By Sidney Secular

June 19, 2022

FREE HIGH SPEED INTERNET: To get the poor on board with the digital dystopia and keep them transfixed to their media outlets, high-speed internet rates have basically been cut to zero. This was an element of the Affordable Connectivity Program passed by Congress as part of the 2021 infrastructure bill. 11.5 million people whose annual income is $27,180 or less will be able to get a high-speed internet connection from Verizon (via Fios), Comcast or Cox Communications gratis. Of course, as always happens with government largesse, the ordinary paying customers of these companies will now see their rates rise to cover this “giveaway.” Remember, nothing is “free!” This will allow the Government and the tech tyrants to better spy on and keep track of consumers who had previously escaped surveillance because they weren’t “tech savvy” or obtained their consumer goods the “old fashioned way” via direct cash purchases. This “gift” will provide another means for advertisers to ply their wares to the historically foolish and unwary.

FANATIC FOOL FURTHERS (ANTI-)FOSSIL FUEL FOLLY: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres wants the world to abandon the use of “fossil fuels” – coal, gas and oil – in favor of so called “renewable resources!” Guterres has declared in his wisdom [!], “The ‘scientific’ imperative is clear. (Huh?) There must be no new investment in fossil fuel expansion, including production, infrastructure and exploration.” How ignorant must one be or how low an IQ must one have to qualify to lead the UN? Apparently, we have yet to plumb those particular stygian depths but I’m willing to bet that it’s deeper than coal, gas or oil!

LEADING “DEMONRAT” DELIVERS STUPID QUIP: Faux President and all-round bad joke Joe Biden made this quip at a recent Annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, drawing a chuckle from his “awedience” when he took aim at Donald Trump’s Presidency as a ” . . .horrible plague followed by two years of Covid.” According to Sleepy Joe, “I’m really excited to be here tonight with the only group of Americans with a lower (approval) rating than I have!” Instead of chuckles, anyone with brains would have said it was about time that he – Biden – was himself “chucked”.

OVAL OFFICE VOIDED OVER LACK OF TELEPROMPTER: The White House has abandoned using the “Offal” [sic] Office for press events “in part” because it can’t be equipped with a teleprompter. As is very well known by now, Joe Biden requires a teleprompter in order to “follow the script” since he frequently forgets his lines. Hell, he probably forgets his name! However, it must be noted that this is not a first. Barack Obama was notoriously speechless when his own teleprompter failed to function! Needless to say, Donald Trump had no such problems but then it is always easier to speak the truth than lies! Biden aides prefer the prop stage built into the Old Executive Office Building across the street, sacrificing the historic Oval Office for an otherwise sterile room outfitted with an easily read teleprompter screen for Joe’s screeds. The fake setting is styled to look like the White House and features fake windows that display a digital view of the Rose Garden. This “new” reality was apparently deemed a necessity to avoid even more gaffes by the gaffer-in-chief. Next, natural intelligence may be replaced by AI if Biden gets an implant to fill in for his failing faculties! Meanwhile, we keep hitting lower and lower bottoms.

WHITEWASHING (BLACKWASHING?) CRIME STATISTICS:  After the George Floyd inspired riots of 2020, newspapers were seven times more likely to mention the race of an offender if he were White than otherwise. Before May 2020, news outlets were likely to mention a White offender’s race “only” twice as often as that of a minority. Statistically, half of media reports on homicides mention the race of the perp within the opening sentence of the article if the criminal is White, whereas half the articles that bother to mention a Black offender’s race, do not do so until halfway through the article – if race is mentioned at all. Where some sort of description is required of those involved, most readers recognize such adjectives as “youths” and “gangs” are as close to placing the blame where it belongs as the media is willing to go. It is amazing that given the tremendous rise in violent crime especially in our large cities, that reports of the true extent of Black crime is both half-hearted and half-headed!

BIG (a/k/a OBESE) IS BEAUTIFUL: Here’s the skinny: LARGE Black women exhibiting big breasts and prodigious rumps is the new Western cultural ideal. The latest women’s clothing ads display acres and acres of brown or black adipose. This “trend” indicates quite a change from the days of Ms. Twiggy when the ideal was skinny and white. Accordingly, the term “obese” – a word that does not lend itself to compliments – is now deemed “racist” by the woke police. More than 40% of Americans including half the Black population are considered obese, a condition associated with a plethora of health issues such as increased risks of heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, cancer, and diabetes. The US is considered the most obese country in the West. In 1960, only 13% of the country’s population was considered obese but with chowing down on snacks and watching TV and the internet almost 24/7 it was inevitable that Americans would gain weight. The restoration of fat shaming would be a good sign that normalcy was returning to the USA. Fat chance that will happen anytime soon especially as the criteria now used to determine what is “beautiful” has gone from white to black and from trim to portly.

MURDER METHOD MEANINGLESS: One thing most intelligent people have discovered is that any crisis in government is usually followed – that is, offset – by a “mass shooting” event. These events have been and continue to be a direct consequence of something that our government doesn’t wish ordinary, intelligent Americans to think about or pay attention to for any length of time. Like a stage magician, some nut-job comes out of the woodwork to shoot a bunch of innocents as a means of distracting Americans from wondering why our food processing plants are burning down and our infant formula is being given away to people who aren’t even Americans!

And, of course, mass shootings provide a most needed opportunity to decry the “violence” in our society – violence our leaders do nothing to stop or even curtail! – while providing yet another opportunity to disarm law abiding Americans! Indeed, we’ve gone though this nonsense so many times that one wonders how it can all be trotted out yet again without ordinary Americans questioning the same old script.

Now, given the state of our present economy and more and more proof of a crooked election in 2020, the ante has been upped and so today we have not one “mass shooting” but several scattered throughout the US. Meanwhile, with every incident, all the past shootings are recalled and that includes the “crisis actors” who seem to appear in every such incident and ending with the school – if the event takes place in a school – being bulldozed to the ground very much as the remnants of the Twin Towers were removed before any forensic examination could take place!

Of course, even if at least some of these events are not “staged” – that is, they aren’t false flag “ops” intended to obfuscate all the real crimes going on, it really is possible to address them as actual crimes. First, of course, it is necessary to target the causes involved; that is, to look for both common causalities as well as behavioral commonalities in their commission. It’s easy to piece together profiles that lead to pugnaciousness and off-putting behavior in those involved. For instance, not too many years ago, it was discovered that virtually all mass shooters were on psychotropic medications. As these had been dispensed by physicians rather than being “street drugs,” there certainly was information available to law enforcement about those who might pose a threat as possible gunmen as well as those who had already acted on their madness.

Of course, given the desire by the Deep State to disarm decent, law abiding Americans, the nature of these attacks and the weapons used are very much part of the dialogue. Yet, statistics show that when it comes to assault and murder in the culture, guns play a much lesser role than Americans are led to believe. More people are killed and injured by knives, hammers and even fists than are murdered by guns. Ghetto entertainment like the knockout game and general fisticuffs are much more common means of murder and mayhem in our cities than is the armed thug. Even arson is more common than acknowledged, and among Muslims it is a routine means of violence often on a mass scale.

The rundown on the cultural maladies and social conditions associated with murderous mass mayhem include the fact that most murderers live in social settings far removed from normal life as seen on TV including black family sitcoms. They are not a part of or adjusted to a traditional nuclear family; that is, they have no normal relationship with a father-figure. Indeed, there is no father in the home at all if it can even be said that they have a “home” as we understand that word. Most criminal types – men and women – have no respect for human life; they are loners, locked out of day to day reality, connected to computers and/or “mobile devices” through which they live vicariously in violent video games and pornography. Such human interaction as they experience involve mindless “social media” rather than face-to-face relationships.

Where there is a mother figure involved, often the child has little support or comfort from her as can be seen when riots and looting often includes very small children learning the worst of lessons from that “parent.” Children who do remain home all day absorb leftist brainwashing and guilt-tripping from an early age, eventually becoming drug or alcohol addicted. They suffer from rejection and are often ill as the result improper diets and living conditions. The Covid lockdowns only exacerbated the situation by eliminating what opportunities for socialization that did present themselves.

BLACK LIES MATTER. Black lives don’t matter at all to those out to soak the suckers for Simoleans to supposedly help Blacks. The Black Lives Matter Global Foundation has released its IRS forms revealing that it is sitting on $43 million after raising nearly $90 million during the violent riots of summer 2020. What happened to the other $47 million plus is anyone’s guess but one doesn’t have to be Einstein to make a correct one! The filing shows BLM has an operating budget of $4 million, despite having no executive director or in-house staff while spending millions on real estate that includes $6 million on a sprawling Los Angeles compound complete with a sound stage, game room, and swimming pool. Just another example of advancing infantile and criminal personalities beyond their ability to function! As the old saying goes, “Put a beggar on horseback and he’ll ride it to death!”

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