By Sidney Secular

August 6, 2022

PAPER TIGERS: We used to call China a “paper tiger” but now that we have basically exported America’s industrial base to that nation, China is a real industrial and military tiger and we have become something considerably less than a tiger of any variety being now led by pencil pushing, cross-dressing Pentagon potentates more interested in “trans-gender” and “wokist” social conformity and “diversity,” than in military readiness! The US is unlikely to survive more than a few weeks of intense warfare against any major industrial power but it is also probable as just about everything and everyone is under the thrall of the New World Order’s Great Reset, as such a conflict would not be in the best interest of the “internationalists” such a war will not come to pass in the first place.

Sleepy Joe Biden boasts that he is significantly expanding NATO’s military presence on Europe’s eastern flank but it’s all a showy farce and both the Russians and the Chinese secretly chuckle over Pedoman’s “boast.” The US no longer has the industrial capacity to sustain a real war. We could not produce enough weapons, ammo, and heavy military hardware for such an effort. And God knows how many of our “warriors” would be pregnant or having pronoun problems or rendered helpless as a result of offensive “micro-aggressions.” As it is, the “Guvmint” is  finding it difficult to deal with mostly older MAGA-Trump supporters who offer no armed resistance at all.

On the other hand, even if we could field an “army,” America would run out of ammo for its guns within two weeks of any sustained, heavy conflict. Ditto for anti-tank projectiles, ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and other weaponry. Once these had been depleted, they could not be quickly and/or easily replaced given our current limited industrial base and a workforce that’s more of a farce than a resource. The US hardly produces anything anymore and has few to no assembly lines available for conversion to military applications.

CUCKOO CALIFORNICATION: Bizarrely, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is taken to taking extreme liberties with its “daffynitions.” It recently filed a petition in a court denying that “men as a class” are defined and differentiated from “women as a class” by their “anatomy, genitalia, physical characteristics, and physiology.” In other words, the ACLU says that physical and anatomical differences between men and women do not exist. Thus, women prisoners in “LA-LA Land” (California) have been locked in cells with men who identify as women and repeatedly raped. So far, 300 male inmates in CA have sought to transfer to women’s facilities, one-third of whom are convicted sex offenders. The feminist group, Women’s Liberation Front (WOLF) is suing the state to end the policy of allowing men claiming to be women to be housed in women’s prisons. Of course, many if not most of these same “women” have no problems at all with the concept of trans-gender though women are the losers every time whether it is in prison or in sports!

SANCTIMONIOUS SANCTIONS ARE A SENSELESS BUT EASY SELL TO INSENSIBLE  SUCKERS: It’s been 5 months now since the Ukraine war began, and it’s now safe to say the unprecedented and sometimes demented sanctions imposed upon Russia by the West that are in and of themselves an unprovoked act of war, have failed to hurt Russia but have caused great economic harm to the West. Russia earned a record $94.7 billion in revenue from just the first 100 days of the war. That revenue exceeds what Russia is spending on its invasion of Ukraine. In addition, the Russian ruble is now at a five year high against the dollar.  As the Scottish poet Robert Burns once pointed out, “. . .the best laid plans . . .”

MARINE LE PEN BECOMES EUROPE’S LEADING NATIONALIST: In the June 19 parliamentary elections in France, a shock-wave went through the French political establishment when her National Rally Party won a whopping 89 seats in the National Assembly. Le Pen seemed headed for retirement only one year ago. French President Emmanuel Macron’s party lost its majority in the French parliament during the same elections. Who says there’s no such thing as karma?

REALISTIC SOUNDING RUMOR MAKING THE ROUNDS: The duncey duo of Biden and Harris will have to go well before their terms are up if the Dems are to have any chance of retaining the “Offal” office and the Senate and House – that is, if they don’t lose the latter two in 2022. Of course, this all is predicated on the hope by decent people everywhere that the same “fix” that took the 2020 election from Trump is not still in play! No amount of facts, truth and sanity can overcome a well-run coup!

However, if there is a modicum of honesty this time, the Dems will have to deal with the Biden/Harris embarrassment in D.C. There have been a number of very cogent “strategies” put forward to do this but the best one does not involve any true crime or an assault on the Constitution. It goes something like this: extremely ignorant, repugnant, and unpopular Harris will be offered a “golden parachute” to resign soon forcing Biden to choose a new Vice President. If you recall, this very thing happened during Nixon’s second term when Spiro Agnew was forced to resign. Nixon chose Gerald Ford. In Biden’s case, his likely choice would be former California Governor, Gavin Newsom who barely survived a recall referendum with the help of voter fraud. Newsom would be a big hit outside California because he hits all the “blue notes” in the Party’s songbook and wastes money as well as any other big-time Dem spender. Newsom  has been visiting the White House frequently even when Joe was overseas!  This is seen as the possibility of his being groomed as the next big Dem leader mostly because there isn’t anyone else who could excite the Left at present. Once Newsom is VP, Biden will step down for health reasons and Newsom would then become President without going through an election or having to earn any votes. Once installed, he would have the opportunity to run for – and possibly win! –  two consecutive terms in the Oval Office. It is believed that his period of “chosen President” would build his credibility with “Independents.” He also has the sex appeal to garner votes from the White women libbers who form the backbone of the Party. To top off this well-conceived plan, his running mate would be a Black woman or some other politically correct shibboleth whose presence would insure the other “dem-ographics” needed for  him to win two presidential elections – after which, no further such nonsense such as free elections would be necessary.

THE GREAT REPLACEMENT MEME GAINS MOMENTUM AND BECOMES MAINSTREAM: The immigration policies that are leading to the dispossession of the Historic American Nation are suddenly becoming noticed conspicuously by many who were heretofore oblivious to the issue. It is said Tucker Carlson had a role to play in this turnabout. The steely and steady troubadour for truth certainly was instrumental in it. Stridently calling the Great Replacement a myth and opposition to it racist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, xenophobic and “hateful” and all the dirty words the dirtbags and the usual suspects can dredge up, is losing its ability to arouse false guilt in patriots and garner “gelt” from the Left.

A majority of Trump voters and Republicans overall are saying immigrants (they mean third worlders) are having a negative effect on America. Ditto for what many voters think of racial diversity. These are no longer “fringe” ideas. Unfortunately, the lunatic fringe and their tech tyrant and deep state allies will use corporate and state power to crack down on those who dare mention or discuss these issues. This is especially true as such concepts as “hate speech” is being placed into law to the point at which voicing any rejection of the current “invasion” becomes a crime! So much for the First Amendment!

COVIDIOCY CALAMITY CONTINUES: A growing mountain of evidence indicates that the experimental “vaccines” not only don’t work but are killing and seriously injuring people in the millions. To obfuscate and hide the hideous happenings arising from the jab, a new medical term and malady called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)  has been conjured up to cover those cases where young, healthy athletes and entertainers suddenly die from heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots caused by the vaccines. Whereas these same things are happening to other young people, it’s very hard to hide the death of a well known athlete or actor. Nobody knows Jim Smith, but a dead soccer player lying on the field is hard to explain away!

It’s already been established that one in thirty-three people who receive the “clotshots” have developed blood clots. Some medical experts say such clots will take several years to fully eventuate. Celine Dion and Justin Bieber are two prominent personalities suffering paralysis from the shots. In Germany, the lunatics are readying legislation to require Germans to wear face masks every year henceforth during the winter months. Communist Canada has announced that Canadians will have to get the jab every nine months indefinitely. Governor Ron DeSantis, (R-FL), the admirable and apparently only sane governor has refused to comply with the fedgov’s recommendation that children under 5 years of age be jabbed, which means the other 49 sicko governors have ordered the injections.

NEW “BASICK” TRAINING FOR NAVY RECRUITS. The US Navy has expanded the customary 8 week basic training program to 10 weeks in order to cover the social “woke” issues that now consume the Pentagon brass such as sexual assault and harassment, racism, “trans-genderism” and political extremism – a/k/a patriotism. The brass would rather drown their recruits in drivel than teach them how to avoid drowning on the high seas. Actually, the Navy was the first branch of the Service that bought into the feminist mindset to the point at which the largest health issue aboard America’s naval vessels was pregnancy! Of course, an offshoot problem with this was the lives of the families of male sailors knowing that their husbands were sailing around the high seas with willing bunkmates in the most real and accurate sense!

POLITICAL COMMISSARIAT PILOT PROGRAM: A sneaky snitch and witch hunt program is being introduced at the Army’s Fort Jackson basic training facility at Columbia, SC. Recruits will be instructed to listen for and intervene when early signs of alleged harassment arise. It’s kind of a “say something if you see something” program on steroids; indeed, given the mind-set of our WOKE fellows, it will become more of a “say something whether you see or hear anything or not!” Your peer will constantly peer at you and be encouraged to tell you you’re out of line vice having to hear it from your drill sergeant or company commander.

Of course, this relates to racism, sexism, and political extremism and all the “isms” that are not politically correct. Your friends will be expected to shut you up when your speech in social settings is problematic, especially when you and your buddies hit the bars and bordellos when your unit is on leave. This will more effectively isolate and atomize you, making you more fearful rather than would have been the case had it come down from higher authority. You will thus shut up and go with the flow, even if the flow is headed down the toilet.

And, of course, we must remember that we have a couple of generations of people who can’t wait to be “virtue signaling” Karens and Kevins. Because of this need, they will have to have something to report – or fail in their “duty” to make everyone’s life totally miserable. Great way to encourage morale in the armed forces, doncha think?!

MILITARY RECRUITING FALLING FAR SHORT OF GOALS: The Obama/Biden Pentagon is having frequent meetings to figure out what to do because sufficient cannon fodder cannot be accumulated to conduct the worldwide wars and operate the worldwide military bases of the American empire. The typical inducements for joining the military are falling on deaf ears for many reasons especially those revolving around the fact that  patriotism is flat-lining. The new weird woke agenda and the military’s callous attitudes regarding the COVID vaccination program are especially scaring people away or, in the alternative, there are still enough relatively intelligent people to realize that dying not in war but in vaccine programs is not a good way to go!

At present there are 250 “disqualifiers” regarding military service but many important ones are going to have to be dropped to augment the lower number – and lower quality – of new recruits. The Army’s problems are the worst, with their recruiting only 40% of the numbers desired for fiscal year 2022. The requirements for high school diplomas or GED certificates are about to be dropped. The Army is thinking the unthinkable of having to reduce its size. Only 9% of young Americans eligible to serve in the military have any inclination to do so. More than half of the young Americans surveyed believe they would encounter emotional or psychological problems in the military which is understandable when these same people can be offended and frightened by a motto and/or meme! Meanwhile, nearly half think they presently have physical problems or such would develop if they had to extend themselves past texting.

National pride is at an all-time low because of the constant denigration of the country and its history. Of course, given what’s going on in this country today, I can’t say as I could work up any desire to “protect” our “way of life” as it now exists. The disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan has caused many to question the competency and conscientiousness of the military. The Left wing and woke narratives being heartily adopted by the military are scaring many normal people and not just those who could serve! The riots of 2020 especially demonized Whites and the South, the sources that traditionally supply the most recruits for the military. Why should Southerners support a military that allows the debasement of its heroes? These population segments are rightfully questioning why they would want to be part of the establishment that is engaging in that demonization. Over 40% of the 18-24 year-old men that are the Army’s target demographic have refused the COVID vaxxes – those are the smart ones!

The military’s dismissal of the very large number that have refused the vaxx has demonstrated how little the military cares for its members. Most citizens don’t want to die for the present extreme left agenda and those who embrace that agenda don’t see the need for them to pay for its continuance with their lives! The US military no longer exemplifies the peak of physical fitness and culture that once was a special attraction for joining. In addition to lowering educational requirements, the Army has boosted bonuses, offering more flexible contracts and duty stations of choice – all to no avail. It is well to remember that no nation remained free when its own troops were replaced by mercenaries. Furthermore, beating the war drums relentlessly over a potential war with a powerful entity like Russia also scares away what few potential recruits do exist!

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