Tomahawk Missiles Launched

The civilized world witnessed in revulsion the graphic images, which emerged showing the aftermath of a dawn poison gas attack that killed at least 86, including 20 children, in rebel-held northwestern Syria. This was one of the worst chemical bombings in Syria that caused a northern rebel-held area into a toxin zone last Tuesday, stirring worldwide outrage over Assad’s lack of accountability in his country’s six-year civil war.

The US launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Syria after a chemical weapons attack which struck the airfield where Syria based its warplanes used in the chemical attack, according to Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman. Afterward, Trump told the American people it is in their “vital national security interests” to “prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons.”

President Trump claims Assad’s forces launched the nerve gas on his own people while the Syrian government has denounced this assessment, calling the accusation, “full of lies.” Who is right?

This Syrian citizen is thanking God and President Trump for finally listening to them. He tells of the many times Assad has murdered his own people, and that for six years they’ve been pleading for help. Watch the 3-minute video and watch the face of the CNN reporter!

Sarin Gas Used

According to the Turkish Health Ministry, the chemical used allegedly by Bashar al-Assad that killed a great number of Syrian civilians was most likely the deadly nerve agent sarin. The gassing of Syrian civilians is a crime beyond the pale, no matter who did it. Yet, where is the rest of the world’s reaction to this atrocity? Some countries, with Russia’s Colonel Putin in the lead, are siding with the alleged gasser.

As for Assad’s gassing, perhaps he was testing America’s new President, Donald Trump and his resolve in a stepwise manner, to make doubly sure that he is only bluster and threats like his predecessor Barack Hussein Obama. It has been reported that Assad used poison gas several times on a smaller scale while Obama as President looked the other way. See what happens when villains go unchecked?

It is time to let those villains know that there is a new sheriff in town, and the world can’t just let a thug like Assad go unpunished for murdering well over three hundred thousand people since the conflict began in March 2011. That would be a travesty and a license for him and his handlers, Iran’s mullahs and the Russians, to go on a rampage.

The Real Assad

I don’t get it! Some people complain that Bashar al Assad would never gas his own people!!! What exactly does that mean? Is dying from a gas attack different from dying from bullets or bombs? How? These poor unfortunate people are still dead. Does it make a difference? Over three hundred thousand Syrian people have been killed by Assad and his looney ally, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The Islamic government of Iran has also deployed its Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Quds Force (the IRGC’s elite branch that operates in foreign countries) to assist Assad’s military. It has also provided a great deal of financial, intelligence and advisory assistance to Assad’s apparatus.

Assad has been busy exterminating any and all Syrian opposition for the past 6 years in the same fashion that tens of thousands of democracy’s best children of Iran were slaughtered, maimed, or imprisoned by the Iranian regime since its inception in 1979. With the absence of US engagement in the world arena for the last 8 years, Iran’s mullahs have become emboldened and have tripled their speed in the quest for their ultimate weapon, knowing full well that the US neither can nor will do anything to stop them.

The Iranian Regime’s Control

In my opinion, the chemical attack in Syria is just symptomatic of the broader problem of the Iranian regime’s control of the battles being waged in Syria with the influence of the IRGC. Unless Iranian control is removed from this reckoning, more chemical attacks as in the province of Idlib will occur.

In all honesty, there are no good guys to support in this senseless civil war. The choice seems to be between the devil and the deep blue sea–between Assad’s Ba’ath-o-fascists and the Islamofascists. Fascists are fascists. Even the democratic-appearing “Syrian Free Army” suspiciously seems to be the same old Arab-Muslim hate Israel crowd. Hate Israel. Destroy Israel is the rallying cry of these people.

Bashar Assad is a true son to his genocidal father, Hafiz al-Assad, who had entire towns murdered when they dared raise their voices demanding their God-given rights. Iranian government officials have repeatedly said that Bashar Assad is Iran’s red line. Assad is the Islamic Republic’s puppet. The Islamic government in Iran is helping Bashar Assad’s Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shiite, fight predominantly Sunni rebels. This includes a presence on the ground of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) actively murdering Sunni brethren.

Bashar Assad’s patron saint Putin and his Kremlin Mafia are not exactly running a world charity when they supply the gasser Assad with all kinds of weapons, including the deadly pricey attack helicopters, as well as the raw chemicals for his chemical weapons. Where then does Assad get the money to pay the cash-and-carry Kremlin Inc. for the weapons? Just trace the money. The purser for this puppet, the genocidal myopic murdering eye doctor is none other than the Islamic Republic of Iran. The mullahs are calling the shots because they control the purse strings.

In conclusion, we can’t let the Putins and mullahs of the world become further emboldened. A little North Korean thug is watching very closely to have his turn at us. This one already has the ultimate weapon and is itching to use it. It is a race between him and the mullahs. This is not the time for America to have shaky knees for the world to see and that’s precisely why President Trump sticking his oar in the water.

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