Mid-terms are held on November 6th and if you support President Trump  you’d better get out and vote.

Two years ago, we elected Donald Trump, hoping for a new opportunity for our nation.

President Trump has accomplished a lot, but he has also been hindered  by strong opposition.

Who is the opposition?

The opposition includes, but is not limited to:

The Democrats as well as many Republicans.  Most of the Mainstream Media.  The Hollywood Left.   Much of the federal judiciary. The “Deep State”, a collective term for government employees who sabotage Trump’s policies. And so on…

When you look at all the opposition facing Trump, it’s quite admirable that he has accomplished what he has.

Now we face the mid-term elections, in which a third of the Senate, and 100% of the House will be chosen. It is absolutely imperative to get as many Trump supporters in Congress as possible.

So get out there on November 6th and vote for the Republicans for Congress.

Yes, I know some of these Republican candidates aren’t as good on the issues as we’d like.

But just imagine what a Democratic takeover of Congress would mean. The Democrats would shut down the Trump Agenda and even, if possible begin impeachment proceedings.

Even a divided Congress, in which each party has  a chamber,  could effectively freeze the Trump Agenda until the next election.

Thanks to years of mass immigration, the demographics of the United States are changing. Mass immigration is a Democratic voter importation scheme.  You’ve got to wonder why so many Republicans supported it over the years.   If  current mass immigration continues much longer, the Republicans will cease to be a national party.

Already, it’s  getting harder and harder to elect Republicans.  So we need to get out and vote on November 6th.

What is your cause?

The Constitution? Limited government?  American sovereignty? Do you want to protect babies in the womb? Do you want to protect religious freedom? Do you want to defend the right to bear arms?  Do you favor immigration reduction? Do you want to decrease U.S. interventionism abroad?

If you support any of these causes, or all of them, your best bet is with President Trump. But Trump needs help.  Trump can’t do it alone.  Trump needs help in Congress.

The primaries are over.   Maybe your favorite candidate didn’t win. OK, that candidate may have more success another year. Or maybe not.

The point is, on November 6th, it’s not time to quibble about who should have won a GOP primary.  It’s time to get  out and vote for the GOP candidates, to keep as much of the Congress as possible out of the hands of the Democrats.

The Democratic Party, in case you hadn’t noticed, is getting more radical than ever.  It is not the party of FDR or of JFK, both of whom were more conservative than today’s Republicans.

Today’s Democratic party is not even the party of Bill Clinton in the 1990s.  That incarnation of the Democratic Party looks  conservative in contrast to the Democrats of today.

The Democratic Party of today, on the federal level, is the party of radical socialism, open borders, extreme PC fanaticism,  the radical homosexual lobby, transgender lobby  and the abortion lobby.  It’s not real big on freedom of speech either.

Many Democrats on the local level are good Americans, but their party has been hijacked on the national level.

Donald Trump’s election in 2016 gave us an opportunity (not a guarantee) to turn things around.

Yes, Trump has made mistakes, but he’s still our best hope at this time to protect American sovereignty and at least to attempt to stop (or at least slow) the downward slide of our nation.

That’s why we’ve got to support Trump. And on November 6th, the best way to support Trump is to vote for Republican candidates for the U.S. Congress. We’ve got to send as many Republicans to Capitol Hill as possible. Tell your friends to vote GOP also, and give them a ride to the polling station if they need it.

Support Trump – Vote GOP on the 6th of November!

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