by Lee Duigon

August 18, 2022

Has there ever been a worse idea than allowing public school teachers to unionize? Nothing springs to mind—except maybe the Soviet Union.

Teachers’ unions are dead set against Racism—right? Let’s see how right.

After a two-week teachers’ strike some months ago, the Minneapolis School District and the city’s teachers’ union have signed and just ratified a new contract… which is outstanding for its blatantly racist provisions.

According to the terms of the agreement, whenever the district has a need to reduce its teaching force, “white” (whatever that means) teachers are to be laid off first… and re-hired last. Because there have to be “Educators of Color protections” to make up for whatever “systemic racism” was practiced by other people in the past.

Normally, for years and years, everywhere in America, the standard for executing a reduction in force (“RIF,” in union parlance) was seniority. Teachers with the least seniority, regardless of skin pigmentation, were to be riffed first and rehired last. It was not a difficult rule to follow, and the unions seemed content with it. Until now.

How is this new standard anything but flagrantly racist? If the district were to apply the standard to favor “white” teachers at the expense of Educators of Color, the unions and the nooze media and what passes these days for our nation’s leaders would be crying bloody murder and demanding that a court nullify the rule toot-sweet. They’d also be calling for criminal penalties. So how is it just peachy-keen when the rule penalizes white teachers for being white? Heck, they could have drawn up a standard based on merit: best teachers, regardless of skin color, riffed last and rehired first. But then the usual suspects would be crying “racism!” as they always do whenever merit is even momentarily considered.

The union in Minneapolis trumpets “Public Schools—the Heart of Our Community.” God help us if that were true. It would denote a community with heart disease.

Let’s skip over to New Jersey now, where the New Jersey Education Assn. has just released a public service video that declares “Our schools are under attack by extremists… Some New Jersey schools are under siege… Extremists are attacking our schools.”

Extremists? What extremists?

Parents! Parents who don’t like the brew of racial paranoia, transgender propaganda, and sexual grooming served up by the public schools that they have to pay for. But the teachers’ union writes off objecting parents as “people who only want to fight to score political points.”

Pesky parents. Why can’t they just shut up and let our Far Left Crazy teachers’ union turn their kids into useful idiots who despise their families and hate their country? Who are they to complain? But we’ve been to teachers’ college!

The arrogance is so thick, you could cut it with a knife.

The whole public education enterprise is corrupt beyond repair. School boards, the omnipresent “school officials,” state and federal departments of education, teachers’ colleges, and way too many of the teachers themselves—they’re not going to change. They’re not going to give up their socialist fantasies, they’re not going to go back to being sane and decent. And the communities they prey on have no power to fire them all. It’s a major event if we can fire even one or two of them.

The only thing we can do is to pull our children out of public schools and let these communist weirdos preach to empty classrooms. Why in the world should we have to bankroll a racist school sytem? Why should we have to pay them to invent new pronouns? (I am presuming that the Democrat Party would never, never, never let us get rid of teachers’ unions.)

There is nothing that hurts our country more today than its overpriced, socialist, oversexed and underqualified public education system.

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