The globalists who run Europe are running it into the ground, but the future prospects of their earthly paradise are suddenly in doubt. Brexit was a major setback for them, followed by the shock of Donald Trump’s election. And if Marine Le Pen can be elected president of France, on May 7, their whole enterprise might well go up in smoke.

There are only two candidates left on the slate—Marine Le Pen, who loves her country, believes in it, and wants to rescue it, and Emmanuel Macron.

Knowing how high the stakes are, the world’s left-wing news media are pulling out all the stops for Macron. He’s their guy. He’s all for globalism, open borders everywhere in Europe, and lots more immigration—a euphemism for overrunning Europe with Muslims. As for his commitment to his own country, he has said “France is not a fixed identity.”  As far as he’s concerned, there’s really no such thing as “France.”

So what label do the noozies, world-wide, give him? They call him a centrist! Le Pen, as they describe her, is “far-right,” with a “dark vision” of a country that has borders and a national identity. Which makes it a choice between a comfy, cozy “centrist” and some kind of neofascist monster.

Words can take on a lot of funny meanings when employed by noozies.

This is an obvious effort to deceive French voters. But it isn’t the biggest scam the globalist Left is running.

First let’s dispose of the twaddle that says it’s somehow bad or hateful to want to keep your own country. We have countries because God gave us countries. As St. Paul preached to the Athenians, God “hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and—“ this is the point that must be made here—“hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation” (Acts 17:26). It strikes me as bizarre that the same people who yap all day about the evils of “colonialism,” and rightly call it a crime to dispossess others of their lands, want to erase national boundaries and dispossess everyone.

This is the big scam. In Sweden, Germany, and France, and all along our own southern border, the globalist politicians who have hijacked their countries are doing everything in their power to wipe away the borders. They import, in legions, criminal gangs, jihadists, sharia, hordes of angry, able-bodied young men of military age who will never assimilate into the culture of the host country, and resist any and all efforts to stem the tide.

They are importing chaos.

And they will keep on doing it until they can finally say, “That’s it, folks! The borders have failed, the streets are full of violence, countries just don’t function anymore—and you have no choice but to give us lots and lots and lots of power, a world government that governs everywhere: because that’s the only way left to restore order. It’s the only way!”

Submit or die.

How many times have we seen this pattern in history? Bolsheviks in 1917 turned Russia into a boiling cauldron of violence and confusion, then stepped in as the only hope of order. And the people bought it because they had to. Nazi Brownshirts turned the streets of German cities into arenas of mob violence, and the German people accepted Hitler as their master because he would make it stop. It’s a simple pattern to follow: make a mess, and then offer yourselves as the only ones who can clean it up.

Are whole countries really going to fall for it again?

World government, performed by sinful human beings with an insatiable lust for power, is quintessentially immoral, even satanic. The more power accrued, the more power abused. Time and time again we’ve seen this: do we really want to see it anymore?

Only Jesus Christ has the right and the ability to rule the world; and until He returns to establish His Kingdom in the earth, all others who aspire to world government are robbers and usurpers.

Let’s keep our own countries until the rightful King appears.

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