by Lee Duigon

October 13, 2022

Someone claiming to represent “WHITE POWER” posted a terrorist threat on social media recently, promising to massacre “NEGROES” at the Lee County Fair in Alabama. Investigators traced the post back… to a black teenager in Louisiana. Honk if you’re surprised.

Far Left crazies are always running to the authorities with lurid “threats” made against them by “extremists”—and how often does it turn out that they made those threats against themselves? The threats are hoaxes. They vandalize their own cars and say “extremists” did it. But investigating them, as the police must do, wastes police time and resources. We could spend all day guessing why these hoaxes are made. Are they that starved for attention, or are they seriously trying to make trouble?

I think what we like to call “education” in America has a lot to do with it. For instance:

The Maryland State Education Assn., which has 75,000 members and is affiliated with the big teachers’ union, the National Education Assn., has offered teachers bonuses of $1,000 each if they’ll agree to keep on teaching “Critical Race Theory”. You know: the doctrine that all white people are natural-born racists, and all non-whites hapless victims that need to be rescued by white liberals. The problem for the unions is that almost everybody in America detests Critical Race Theory, with good reason. Even a lot of teachers: and some have left the union rather than take part in a purposeful campaign to foment racial strife.

In addition to trying to solve the problem by waving a thousand bucks under teachers’ noses, the unions seek to fool the plebs by renaming CRT and pretending they don’t teach it anymore. So now they call it “restorative justice,” among other things. We’ll never see through that, will we? Plus we’ve got the Biden administration with a $468 million package for “community schools,” rewarding race-baiting and promotion of transgender, chock-full of brand-new euphemisms for CRT. Their idea of “community” is to break it all up into mutually antagonistic mini-communities defined by skin color and sexual practices.

Anyone would think they hoped to start a race war. At the very least, they’re inspiring race-hate hoaxes like the one described above.

Why do this? I don’t think you have to look any farther than “Divide and rule.”

Keeping us at each other’s throats, preventing us from ever coming together for the common good, is how Democrats hope to stay in power. Forever. Please understand that this is the Evil Party. Once upon a time it was inhabited by sane and normal people. It isn’t anymore.

So… let’s teach black kids that white kids have it in for them, and teach white kids that they’re born rotten and need taking down, and teach everybody that the only hope they have of not being crushed by the others is… ta-dah! The government! At least, as long as it’s a Democrat government. Republicans, according to our eminently defective “president,” want “to put y’all back in chains.” We’re “a threat to our democracy,” he says. I thought we had a republic, not a “democracy,” but evidently SloJo and Beto and the gang don’t see it that way.

What are the public schools, totally captive to the teachers’ unions, doing besides indoctrinating children to hate and fear each other, their country, or even their own families? They’re not going to stop doing it.

The only way we can stop them is to pull our children out of the unions’ schools and give them a Christian education, preferably at home. Parents, don’t forget all that Far Left guff you heard the “teachers” feeding your kids when the schools were locked down and they had to do “remote learning” at home—and remember how they tried to pressure you not to listen. You didn’t like what they were “teaching” your children, did you?

Break the teachers’ unions—and save America.

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