By Laurie Roth

Sydney Powell found that the people in Germany saw these results before the Dominion machines were seized.  Trump – 410 Electoral College votes and Joe Biden – 128 Electoral College votes.  Trump even flipped the ‘unflippable’ liberal stronghold of California to Republican.

America and the world have now seen the unbelievable election crimes using the Dominion machines, Leonardo Satellite at the Vatican and the huge criminal cartel through out the world.  In their criminal arrogance they are too stupid to realize that the end is coming swiftly to them and the world will soon know the details of their crimes.  Trump is our President and had the biggest election victory in U.S. history.  America and our military must stand with President Trump and take out those who have committed Treason and massive election crimes.

Too bad so sad for evil.  Watch in the hours and next few days, President Trump and our military make this evil and criminal coup attempt null and void of any power.  Now that the facts are out and it is clear Biden didn’t get anywhere close to anything but losing, it is vividly clear that Joe Biden is a criminal and has zero honor.  If he did, he is the one who would quickly concede knowing that he didn’t even approach a win.

Justice must be done to continue to have a free Republic and free elections.  America and President Trump cannot concede or look the other way.  America will be destroyed if he doesn’t fight and make things right.  Trump promised to drain the swamp.  Now let him. Only then can we get on with the business of the country. Go Trump.  We are proud of you and are blown away by your courage.  You are our President!

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