upon a nation of laws and God. When freedom is gone, tyranny follows because nature – even human nature – abhors a vacuum.

Some fantasies we must discard include the illogical belief that some force or savior will come and set thing right. Now this doesn’t mean that we cannot pray. This nation was born in prayer and we have been delivered more than once by God’s hand. However, that having been said, we must remember that beginning in the 1950s through today, America has demanded that the God we supposedly worship when we put “under God” in our Pledge and on our currency has been systematically rejected and driven from our nation through our culture and our courts. So, while we may continue to pray, we must also show ourselves laborers in the vineyard of liberty, paying our dues by doing what is required instead of wringing our hands in hopes of some special dispensation from the very Savior we have permitted our nation to reject.

We must also stop believing that it really won’t be all that bad and good people can continue to go on as we have in a nation that is not – as it is now – partially but fully collapsed and our most basic liberties gone beyond recall. Thinking we can continue as usual in a collapsed nation and pretending we can retain our freedoms while under the control of criminals, frauds and freaks is an exercise in suicide. We may die anyway, but at least if we are cognizant of our situation, we can land a few blows of our own before we are taken out!

It is an inescapable fact that a massive global cabal is intent on destroying the sovereignty of every nation on Earth and reducing most of the human race to a species of A.I. trans-humans while those who escape that fate become nothing more than statistical entities and slaves. If we believe in the true United States of America, in our freedom, liberty, sovereignty and the promises we have had since the birth of the Republic, we have to get together and come up with at least a viable plan for our salvation NOW in order to have any chance to escape our destruction. We no longer have the luxury of pulling in different directions or focusing on any one special issue that gets at least some of us excited. We still have enough people with the right “instincts” and true patriotism to perhaps forestall our destruction, but we are not sufficiently united and organized much less committed, to engage in a life and death struggle against the forces of darkness determined to continue our descent into oblivion. Something bigger and much worse is on the horizon than that which has happened so far, bad as that has been, and the timeline is appallingly short between now and the next Covid madness designed to destroy our election process in November. We have to act as if our lives and the future of mankind depends on it, because it does! Your suggestions and recommendations on these subjects via letters to the editors of this newsletter are solicited and will be appreciated.

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