Our culture has gone “transgender”-mad. Not that there’s any such thing as “transgender.” There are only profoundly disturbed people, and liars who encourage them, who say they’re “transgender.” I have to put quotes around it because it isn’t real.

Nowhere does “transgender” fly so high as in our public schools. For instance:

Recently at the Frank Allis Elementary School in Madison, Wisconsin, the principal ordered all the students to see a video made to “celebrate” some fat-head of a male science teacher’s “transition” into a “woman”.   He is not a woman. Every chromosome in every cell of his body is still male.

Parents, of course, were not notified of the principal’s plan to screen the video. See, school officials explained, anyone who doesn’t hop on board the trans bandwagon is guilty of “hate” and “fear.” “Hate” being any opposition, any criticism, any reluctance to embrace anything that any bunch of leftists wants to do.

The still-male science teacher even has a brand-new title: not “Mr.” or “Ms.”, but “Mx.” That’s what the kids will have to call him. “Mx” as in “mixed-up.”

I would really like to know if that principal truly, honestly, whole-heartedly believes this, er, science teacher really has “become a woman.” If he does believe it, then he or she is as wacko as the other guy. But if the principal doesn’t believe it, and is just pushing what he knows to be a lie, then the principal is a depraved liar. In either case, this person is not fit to be the principal of anything.

This promotion of “transgender” by the public schools is a form of child abuse.

Here’s a story, first reported two years ago, that you probably haven’t heard.

In an elementary school in Rocklin, California, they decided they needed to have a “celebration” of tranniness for kindergarten children, because they wanted the kiddies to be hip to “transitioning.” Afterward, little girls went home and told their parents that now they were afraid they would somehow be “turned into boys”. Nice thing for a child to think about in bed, isn’t it—you wake up one morning and you’re not you anymore.

Again, no opt-out. They don’t want anybody opting out of their little propaganda sessions. They got around California’s opt-out law by saying it wasn’t sex education. They’re freaking children out, but what the heck—anything for Diversity And Tolerance! No price is too high for someone else to pay!

Are there really that many people out there who genuinely believe that you can change your “gender” just by saying so? Or just by dressing up, taking hormones, or having bits of you chopped off? Has this idea really and truly caught on? If so, God help us.

But what if people are just going along with it because they’re afraid of consequences if they don’t? Who wants ten thousand Internet trolls calling them “haters” and biggits? Who wants to be stared down by big, important people like principals and politicians? Who wants to receive threats? Maybe some of the Loving Left will come over some night to vandalize your house or car. Who needs that kind of aggravation? So much easier just to convince yourself it’s harmless, it doesn’t really mean that much, it’s just a fad that’ll blow over someday, they aren’t really messing up your children’s minds…

Not very courageous, are we? Oh, what harm does it do!

Do you really need to ask?

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